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19 09, 2017

Leg Workouts for Women | Gravity Transformation


Would you like to learn some leg workouts for women? Circuit training workouts are the best way to get a great workout in the shortest amount of time possible. In today's post I go over circuit training leg workouts for women. So if you would like a great leg workout read on... [...]

Leg Workouts for Women | Gravity Transformation2018-11-26T04:50:29-04:00
12 09, 2017

How to get abs fast | Gravity Transformation


How To Get Abs Fast Would you like to know how to get abs fast? Well I am about to reveal the fastest way you can "actually" lose stomach fat fast. You can rest assured that this is not a scam because even though this video is about getting abs FAST, I promise you it will still take a good amount [...]

How to get abs fast | Gravity Transformation2018-11-26T04:51:58-04:00
28 10, 2016



So you want to get a SIX PACK in 3 MINUTES at Home FAST... 30 Seconds each for a total of 3 mintutes 1. Navy Seal Situps 2. Leg Raises & Pulse Ups 3. Weighted Crunches 4. Leg Crossovers and Flutter kicks 5. Weighted Reverse Crunches 6. Planks So you wanna know how to get [...]

SIX PACK in 3 MINUTES at Home FAST2018-07-04T16:43:21-04:00
30 04, 2014

Big Deleicious Egg Recipe !


BIG BREAKFAST What you will need: 1 cup egg whites 1 cup chopped broccoli 1/2 cup chopped red onions 1/2 cup chopped tomatoes Salt and pepper to taste 1 tablespoon coconut oil Directions: In a medium skillet, heat the coconut oil over medium heat. Add the onions, tomatoes, and cook until the vegetables are soft. [...]

Big Deleicious Egg Recipe !2017-09-17T23:20:41-04:00
5 10, 2013

Binge Eater? Lose Weight Using Intermittent Fasting


Are you a binge eater, or big night eater? If so, you know how difficult the weight loss process can be. Instead of trying to work against your eating tendencies, the next time you embark upon a weight loss journey try working with them by using intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting involves eating during a 4 [...]

Binge Eater? Lose Weight Using Intermittent Fasting2017-09-17T21:27:32-04:00