In this video, I give some credit to my hard-working clients and discuss their achievements and fitness gains. The hard work is undeniable when looking at their before and after pictures. Every one of these people worked very hard to burn the fat off and put on pounds of muscle. They literally slowly but surely molded their dream body together.

Weight Loss Transformations

My clients’ weight loss transformations were only made possible because they worked out consistently and followed a strict diet regiment every day course, the results will come when you put in that type of dedication and hard work. It pleases me greatly that Nicolette even went on to become a personal trainer after we helped her achieve her own fitness goals. This means that every person that she helps will be benefiting from her original experiences with George and me.

I am excited about what weight loss transformations the future holds for my clients. As long as they stick to the plan, I can see a number of individuals definitely qualifying for a spot on the before and after all at our gym. The more that I train the more I learn how to motivate, challenge, and change different individuals. If it was a one size fits all approach there wouldn’t really be a use for personal trainers and gravity training zone. However, everybody is an individual and it takes experimentation through trial and error to learn an individuals body and bring them to their goals.

Thanks to all of my clients for helping me feel a higher purpose in training and lifestyle coaching. I don’t think my clients understand quite how it makes me so happy to help them achieve their goals. Great job everybody.

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