10 Exercises Every Man Should Do

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What’s up everyone today’s I want to go over 10 exercises that every man should be doing.

There’s a certain look that we can define as more of an attribute of a masculine looking body just like there are certain looks and traits that we can define for a feminine looking body.

With women, one of the most attractive shapes to men is the Hourglass shape. And that’s According to a study conducted by dr.

Dixon from Victoria University, he said that men rated images with an hourglass shape and a small waist as the most attractive.

The other way around with women rating men it appears a strong muscular upper body in the shape of a v seems to be more attractive.

This is according to a new study from Griffith University in Queensland.

Now before I get into these exercises that will help you build a more attractive body as a man I’d like to issue a disclaimer

because this is not one of those channels where I’m going to tell you that by getting a six-pack you’re going to have girls flocking all over you that’s just not how it works.

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Please understand that to be an attractive man you can’t just rely on how you look. But we all know that first impressions can definitely help

so let’s start with the very first exercise that you should be doing and that’s the lat pulldown.

Why am I a big fan of the lat pulldown well because part of getting that V shape is to have a wider upper body then your waist? A huge portion of your width stems from your back.

The lat pulldown is an excellent exercise to work your lats your back the back of your shoulders and your biceps.

Make sure when you’re doing the lat pulldown for the width you go wider with your grip on the bar.

Also, make sure that when you come down you flare your elbows out that’ll put more pressure on the lats and move you towards that v-shape appearance.

The next exercise you want to make sure you’re doing as a guy is squats.

Part of having an aesthetic looking figure is maintaining proper proportions.

If you have a huge upper body even if it’s in the shape of a v but your lower body makes you look like you’re about to topple over it’s not going to look very good at all.

On top of that squats are going to work your whole body especially your core in a way that most exercises can’t.

It helps you train your transverse abdominis which is the Deep layer abdominal muscle fiber that helps pull your stomach in and gives you that flat stomach look.

It’s also no secret that girls just like guys prefer fuller butts rather than flatter butts.

So when you do your squats make sure you go nice and low and you sit back in order to really incorporate your glutes and thighs into the movement.

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The next exercise you want to make sure you’re doing for building an ideal male physique is some form of bench pressing dumbbells pressing or pushing movement.

The reason why I say bench pressing or pushing movement is that it’s very hard to work your chest muscles effectively any other way.

The chest is a lagging muscle group for many guys and unfortunately, most functional exercises fail to incorporate horizontal abduction.Which is when you bring your hands together from far away like a chest fly.

Horizontal abduction is required to build up your chest and once again you want to maintain portions you don’t want to have huge arms and a tiny chest.

Make sure at least once a week you’re dedicating some time to getting some pressing movements into your routine.

The good news is that while you’re doing the presses you’ll not only be working your chest but you also be working your shoulders and your triceps as well.

Shoulders especially the middle head of your shoulder is another muscle that’s important for giving you that wider upper body appearance.

That’s why you want to make sure that you incorporate the fourth exercise which is overhead presses

whether it be military presses or dumbbell presses they’re going to help grow your shoulders giving you that wider V tapered appearance.

A lot of people do make mistakes of not going low enough when they do a military shoulder press

that I want to make sure you guys watching this video don’t make so you can have the maximum results for your shoulders.

When you come down for a military press or a dumbbell press you don’t want to stop at eye level or your level you want to come down under your chin.

If you’re only going to eye level or ear level you’re working a lot more triceps rather than the shoulders that you’re intending to work.

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Next up are Pull-Ups and if you can do pull-ups

without assistance it can be a far more effective exercise than even the lat pulldown for widening out.

When doing the pull-ups you want to make sure you grab a wide grip just like with the lat pulldown and incorporate pull-ups with both a pronated hand position and a neutral hand position.

It’s also very important that once you’re ready you start scrapping weight to yourself in order to make your pullUPS harder so you can keep progressing in size and strength. You can use something known as a dip belt to do just that.

For number 6 we got lateral raises

because lateral raises will directly Target that middle head of your shoulder and your traps.

Now lateral raises, unfortunately, get done wrong all the time a lot of people have their elbows completely straight

or they slightly turn their thumb out towards the ceiling and put more pressure on their biceps rather than their shoulders.

Make sure when you’re doing your lateral raises you slightly bend your elbows and turn your pinky up towards the ceiling.

your hands should end up slightly below your elbows at the end of the movement and your elbows should be either even or slightly below your shoulders.

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Next is the deadlift and the deadlift not only will help you strengthen your back and work your core but it’ll also help you increase your testosterone.

Heavy weighted squats can do this too but deadlifts are especially known for using a lot of muscle groups

and placing increased metabolic stress on your body which results in a massive boost in your testosterone levels.

Having higher testosterone levels is not directly attractive to women but it motivates the man to find someone that they’re attracted to.

women find men with masculine features dominant characteristics and aesthetic frames more attractive according to a study based at the University of Mexico.

higher levels of social presence direct competitiveness and masculine features are all Hallmarks of high testosterone levels.

Deadlifts are not the only exercise that can increase your testosterone butt exercises like deadlifts squats and other exercises

that place massive metabolic stress will help you increase your testosterone naturally.

Moving on another exercise you should be doing is the declined weighted sit-ups.

This is by far one of the best exercises to build some bulkier abs and have your abs pop out.

You need a decline bench to do this exercise. also, keep in mind just like the other exercises you want to make sure you up to your weight over time to Challenge

and constantly break down those ab muscles to have them grow back stronger.

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Going back to the lower body exercise number 9 is a barbell hip thrust.

Now, of course, if you do squats you don’t necessarily have to do the barbell hip thrust but this is another movement ..

that specifically targets the glutes and helps you work on getting more of a bubble butt to fill out your jeans.

I recommend you do this one with your back up on a bench in order to be able to bring your hips further down for a better stretch on this movement.

the last exercise that I recommend you give a shot is a cardio exercise that’s right sprinting.

Sprinting is one of the best cardio exercises especially when you factor in the amount of time that it takes to burn a lot of fat doing sprints.

women are attracted to men with lower body fat percentages obviously not too low but sprinting for intervals on and off is one of the best ways to burn fat with cardio.

Of course, your diet will be an extremely important factor in regard to body fat but if you incorporate some sprints even 15 minutes of on-and-off sprinting throughout the week it’ll help give you some room for error with your diet.

so those are the 10 exercises that you should try to incorporate as a guy seeking to build a more attractive body

obviously these are not the only exercises that can get the job done but they are some of the most powerful exercises at your disposal.

Before I go I want you to keep in mind that even though a lot of these exercises are about building muscle women don’t like it when men are too muscular.

When asked to rate men the majority of women prefer the muscular definition of a Brad Pitt from Fight Club the most

and when muscular definition starts to significantly exceed that it’s not as attractive. Your best bet is to stay natural so you can look natural.

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