Bulk up & Build Muscle Fast WITHOUT Steroids

I did this all natural and 10xed my results in those three years by perfecting my nutrition and training. The point is I’m usually talking about fat loss on this channel but I have a lot of information and knowledge on the topic of bulking up and building muscle. So I was thinking about putting together a program and charging for it, but I want to share my complete bulking and muscle building blueprint with all my subscribers for free. This is the same blueprint that I used when I went from point A to point b in just 3 years.

I spent a lot of time in my life bulking and now I just want to give all that knowledge back to you guys. Now even if you’re not really looking for a bulky bodybuilder body type but you’re just looking to learn how to build muscle, even if you’re a woman trying to tone up I highly recommend you watch this video because a lot of the same Concepts will apply to any kind of muscle building goal you just wouldn’t take the concepts to the extreme that a bodybuilder would have to take it. Okay let me jump right into this let’s first start with nutrition because it’s the most important thing and at the same time it’s the part that’s most often neglected and most misunderstood. Most people will start their muscle building Journey at the gym rather than in the kitchen. Luckily there’s this little thing called newbie gains and that allows a beginner to build muscle a lot easier than someone that’s already been working out for a while. So you can have newbie gains for your first year maybe year and a half after first starting weight training, but it’s definitely not gonna last longer than that. At that point you’re going to have to start focusing on nutrition. But why not just start focusing on nutrition from the very beginning to speed up the time that it takes you to get to your goal. And by the way while we’re talking on new begins might as well answer this common muscle building question you’re only going to be able to build muscle and burn fat at the same time in that initial newbie gains phase. Which I’m telling you does not last long so you might as well just focus on nutrition from the getgo. When trying to bulk up you have to eat enough food to create a calorie Surplus in your diet. That just means that you’re going to be taking in more calories than you burn. How do you figure out your surplus calories? Well at the end of this video you’re just gonna go to the link for the macro calculator that’s included in the description below and then once you enter in your stats it’ll give you your Macros and calories for building muscle. I made this calculator myself so I’m sure it’s accurate, but here’s the thing….this goes out to all the hardgainers out there if you have a very fast metabolism and you have a very hard time putting on muscle you may want to drastically exceed these numbers. A lot of my hardgainer clients became a lot more successful when we just threw away macros all together and just tried to force down as much food as possible in a 24-hour period.. again that only applies to hardgainers people with fast metabolisms because if you don’t have a fast metabolism you may be storing a lot of fat which you can cut down later but it’s just extra work. Now one key thing that you guys have to understand about nutrition weather U of A fast or slow metabolism when your goal is to build muscle your diet is going to require you eat to the point of being full. Being full is uncomfortable just like being hungry is uncomfortable. Muscle building diets really don’t sound all that bad for your first two or three meals and then when you have to eat again and again and again and more and more food it becomes very very challenging. It is literally just as challenging as dieting for fat loss and being hungry. So expect that. Do not be afraid of putting on some fat. Again you could get rid of that later. Every time that I did a book I would gain a lot of muscle and I would also gain some fat that’s okay. Another thing everyone knows I’m a big fan of fasting however I definitely do not recommend intermittent fasting for a bulking diet plan. Again General muscle building you can get away with intermittent fasting but other than that it’s going to be really tough to get the amount of food into your body that you need to bulk up and fill out your muscles. Since you’re only eating once or twice a day I don’t know how you’re gonna force down three or four thousand calories. For building muscle.

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