10 “Healthy” Snacks to AVOID for Weight Loss

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You know what you’ve been dieting hard… you deserve some healthy snacks. Why don’t you grab a handful of almonds, an energy bar, and wash it down with a fruit smoothie?

 It’s healthy for you…….Or is it? I’m willing to bet that you’ve been duped into thinking that you can lose weight or body fat with at least one “healthy” snack that I’m going to talk about today.

There’s so much misinformation about nutrition that I’ve been able to come up with 10 so-called healthy snacks that claim to be good for weight loss or toning up but in reality, they’re actually just sabotaging your fat loss efforts.

Now I want you to keep in mind that any kind of food can be incorporated into your diet plan.

Even the unhealthy ones however these Foods are deceiving because they’re claiming to be healthy but really they have tons of hidden calories

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1. Let’s Jump Right In with number one and that’s Nuts….this one is huge. So many people are messing up their diet plan right now with either almonds cashews peanuts walnuts and whatever other types of nut.

The truth is that nuts are very calorically dense so it’s very easy to overeat and then gain weight. Whenever we think of something as healthy we kind of just allow ourselves free reign on it.

A Handful of nuts isn’t gonna tip the scale but if you’re like a lot of the clients that I work with you’re gonna start with one handful and that’s gonna lead to two handfuls,

and oh just one more handful cause it’s healthy and then you wind up storing all those excess calories as fat.

Nuts are just one of those snacks that are so easily accessible and you can take them with you anywhere so it’s very easy to just mindlessly reach in and eat and eat and overeat.

If you still want to have nuts as a snack then truly limit it to only one handful a day try to go for a really good type of nut like the Walnut and make sure that it’s not roasted or messed with in any way.

2.Up next we have dried fruit. I honestly don’t even understand how people think that all dried fruit is unanimously healthy for you because it comes from real fruits.

A lot of dried fruits are sweetened with added sugar. And a lot of times they try to disguise the sugar with ingredients like juice concentrate

or brown rice syrup or honey. This UPS the calorie count without adding any kind of nutritional value.

On top of that even with unsweetened dried fruit you still have the same problem as the nuts.

Due to the fact that the fruit is dried, it shrinks during the dehydration process as the water is removed.

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So a cup of dried cranberries is gonna have way more calories than a cup of real cranberries.

Actually, three times more and the sweetened fruit will be three times more than that.

For you to feel full of a cup of real Cranberries dried cranberries it’s going to take up the same amount of volume in your stomach.

It’ll feel the same but with dried fruit your eating at least three times the number of calories.

Dried fruit does contain a lot of good nutrients so if you do still want to have dried fruit as a snack definitely go for the unsweetened ones and stick to only one handful.

3. Next, are smoothies and you better believe that having a smoothie as a snack can easily pack on body fat if done wrong.

If you’re going to cram your blender full of a bunch of healthy fruits blend it up call it an antioxidant smoothie and drink it you might as well be drinking a chocolate milkshake.

I’m kidding but calorie-wise if you add enough fruit your healthy fruit smoothie can easily have just as much if not more sugar than a milkshake.

If you want to have smoothies in your diet plan as snacks or for the nutritional boost they give you then try to stick to mostly green smoothies.

You can add one fruit into your smoothie like a granny smith apple would be great or half a banana for taste

but if you overkill it on the fruit I’m telling you right now……

you’re gonna spike your insulin levels and you’re gonna have a really difficult time burning fat.

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4. The next late night snack is wine. Check this out…. when you truly have just one serving of wine…

you know the one serving that’s supposed to be great for your heart health,

for that serving size, you would fill up the wine glass right to the part where it starts to curve up.

However, let’s be real here what do most people do. We fill up the wine glass until it’s full and guess what? That full glass of wine will contain over 600 calories.

That’s a major problem if you’re looking to lose weight or burn fat.

If you want to still incorporate the wine then stop pouring right where the glass starts to curve up.

5. For the next one, I know everyone’s going to hate me for this but I have to say it dark chocolate.

First off right off the bat let me tell you that all those health benefits from dark chocolate aren’t going to start until you get to the really dark varieties like a cocoa content of 70 percent or higher.

Now even if you get the right dark chocolate there are a lot better ways to get your fill of antioxidants

the average 50-gram bar of dark chocolate has about 15 Grams of fat and that goes without mentioning the sugar content.

When you factor the sugar into the equation you clearly see that you would honestly be better off finding your antioxidants elsewhere.

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6. Let’s move on to Vitamin Water what….. a….. joke. You’re honestly better off drinking Gatorade.

I hate to break it to you but there are hardly any vitamins in vitamin water. I mean it sounds really good …..

vitamins and Water right but in reality, most vitamin waters are loaded with sugar and any extra vitamins

that they give you-you’re going to already be getting from Real Food anyway so it’s going to be a waste.

Look I don’t know if you guys know this but the company that owns Vitamin Water is Coca Cola and Coca-Cola knows how to make a tasty drink that sells.

They’ve already settled lawsuits about false advertising. Bottom line Vitamin water is something that should not be included in your plan.

7. Next are gluten-free pretzels and in general, I want to touch on the gluten-free craze. You guys have to understand just because something is gluten-free doesn’t mean that it’s actually good for you.

Gluten-free pretzels and most gluten-free snacks will still be composed of simple carbohydrates and many times they’re even processed.

All of that will lead to a spike in your blood sugar and it will cost the same exact amount of calories as most regular gluten-full snacks.

Gluten-free doesn’t mean that any sugar at all was removed.

Be smart read the nutrition label and Portion Control……

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8.now I want to talk about lunch meats also known as cold cuts or deli meats. Now, this is one that actually might help you lose weight

but keep in mind that everything that helps you lose weight is not necessarily healthy for you.

After all cigarettes can help some people lose weight but obviously, you shouldn’t smoke.

The international agency for research on cancer classified all processed meat as a carcinogen.

Now having one turkey sandwich probably won’t kill you but either would having just one cigarette.

that doesn’t change the fact that it’s not healthy for you. Your best bet is staying away from lunch meats.

9. Trust me you’re going to be a lot better off avoiding all those processed Deli cuts.

Granola is another one that is not very good for you but it’s constantly stuck into all kinds of Health Foods.

it will be in cereals in trail mix bars and you can always sprinkle some into your yogurt right?  

on second thought 

you’re probably better off skipping out in the granola as this will add just extra calories usually coming from sugar.

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10. Last but not least are the snacks that claim to be sugar-free.  this is again a situation where the words low calorie and healthy get confused.

A lot of times instead of sugar they’ll add in aspartame which is another one of those funny ingredients that are linked to cancer.

So those are the top 10 most misleading snacks a lot of which you may want to completely avoid.

There are other snacks that are misleading that didn’t make it on the list such as flavored yogurt even if it’s Greek yogurt you should add your own fruits in and avoid the fruit-flavored varieties.  

also, trail mix, many meal replacement bars, frozen yogurt, instant flavored oatmeal, light salad dressings, juices,

and even sushi can all be super high in calories and can create a calorie Surplus which ultimately leads you to store fat.

your best bet is to always check the nutrition facts and make sure that whatever so-called healthy snack you’re trying to add into your diet actually fits into your plan.

That’s it I really hope these tips have helped you guys out. Also if you feel you need some help me and my team have hands-on experience with thousands of clients and I have done for you programs on gravity transformation.com

that’ll tell you exactly what to eat and how much of it to eat and what workouts to do to speed up your fat loss. other than that I look forward to seeing you guys soon

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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