10 ★REAL★ Weight Loss Hacks to Lose 20 Pounds Fast & Easy

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We have hundreds if not thousands of diets to choose from including Atkins paleo, vegetarian, the zone, South beach, ketogenic, carb cycling, and Weight Watchers.

We have access to an infinite amount of different workout approaches including in-home workouts like P90X and close to 40,000 gyms spread across the Us.

And we have a country in which almost 3 out of every 4 American men and 65% of women are overweight.

How in the world did that happen? Well, today I’m gonna reveal the five biggest weight loss mistakes you’re probably making that are blocking you from burning fat, losing weight, and staying lean.

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Mistake #1 is the biggest mistake that I see people make and that’s giving into food addiction and binging when trying to stick to a diet.

We have flavor enhancers high fructose corn syrup MSG sugar and a bunch of additives that are added into the food we eat.

We develop cravings for this food especially junk food and processed food. When we eat food like this our brain gets stimulated because dopamine gets released.

And then when you get hungry your brain tricks you into believing that the only thing that will fix that physical feeling of hunger is eating something that the mind is craving.

A simple fix for this problem is to fix the physical feeling of hunger and then check if you’re mind is still craving that junk food.

So when you really feel like you want ice cream promise yourself that you can eat as much ice cream as you want but first eat a healthy meal high in protein and vegetables and then move onto the ice cream.

Nine out of ten times you won’t even want the ice cream anymore and that one out of 10 times that you do, you’re gonna eat way less because you’re already gonna be full from eating a healthy meal.

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Mistake #2 is having absolutely no idea how many calories and macros you’re eating every day which leads you to underestimate Your total daily intake.

The problem with this is that you might think you’re having a thousand calories but if we were to really count your calories and include that 600 calorie glass of wine at night or…

that beer and the couple hundred calories from the handfuls of nuts and the little snacks here and there…. when we include these things we find you’re really having 2000 calories.

Most people think they would never underestimate by that much, but believe me after coaching thousands of people,

I know you can easily be underestimating your totals by a thousand calories if you’re not tracking.

what we don’t measure doesn’t get managed. Now I’m not saying that you have to whip out the food scale and count every last gram that goes into your mouth.

There are ways of using your hands to measure your food. You can do something simple like a palm protein a cupped hand of carbs a thumb of fat and a list of veggies.

But even if you do decide to learn more about nutrition and you start tracking your macros it’s nice to know that you’re not gonna have to track your calories and Macros forever.

With enough time you’ll learn exactly what kind of a caloric impact your food choices are having. And with that knowledge, you’ll be able to develop more intuition for how much calories and macros you have for the day.

To develop that intuition I recommend tracking your Macros and calories for at least four to six weeks.

This way you have time to have plenty of variety in your diet and with that variety, over time you’ll be seeing a lot of different nutrition labels.

To get started you’ll have to find out what your individual macro breakdown is for each day.

I’ll include a link below for a macro calculator that I built out myself to ensure its accuracy because a lot of the calculators out there overestimate activity levels………….

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 #3. Let’s move on… mistake number three…not being consistent.

Consistency guys consistency is key. It’s so easy to deceive yourself into believing that a program or diet plan doesn’t work for you.

When really the only reason it hasn’t been working is that you haven’t been consistent.

If you work out for 3 days one week then 2 days the next week then you take a week off because you were busy or didn’t feel up to it, you’re not going to lose weight or maintain whatever weight you lost.

So many people yo-yo diet and so many people are “yoyo exercisers” and it’s like they don’t even know it.

People will be like “I followed the plan perfectly every day but I’m not losing weight” and they really believe that they followed the plan perfectly even though every other night they ate something extra.

Guys to look like you live the fit lifestyle there’s only one way to do it and it’s by living the fit lifestyle.

Consistency when your dieting or cutting means that you aim for perfection with your eating every day for a set period of time at least 4 weeks long.

Consistency with your workouts means that you have to work out at least 3 days a week every week… no exceptions…….

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#4.mistake number four eating past the point of being full. Your body will naturally tell you when it’s time to stop eating.

However a lot of times we’ll continue eating even after we’re full because of a variety of different reasons.

A lot of this stems from us being wired as children to make sure that we finish all the food on our plate.

If you really feel like you’re wired to finish your plate then buy some smaller plates…. this has shown in numerous studies to help more than you think.

Even though as kids we heard things like “finish your plate there are starving children in Africa” the reality is when you’re full it’s a sure sign that it’s time to stop eating.

If you have leftovers put it into a container and finish it later. Even if it tastes delicious…. if you’re full you can always finish it later.

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#5. And finally, mistake number 5 is measuring your weight or your body fat too often.

People will weigh themselves every single day without realizing that there are random things that will cause your weight to fluctuate from day to day.

Between water retention, using the bathroom, and for women, that time of the month plays a major factor in how much you weigh for that day.

Like I said earlier what doesn’t get measured doesn’t get managed so we definitely want to manage and therefore measure our weight.. especially when trying to lose it, but not every day.

Weigh yourself once every week at the most and if you’re tracking your body fat only measure that once every two weeks at the most.

When you measure results too often…one day of increased water retention can turn into a slippery downward slope of binge eating and quitting on your plan.

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Please post your number one sticking point when it comes to weight loss and I will help you out. What is your biggest challenge with weight loss?

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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