So you don’t think it’s possible to burn fat and lose weight on a high carb diet? Think again! I reveal what the best high carbohydrate foods are and how to structure a high carb diet for weight loss. See before and after transformation results of being on a high carb diet for over a month. Finally learn how to lose weight on a high carbohydrate diet.

 THE ALL CARB DIET (Burn Fat w/ Carbs) | Lose Weight on a High Carb Diet – Best Carb Diet for weight loss

What is the all carb diet for weight loss? Well, before I get into the details I want to show you some of the results that I achieved in a month on this type of diet plan. Because the results kind of shocked me so I can almost a hundred percent guarantee that you’re going to learn something new if you watch this video to the end.

Let me start by showing you guys some videos. The first video is one that you might have seen before. This was me about 2-3 months ago right before I did a 5-day fast. This second video is taken a month after the first video directly after my 5 days fast. And this video was taken today after eating a diet primarily consisting of carbohydrates for the last month.

Carb diet for weight loss?! Like I’m talking about probably over 80% of my diet has been carbs. Isn’t that interesting? I find it very interesting because we’re all led to believe things like if you fast or if you don’t eat enough protein you’re going to lose all your muscle mass. But that didn’t happen I maintained the majority of my muscle. In fact, for a cut I’d say I did a very good job maintaining muscle mass.

Even though of course I did lose some muscle whenever I’ve cut in the past with low carb high protein diets I would still lose some muscle mass. And that applies to everyone unless you’re on steroids you’re going to have a really hard time maintaining all your muscle mass while cutting, the point is to maintain as much of it as you can which I think I did just fine. The energy from the glucose from the carbohydrates in combination with heavy weight training maintained and spared my muscle mass. The other myth we’re led to believe is that carbs are bad for you or that you need to do a low-carb diet such as Atkins, Keto, paleo or one of the other low-carb diets in order to lose weight burn fat and get shredded.

You’ll never get shredded eating a high carb diet, right? Totally wrong. I’ve pretty much only been eating carbs for the last month to actually test out on myself if good sources of carbs make you fatter. And even though I thought I was going to lose muscle and I thought I was gonna get fatter instead my body fat dropped way down and my muscles felt fuller.

Let’s go over to the kitchen so I can show you exactly what carb diet for weight loss did I follow. Obviously, I was still eating healthy carbs like brown rice. Ezekiel cereal was another healthy carb that I would eat regularly. As well as oatmeal. I had one major criteria for choosing my carb sources and that was if it was made from single ingredient sources. I’ve talked about single-ingredient foods for a while now but I feel like some people are still confused.

With oatmeal it’s really easy to tell that this is a single ingredient food. But with something like Ezekiel cereal it’s a little harder to tell because the ingredients are a lot longer. However, if you look closely at the ingredient list you’ll see that they’re all-natural sources of carbohydrates and they’re all themselves single ingredients.

Another carb diet for weight loss that I would have is  lot of  bananas sometimes up to three or four a day. Rice cakes were also part of my diet as a snack. Also, I was having a lot of puffed rice cereal, this cereal is made out of only one ingredient and that ingredient is puffed whole grain brown rice. And I would have that cereal with almond cashew milk not the 25 calories one or the 60 calories one but the full out 80 calorie high carb one.

And I’ll admit the 25 calorie one would be better but regardless I would have sometimes two to three bowls of this cereal at night before bed and still continued cutting. Also, I would have a whole bunch of different kinds of pasta including Ezekiel pasta which might look like it has multiple ingredients but really, it’s still a single ingredient food. I would have regular whole wheat pasta with only one ingredient. And I would also have high protein black, bean mung bean and edamame pasta.

And even though these are pretty high in protein you can clearly see the majority of my diet was coming from carbs. I would freely add pasta sauce as well but once again it’s very important which sauce you choose. Almost all of them have added sugar, you want to get the one with single ingredients and you might have to do a little bit of searching at your supermarket to find it.

I was also having faster digesting carbs like potatoes baked in olive oil. And then for my snack cravings I would have things like dark Russet and sweet potato chips that are made out of potatoes and peanut oil.

Also I would have Triscuits made up of whole grain wheat canola oil and sea salt. And occasionally I would have chocolate pb2 on a rice cake. For all my nutrients I would have at least one bowl of soup per day with vegetables like green beans broccoli leeks cauliflower carrots and potatoes. And by the way if you think that cooking vegetables destroys all the nutrition you may want start rethinking that because it’s a myth.

All in all I did have some protein and some fat in my meals but for the most part this was a very high carbohydrate diet with very low levels of protein and fat. I didn’t really think about it and I wasn’t really hungry throughout this whole month.

I ate twice a day and honestly it was pretty easy. So how was I able to cut down and burn a bunch of fat eating only carbs when almost everyone in the fitness industry is telling you to avoid carbs. Including myself I’ve done videos where I said low carbohydrate diet can help you burn fat. And that still holds true guys low carbohydrate diets are still an excellent way to burn fat. but high-carbohydrate diets can work as well keep in mind that one gram of protein and 1 gram of carbs both have 4 calories.

So calorie-wise they have the same impact. Also excess carbs and excess protein will be converted to glucose and ultimately stored as fat. That’s right if you have too much protein you’re going to store it as fat and the truth is that nobody knows exactly how much protein you should be having to maintain your muscle to begin with so you may be storing a bunch of excess protein as fat right now.

The reason why many people in the fitness industry choose protein over carbs is because of thermogenic effect of foods. Protein is harder for your body to break down so roughly 30% of the calories from the protein source will be used in the digestion process.

However, if you have a relatively low fat low to moderate protein and high carb diet for weight loss I’m convinced you could achieve pretty much the same results as long as you’re consistent, you don’t binge and have a whole bag of potato chips, and you eat single-ingredient real food.

The truth is that as much as we all pretend to know about nutrition and I mean all of us including personal trainers, nutritionist, your doctor and even people conducting scientific studies I’m willing to bet there are thousands of nutrients in real food that could help with fat loss that we haven’t even yet discovered not to mention the undiscovered hormonal effects of food.

So, it’s very important that you understand that choosing single ingredient carb sources is very necessary and only then it will be effective carb diet for weight loss. And by the way the last thing that I want you guys to do is copy this all carb diet that I just laid out because you think that it’s some new solution for burning fat that you haven’t tried before.

My channel has made it very clear again and again that there are many different ways that you could burn fat and this high carb diet for weight loss is just another way. But please understand there is no right way or one way to do it.

Carb diet for weight loss

My last video was about how to get into ketosis. Keto Works carb cycling works high carb diets work and if you don’t believe me just take a look at old school bodybuilders like Steve Reeves that would keep their carbs above 60% on a regular basis. The biggest factor is consistency with your chosen diet.

A lot of people truly believe that they’ve been eating clean for the last year when every weekend or every other day even they’ve been destroying their diet plan. Listen before you can solve the problem you have to first acknowledge that there is a problem, you have to admit that you’re not sticking to your diet plan before you can fix it and I know that sounds kind of like common sense but I see people every single day that tell me that they eat clean but the truth tells a completely different story.

As far as building muscle goes one very important distinction that I do want to draw here is that I truly do believe that if you’re trying to build muscle you will need to maintain a higher protein level but it’s not as necessary as I once thought for fat loss. You can do that with low protein and high carbs, high protein low carbs or many different ways. When going for high carb low protein, since you’re going to be giving your body it’s preferred source of energy, which is carbs, it’s not gonna need to draw energy by breaking down your muscles.

The carbs essentially spare your muscle mass…. again, I still recommend a higher protein diet if your trying to build muscle especially if you want more of that bulky bodybuilder type muscle. I didn’t get the muscle that you saw in that video from low protein diets I got it from a higher protein and a higher carb diet.

Whenever I would bulk my goal was to spare the muscle with the carbs and build new muscle with the protein and again this is not the only way to do it. If you get one thing from this video I want it to be that there are many different ways to burn a lot of fat and also don’t be afraid to experiment with your body and try something new for a consistent amount of time like a month.

Everybody is different and some people are actually carb sensitive. And no if you eat a whole container of ice cream every day and miraculously gain weight that doesn’t mean your carb sensitive. Again, sounds like common sense but nowadays everyone thinks they’re carb sensitive and that’s just plain untrue it’s a thought stemming from not having an understanding or keeping track of what’s going in your mouth. Most people can follow the same high carb diet for weight loss protocol that I did for this video.

The really cool thing is when you get sick of carb foods and you want more fats or more protein instead you can switch to a different type of diet and continue burning more fat. That’s it guys I can’t wait to read the comments on this one. If you enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe to this channel and also make sure you visit my website where you can get a no BS approach to Fat Loss.



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