1 Fix to Lose Belly Fat Fast

So you want to lose some belly fat and get 6 pack abs…and…. you’ve done everything….. from sit-ups to crunches to leg raises to knee tucks to planks, but you still have some stubborn belly fat left over and no matter what you do that fat sticks to your midsection like white on rice. Well if this sounds like you, I’m sure glad you found this video because I’m gonna show you the one simple fix to solve this problem once and for all. So to permanently end this problem let’s start by figuring which one out of three categories your belly fat falls into. We have the stubborn belly fat group which basically means that you almost see your 6 pack you may even have a 2 or 4 pack but there’s still some stubborn fat preventing your abs from fully popping.

Then we have the spare tire group, which I’m sure all of you could imagine what a person looks like with a spare tire around their waist. If you fall into this group you’ll have noticeable belly fat, and love handles accumulation. Enough to pinch with your hand, not just two fingers. And then last but not least is the “beer gut” group. Now…. Guys these are just names just because you had a couple beers the other night and now your a little puffy and have what you think is a beer gut doesn’t mean that you actually fall into this category. And vice versa you can fall into this category without having a beer your whole life. You fall into this category when the fat starts to accumulate around your organs which are known as visceral fat. The belly becomes really pronounced, and not only has the lower belly fat accumulated but so has the upper belly fat. Sometimes the pronounced belly may even feel hard when you fall into this category. So now that you know what category you’re in we can structure a plan based on where you’re currently at. Just some common advice for everyone no matter what category you’re in the best approach to building the ab muscles is with Progressive weight training. Which simply means uping your weight over time. I see too many people at the gym constantly doing the same ab workout that they were doing a year ago. Not only should you switch your ab exercises up regularly like every 4 weeks but you should also be progressing and increasing the weight that you’re using in order to continuously challenge your abs. If you’re not challenging your abs either with tons and tons of reps or heavyweight then after you burn off the belly fat and your abs are revealed you’re going to be disappointed with the muscles you built. However, there are a bunch of people watching this video right now that have a rock solid six pack but they don’t even know about it. I could be talking to you right now you might have a rock-solid six pack but it’s under a layer of fat and this is actually where people make the biggest mistake. If you spent your time at the gym doing your crunches doing your planks and leg raises and your abs may very well be there regardless of which category you fall into. The problem is that most people get stuck in this crunching and sit up phase. Crunches and sit-ups are great for building ab muscles but they are not doing anything for your fat loss goals. So people start to realize this they’re like oh I’m not burning any fat what are you going to do to burn fat…. oh yeah cardio. Wrong! if you want to lose your belly fat you have to stop doing crunches and force your body to use its own fat stores as energy. That’s the only way you’re going to get the belly fat off…. if your body chooses to use it as energy to fuel your body. Your body burns fat as one unit from your whole body. Fat loss is not site-specific. You cannot Target where you want to burn fat And the reason why I divided you into categories at the beginning of this video is that the category that you fall into determines the structure of your diet. If you fall into the stubborn fat belly fat group you can have ripped ABS within the next four to six weeks. If you reduce your calories by 25 percent from maintenance you’re looking at about a six-week cut. At a 40 percent reduction from maintenance, you can get this done in 4 weeks. If you’re in this category I recommend that you try to just go for 4 to 6 weeks straight and stick to your diet plan with no cheating at all. If you fall into the second category of the spare tire group you’re looking more so at 16 weeks.

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