9 At-Home Exercises to Help Reduce Belly Fat

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Whether you simply can’t get to the gym or you just want to train in the privacy of your own home,

Or everything closed down because of something like the coronavirus, it’s always good to have a wide variety of effective body weight exercises that can help you speed up your progress with losing weight, reducing your belly fat, and burning overall body fat.

Now of course to lose weight and burn fat you will need to watch what you’re eating, but certain high-intensity exercises can really help you speed up the process and help you get into the best shape of your life right in your own home.

So today I want to go over 9 of the best exercises you can do to lose weight without the use of any equipment.

To combine these exercises into a workout you’re going to perform each one of them for 1min on and then 30 seconds off for your break, then move straight to the next exercise…

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The idea here is to move through all 9 of the exercises without taking any other breaks, but if you start getting tired I’m also providing regressions so don’t worry.

1.First, we’re starting with Spider-Man pushups.

To do Spider-Man pushups you’ll start by getting into a push-up position on the ground. Making sure that your heels tailbone and the back of your head are in a relatively straight line.

Do not allow your hips to sink down and don’t raise them up towards the ceiling. From that correct starting position you want to start lowering yourself down for what looks like a regular pushup but as you go down you want to open up your hip and bring one knee up to your elbow.

Then push yourself back up and bring that leg back to meet the other one so you’re back in a regular push-up position.

Then you’re just going to repeat the same thing on the other side and alternate back and forth for reps.

Now if these are too advanced you can simply perform regular push-ups instead and if those are too hard for you for this exercise you can also just drop to your knees and perform push-ups on your knees.

Just keep in mind you want to stay in a straight line and you don’t want to raise your hips up even if you’re doing it on your knees.

Sticking the butt up in the air is a very common mistake I see with this regression. With that said,

If you have the strength to do spiderman pushups in the beginning but can’t do it for the full minute, perform as many reps as you can with the spider man pushups, and then finish out the rest of the minute on your knees if necessary.

2.Next up we have squats but we’re going to perform them a little differently than usual and that gonna be by not locking out at the top.

This is going to make it much more challenging because it’ll keep constant tension on your glutes quads and hamstrings so you’ll definitely feel your legs burning as you go.

Start by spreading your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart and slightly rotate your feet outward.

Raise your arm straight in front of your body and hold them there to help with balance. Before beginning make sure that your chest is up pointing straight ahead and that you’re maintaining a nice neutral curve in your lower back.

Then drive your hips back, bend your knees and lower yourself down while making sure to keep your weight over the midline of your foot.

You shouldn’t be up on your toes because that’ll put a lot of pressure on your knees and you shouldn’t be on your heels either.

Squat down until your hips are either parallel with your knees or a little under parallel.

Then drive through the middle of your foot, extend your knees and come back up but right before you get the point where you can lock out you’re going to want to go straight into the next squat. And repeat for reps.

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3, Up next we have a challenging one the Burpee sit through.

The Burpee itself is a full-body exercise that requires a lot of energy and really gets you breathing.

So when we combine it with sit-throughs it becomes even more challenging so if it happens to be too difficult for you don’t worry I’ll show you a regression.

Start by standing straight up with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then bend down, place your hands on the ground in front of your feet, and hop your feet out into a push-up position.

Lower yourself down for a pushup and then when you come back up you’ll want to raise your hips up to create some space from the ground.

Next, you’re going to begin the sit through bye picking up your opposite hand and your opposite foot off the ground then you would kick your foot through as you bring your hand up toward your face and turn your hips until your butt is facing the floor.

Then reverse the movement by rotating your hips back to where they were and planting your hand and your foot back on the ground.

Then repeat the same motion on the other side. After you’re done with the other side you’ll return back to that push-up position off your feet back in towards your hands stand up and jump up with your hands over your head then repeat for reps.

Now if the sit-throughs are too difficult or if you have a problem with your shoulders you can just stick to regular burpees where you would place your hands on the ground jump out into the push-up position perform a push up hop your feet in and jump up.

If the Burpee is too hard you can do regressions by walking your feet out instead of hopping them out when getting down and when getting up.

Just like before you can also drop to your knees after getting into a push-up position to perform the push-up if you struggle to perform regular pushups.

4.Next, we have multiplanar plyometric lunges.

To begin you’re going to want to take a big step forward and plant your front foot flat on the ground while coming up on your toes with your back foot.

From the front angle, your feet should still be about hip-width apart.

A lot of people make the mistake of trying to keep their feet in a straight line and that’s going to make it really difficult to maintain your balance.

Once you’re in the proper starting position lower yourself down by bending both knees and dropping your back knee straight down.

Right before your knee meets the ground you’re going to want to explode, drive up through your legs, jump in the air, and switch your feet.

Then right away go down into the next lunge and repeat. You’re going to repeat this for 4 reps and then you’re going to stand straight up and go into ice skaters.

Here you’re going to hop to one side as far as you can and you’re going to land on one foot. At the same time, your other foot should come down behind you like you’re doing a curtsy lunge and you should bend down and reach with your opposite hand towards your front foot.

Then explode from that position and hop as far as you can to the other side and repeat the same thing on the other side.

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Once again we’re doing this for 4 reps. Then you’re going to go back to the plyometric lunges and Alternate back and forth for 4 reps of each until your minute is up.

5.Moving on we have the Pike push up dive bomber.

Now with this exercise, we want to break the regular push-up rules a little bit so our starting position is going to be on the ground just like in a regular pushup except this time we do want our hips high up in the air also known as a downward dog position.

First, you’re going to perform a pike pushup by lowering yourself down from that position with your hips up.

This is going to help you hit your shoulders a little more than with a regular pushup. Then press your body back up and repeat again for a second rep.

After that, we’re moving straight to dive bombers. So from that downward dog position, you want to lower yourself to the ground for what looks like another pike pushup

But As you near the bottom of the movement and your chest comes closer and closer to the ground you want to drop your hips to the ground and press your upper body up so you wind up in what looks like a cobra stretch.

Hold that for a second and then reverse the movement by bending your elbows and lowering your upper body to the ground as you raise your hips back up into that downward dog position and then press yourself up until your elbows are straight.

Then repeat again for another rep of dive-bombers and go back and forth alternating between two dive bombers and 2 pike pushups.

6.Next, we’re going to do squat thrusts.

Squat thrusts look like a simplified version of burpees but don’t underestimate them. To perform squat thrusts you want to first bend down and plant your hands on the ground. Then you’re going to kick your legs out and jump into a pushup position.

From there you’ll hop your feet back in so that your knees are almost touching your chest and then repeat for reps. Even though this exercise looks simple it’s definitely not.

Just after a few reps, you’ll notice your heart rate going way up and you’ll start to feel pretty winded.

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7.Let’s move on to the next one which is the kneeling tuck jump.

To begin you’ll start by lowering yourself into a slight squat while keeping your hands in a prayer position in front of your chest.

From there you’re going to take a step backward with one foot and lunge down onto your knee.

Then you’re going to take your other leg and bring that knee down to the ground so that both knees meet.

Next, you’re gonna lower your butt towards your heels before exploding off the ground and hopping onto your feet in a squat position.

From that squat position, you’ll now want to drive through your legs and jump up as high as you can, then tuck your knees into your chest.

Now it’s very important that when you land you don’t land by extending and locking out your knees because that’s going to put a lot of tension on them. Instead, you want to land in a squat position.

Then from that squat position, you’ll repeat the same thing. Now if this sounds too advanced you can do a beginner version by lunging back with one leg, getting down on that knee, and just like before bringing both knees together.

Then instead of jumping up into a squat, you’ll step up with the leg you originally lunged backward on, and then you’ll step back up into that starting squat position. From there you’ll just perform a regular squat jump where you would jump up off the ground with your legs straight rather than your knees tucked.

8.Next, we’re going to work the back while still keeping our heart rate up by combining mountain climbers with skydivers.

You’ll start by getting into a push-up position and from there you’ll perform 8 mountain climbers by driving one knee up towards your chest and then alternating from side to side. Each time you shuffle your knees it counts as one rep.

After you finish the 8 reps you’re going to lower yourself to the ground in a pushup position and then once your flat on the floor you’ll bring your arms out to your sides.

Then raise your upper body and your lower body off the ground at the same time and hold it there for a 3-second count and then lower back down.

Repeat this for 4 reps. Then push yourself back up into a pushup position and go back to your mountain climbers. Continue alternating back and forth for the full minute.

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9.Last but not least you’re going to move on to the Explosive Bulgarian split squats.

For this exercise, you’ll need either a chair, a couch, or some kind of platform that’s about at knee level.

Stand a few feet in front of whatever platform you choose and then take one of your legs, bring it back and place your ankle onto the platform.

Then lower yourself down by bending your knees and dropping your back knee towards the ground until you feel a nice stretch at the bottom.

After that drive through your leg and hop up as high as you can. when landing again you want to make sure that your knee is bent and not locked out.

Then repeat for reps. For this exercise keep in mind that we’re only doing 30 seconds per side. For a minute total, so you’ll switch side halfway through.

Now if it’s too difficult to jump up at the end just do regular Bulgarian split squats without exploding up.

So after completing all 9 of these exercises I recommend you take a 2 to 3-minute break and then go back to the first one and repeat all 9 again.

You can do this 2 or 3 rounds total to get an amazing full body at home workout. That about wraps it up guys, I really hope you enjoyed the video.

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