Lazy Life Hack for WEIGHT LOSS

So you would Define yourself as a pretty lazy person and all you want to do is lose some weight. Today I’m going to give you real advice that can help you lose a lot of weight without spending too much time even thinking about it. Even though there’s a lot easier advice out there in regard to Lazy hacks none of them are going to work anywhere near as well as the tip that I present to you today.

Luckily if you’re calling yourself a lazy person you’re not doomed in the world of weight loss. But before I give you the Lazy Person’s Guide to losing weight I just want to start this video by saying that calling yourself lazy and acknowledging it in your own head is not going to help you achieve your weight loss goals. And that’s me just being honest. Understand that by doing so you give yourself a reason to not take responsibility for your weight. In your head, your starting with the notion that you’re lazy condition is why you can’t lose weight and that’s never a good place to start from. With that said I want to give you the number 1 simple yet very effective way that you can lose weight without working out like a beast and without tracking every last calorie that’s going into your mouth. The bad news about lazy hacks and quick easy fixes for losing weight is that a lot of the information out there is absolute garbage. Magic detox drinks, body wraps, miraculous fat burning pills, drinking a lot of cold water, eating spicy food, drinking a glass of wine every night, turning down the thermostat, drinking lemon water, laughing more, sleeping more, drinking coffee, and electric muscle stimulation are just some of the advice that you’ll hear as hacks to burn fat the lazy way. And none of it will work without either exercising more or cleaning up your diet. Mostly the latter. Meaning the good news is that burning fat and losing weight is a lot more dependent on how you eat, than how hard you workout. So today I will be sharing my personal “lazy nutrition guide” that actually works. Please remember that the advice I give you is not going to be as simple as taking a fat burning detox drink but the advice that I give you will actually help you lose a significant amount of weight in a way that doesn’t involve a lot of your time or a lot of effort on your part. The first step to lazy nutrition is believed it or not you want to cook all your meals in advance for the whole week. A total of 21 meals would be preferable. Now if you’re lazy your probably like, “dude what don’t you understand about me being lazy I don’t want to be cooking meals all day,” but the awesome thing….is that I’m gonna teach you how you can prep a whole weeks worth of meals in just an hour and a half if you do it right. The way you do that is by baking, microwaving, boiling, and by buying precooked foods. Again a little more work than drinking a glass of wine every night as a weight loss hack which by the way that’s only gonna make you fatter. Whereas this method will actually change your body with a tiny time investment of 90 minutes a week. Start by taking your healthy proteins for the whole week and put them into a baking pan coated with a light spray of olive oil. You can season these sources as much as you want while you preheat the oven to somewhere between 350 and 400 degrees and then just throw your carb and protein sources onto a baking pan. If you’re having 4 to 6 ounces of protein per meal three times a day you can just cook two to three pounds of either chicken breast or some white fish or shrimp or turkey patties or salmon or mix up as many of these as you want for a total of 2-3 pounds and there you go you’re all set for the whole week for protein. At the same time your carb sources should be about a bag of sweet potatoes or even regular potatoes and if you’re really lazy you can just poke some holes with a fork, not even peel them and throw them into the oven. You can also microwave potatoes in less than 8 minutes. Another carb source you can have is rice which is super simple to make if you have a rice cooker or you can just cook a bag of rice in a large boiling pot of water and drain it 45 minutes later. To make it even easier you could buy already pre-cooked rice in packets. Or unflavored instant oats Or an already cooked shrimp platter or a rotisserie chicken and throw away the skin, or if you’re really lazy you could just have canned tuna or salmon packets for your protein sources.

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