Body Wrap to Lose Weight


I cannot believe that people actually believe in this thing. I am about to break the body wrap myth! This product falls in the same category as the shake weight when it comes to weight loss in my book. Unless you are trying to lose water weight just skip out on this rip off product. If you want to sweat your better off going to the sauna or steam room. Every inch that you lose you will gain back when you drink some water.



Want to learn how to lose weight with body wraps? Well your in for a fantastic journey into the world of tummy sweaters. That’s right because the only weight you’ll be losing from these fine fashionable body wraps is water weight. Oh you wanted to lose body fat? Why would you ever want to do that everyone wants to lose water weight. Guy’s and mostly Gal’s in all seriousness if you want to avoid wasting your time trying to lose fat sweating from your stomach then skip this ridiculous new craze.

Problems Associated with Body Wrap:

– Attempting to use body wraps to lose weight inhibits your transverse abdominus, a deep tissue abdominal muscle that stabilizes your core.

– This inhibits your ability to keep your abs as tight and drawn in because the muscles are not being used while you wear the body wrap.

– Expect a lower back injury if you wear one of these when you exercise.

But Max I still don’t know how to lose body fat?:

These are the traits and experiences that lead you to losing body fat

– Smart Work – Hard Work

– Setting Goals

– Consistency

– Structure

– Discomfort

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