2 05, 2019

5 Tricks to Help Your ABS GROW!


5 Tricks to Help Your ABS GROW! Check out my client Marek's transformation where he gained a whole bunch of muscle After I leaned out for the first time in my life I realized very quickly that following the advice of just dieting would never lead me to have a solid six-pack. It was [...]

5 Tricks to Help Your ABS GROW!2022-01-08T18:03:42-05:00
23 12, 2017

BULKY ABS WORKOUT | Gravity Transformation


BULKY ABS WORKOUT If you're looking to get some bulky blocky abs .....ones that are really visible and pop out, it's your lucky day because today I'm going to show you a complete abdominal weight training work out. in case you're new to the channel, I'm big on using weights for abs [...]

BULKY ABS WORKOUT | Gravity Transformation2022-01-08T20:22:52-05:00