10 Nighttime Habits MAKING YOU FATTER​

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If you find yourself constantly struggling to eat the right foods at night or maybe you just simply want to stop overeating

and ruining your diet plan every single night then applying the tips from this video will definitely help you out.

I’m going over 10 real nighttime habits that are making you fatter.

And You’re gonna want to Stick with me for the next couple minutes because by simply changing these habits you can save yourself hundreds of calories per day,

you can avoid late-night binge eating, and you can ultimately burn more fat.

For the first one let’s start with dinner,

a really bad habit people have when prepping dinner is that they pick at their food and other snacks.

This is a bad habit that’s easy to understand If you’re really hungry and you can smell the aroma of delicious food cooking your gonna start grabbing random things and eating them.

There are two potential solutions to this problem. The first one is to only allow yourself to eat seated at the table.

This can definitely help some of you but it does involve willpower so an even better solution would be to have meals prepped in advance.

I recommend you have three days worth of meals already prepped and ready to go so when you get hungry

you can just grab your meal heat it up and eat this way you get rid of that hunger and prevent binge eating and picking.

Aside from prepped meals fast cooking options like frozen veggies and instant rice can really help too.

The best solutions are ones that limit the involvement of willpower. Studies suggest that willpower is a limited resource.

Wrestling with your cravings and emotional eating tendencies.

An example of wrestling with your cravings would be doing things like repeating I’m not hungry

or I’m not gonna pick at food instead of just eating a satiating healthy meal and feeling full.

An even bigger losing battle would be trying to overcome emotional eating at the effect level.

Instead, you would want to prevent emotional eating at the cause, not the effect.

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One bad nighttime habit that causes emotional eating is staying up at night scouting through other people’s social media pages.

When I say social media I mostly mean Facebook and Instagram and other platforms like that.

If your up using a search engine trying to find ways to better your body or better your life that’s completely different.

Most people’s social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram are filled with superficial pictures that depict a fake perfect life.

One study found that Facebook use was linked to both less moment-to-moment happiness and less life satisfaction.

Staying up all night going through everyone’s perfect facebook life can trigger a round of emotional binge eating.

There’s nothing wrong with using Facebook as a way to connect with people, and there are obviously other triggers for emotional eating

but by limiting late-night social media consumption you can help prevent late-night junk food consumption. Speaking of staying up late at night the

next bad habit is just not knowing when to call it a night and go to sleep.

Whether you’re just lying around mindlessly scrolling through Netflix,

playing video games, or twiddling your thumbs your more likely to want to fix your boredom with food. Go to sleep.

As with most rules, there are exceptions to this. If you’re one hundred percent focused on getting a project done then you won’t be thinking about eating snacks every five seconds.

But you also want to go to sleep because study after study shows a lack of sleep is associated with higher BMI levels and larger bellies.

Not getting enough sleep leads to increased ghrelin levels, which is our hunger hormone, and decreased leptin levels, which is our satiety hormone.

Try your best to get at least six to seven hours of sleep per day.

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The next bad night time habit you may have is drinking wine and other alcoholic beverages too often.

It’s one ‘re kicking back a couple glasses every night you’re in trouble. Not only is thing to have a glass of wine on weekends or one night per week

but if you the wine-filled with sugar and calories that will spike your insulin levels,

but According to a report in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition, drinking alcohol causes people to eat an extra 384 calories daily.

Whether their exact number of three hundred 84 calories is correct or not doesn’t matter we’ve all felt more sensitive to food aromas

and we’ve all experienced less willpower to resist cravunga after a few drinks. Point is you can have alcohol just do it in moderation.

Moving onanother bad habit you may have is you choose bad snacks.

I know so many people that try to curb their late-night cravings with things like frozen yogurt, trail mix bars, and weight watcher brownies.

A lot of these products are not only high in sugar and filled with artificial sweeteners but also their macros flat out suck.

You want to pick snacks that are higher in protein and vegetables because they’ll fill you up.

There are options with better macros like pure protein bars, natural jerky especially homemade jerky can make an awesome snack.

Quest makes protein chips, and you can have powdered peanut butter like pb2 with celery or with an apple.

All of these snacks have much better macros and that’s another bad habit you may have, not prioritizing certain food groups and macros over others.

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A great strategy for losing weight and body fat is to actually feel full and satisfied so you don’t crave junk food.

Eating a whole bunch of vegetables first can help fill you up when you’re hungry.

After vegetables your second priority should be protein even if your a vegan or vegetarian there are plenty of high protein options

you can fill your plate and your stomach with and after having your veggies and protein you can move on to natural carbs

and fruit and finally when your done with all of that you can move on to snacking because if your not already full it shouldn’t take much.

Another bad habit regarding satiety is eating your food too fast.

It takes at least 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it’s full.

A study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that slow eaters took in 66 fewer calories per meal.

Also compared to the faster eating group, the people in the slower eating group felt like they had eaten more.

Look I’m not trying to tell you there’s an exact number of times you need to chew before swallowing

but the point is when you’re eating don’t forget to come up for air, it’s not a race.

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Another bad habit could be exercising really late at night right before bed.

Exercising right before bed can prevent you from getting to sleep

which like I already talked about sleep is very important to prevent you from eating from boredom and for your hormones.

Some people will be able to do a workout before bed and they’ll sleep like a baby

While others will feel wired especially if they have a pre-workout or coffee before working out.

Not exercising at all is also a bad habit

because exercising earlier in the day will almost guarantee a better night of sleep…………..

We only have two more bad nighttime habits I want to go over and this is one that I hope most of you are not making

but I have to mention it because a lot of people might be making this mistake

and that’s eating healthy microwavable frozen dinners like Lean Cuisine and Lean Pockets and things like that.

Remember to always check the ingredients of whatever it is that you’re eating.

So-called healthy meals like Lean Cuisine are actually not very good for fat loss.

You’re much better off prepping your own meal with the right portions and with real fresh ingredients.

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The very last nighttime habit you want to break is stressing out.

So many people spend the night planning every last detail of their next day and stressing about what they have to do tomorrow

what might go wrong the next day or in the next week and not only does this prevent sleep but it also will increase cortisol

which is a stress hormone that isn’t very good for fat loss nor is it good for building muscle.

On top of that, the things that you’re stressing over are usually things that are projected into the future that may never even come true.

So the stress in and of itself is

That’s it guys I really hope this tip has helped you out  and If you’re looking for further help with training your Weight Loss Scams and you’re looking for a diet that will help you drop body fat fast check out my 6-week challenge.

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