5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Lose weight without trying? Every time you’ve tried to lose weight in the past I can almost bet that you were obsessing about what to eat, how much of it to eat, and you set all these little rules for yourself stressed the heck out of yourself and probably quit. This scenario happens all the time with people starting a diet plan when trying to lose weight and it doesn’t have to be this way. When I say lose weight without trying I mean without thinking about it. I’m not talking about magic pills, magic detox recipes, or magic abdominal wraps because that stuff is nonsense.

The 5 approaches that ill talk about today actually work for weight loss without you having to stress all day about how much you’re eating and without following a super strict plan. For some people a super strict plan works very well in the beginning but even for the most iron-willed people a super strict super restrictive diet plan will only work for so long before your Cravings get the best of you. So everyone eventually has to transition to something a little less time-consuming and stressful.

The first thing you can do to lose weight without trying is start with something simple like portioning out your meals using only your hands. Even though there’s no way to give a definitive guide for everyone because everyone would have different portions based on their weight I could give you a general guideline using your hands. Because the good thing with your hands is that if you weigh more, usually your hands are bigger and if you weigh less usually your hands are smaller. So all you would have to do would be make sure that you have about a palm all the way up to a palm and a half of lean protein in every one of your meals and by the way we’re looking at about 3 to 4 meals a day. Then have about 1 to 2 cupped hands of cooked complex carbs per meal depending on your weight. With each meal, you’ll also have a list of vegetables. And then spread out about 2 tablespoons or 2 servings of fat for the whole day.

So like i said this simple plan is based on three to four meals a day, but you can combine some of those portions to eat less frequently if you only want to have like two or three meals. The plan does not call for any calorie counting or weighing your food, but it’s very effective for people that want to lose weight in a very low stress way. Again you would be having a total of about four to six palms of protein for the whole day. About one to two cups of rice for the whole day, four fists of veggies, and two tablespoons of fat. Simple enough.

The second way that I want to talk about is intermittent fasting. If you don’t know about intermittent fasting it essentially involves an 8-hour feeding window and a sixteen hour fast. Meaning you can only eat for a certain portion of the day depending on when you decide to place your eating window. What most people do is they skip breakfast and they wait to have their first meal until around 1 o clock then once it’s past 9 o clock at night they won’t eat again until the next day at 1. Then they just repeat that cycle. By only allowing yourself an 8-hour feeding window you’re decreasing the total amount of calories you can consume for the day without really thinking about it. You’re not counting calories and you’re not following an eat this don’t eat that restrictive type of diet plan. Of course, you can overeat within your 8 Hour feeding window but it’s a lot harder than being able to eat all day.

When you first start fasting it may be a little difficult to skip breakfast but that’s only because your body has its own schedule and it knows when you normally eat. So at the times that you normally eat your body releases hunger hormones like ghrelin and without turning this into a boring science lesson, the point is that your body will adapt to your new feeding schedule within a matter of a couple days maybe a week at the most.

The next method is one that I’ve coined the single-ingredient food method which I’ve been talking about for quite a while. This one’s probably the stupidest simple one out of all of them and surprisingly it works very very well. In fact I find myself following this type of approach all the time. This is how it works first of all you only allow yourself to shop at the grocery store around the outside perimeter. Meaning unless you’re going to get some seasonings or some rice or maybe some frozen vegetables you’re not walking inside the aisles instead your sticking to the outside perimeter. As you walk around this outside perimeter you’ll notice that almost all the food is fresh real food.

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