10 Reasons Why You NEED to LIFT HEAVY to Build Muscle

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Guy’s I’m about to give away some really great stuff.

In case you guys don’t know me I’m Max and I think I’ve done pretty well for myself as a natural lifter training in the meathead capital of the world right here in New Jersey.

And…You know what… I’m really tired of not being straight up about what made me gain more muscle mass in the gym than anything else I can possibly attribute those results too.

And the reason why I haven’t been 100% straight up on this topic is that the studies agree with my theory of what it takes to build muscle as a natural lifter,

however, the studies also say that there’s more than one way to effectively build muscle… which…


I don’t agree with. And I really like to go by the books and you know…. tell you guys about the information I get out of studies.

But it’s funny because my experience completely doesn’t match up with these studies.

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Let me get to the bottom line I’m going to tell you something right now that you may not believe but I know its a hundred percent true.

And that truth is….as a natural you’ll only EFFECTIVELY build bigger muscles with heavy weight training.

Even if it means breaking form and doing some sloppy reps at the end of your set….. and I know right now all the form-obsessed people are like

“whoa, you just went too far bud.” But you know what I’m tired of pretending that having perfect form is going to be the most effective way to build muscle.

Because it’s not…. at least not for Naturals. Of course, form is super important, but it’s not something you should be obsessed over.

And I’ve been surrounded by the perfect form group and the lightweight high rep group telling me my whole life that I’ve been lifting wrong as I slowly got stronger and more muscular than them.

Once I started seeing some serious results the same group of people jumped to the conclusion that the only reason why I was able to make better gains than them was that I had Superior genetics.

Not the heavy weight lifting, the genetics gifts were, of course, the cause of the gains. Does this look like a Greek god with Superior genetics……….. I didn’t think so.

But the way that I went from that to where I am now was not by maintaining perfect form with light weights.

It was by doing a lot of cheat reps and using a weight that made my form sloppy at times and hitting failure a lot.

Now the general consensus about building muscle according to many people in the fitness industry is that building muscle is all about volume.

And weight load or “intensity” is believed to be just one of the ways that you can increase volume. Other than intensity there’s still reps, sets, total exercises are done, and training frequency.

Volume is also known as “work” so the accepted theory right now is that overall the more work your muscles get the more your muscles are going to grow.

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And even though I agree with that theory, work is definitely required to have your muscles grow,

I don’t believe that sets reps exercises and training frequency deserve as much credit as intensity or weight load when the goal is to build muscle naturally.

Steroid using lifters can gain a lot of muscle from doing plenty of “work” with lighter weight, and higher reps and it works for them.

But it’s so stupid that all you natural lifters, you guys that wanna be natty brah…well you guys end up looking for the most jacked guy’s YouTube Channel…

you know all the guys on YouTube that you know are on steroids and you go there to learn how to get bigger naturally.

I have news for you their tactics are for other people on steroids. Building muscle is all about protein synthesis.

Now Even though sets reps exercises and frequency are still important factors to consider intensity or weight load is the most important for naturals.

Now you might have seen studies that have suggested that you can build just as much muscle with light weight for higher reps. And usually, these Studies have men that weren’t really training regularly beforehand.

Because men that have been training for a while and have already built some initial muscle have a harder time building more muscle which makes it harder to measure results in this kind of studies.

When you factor newbie gains into the equation which just means that people that are brand new to lifting can pretty much build muscle with any form of weight training.

When you factor that in you see that these studies are flawed. Because again when you’re brand new High Reps low reps High weight low weight it’s all going to build muscle.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

However, over time, I promise you that the natural lifters that are lifting the heavyweight with moderate reps, if all else remains equal they’re going to build much more muscle than the high rep group.

The major study that all the Fitness magazines and blog posters jumped all over was one done at McMaster University.

Here each participant was given High Reps with a lightweight on one leg and then low reps with heavy weight on the other for 12 weeks.

And both legs experienced the same muscle gains and I should also mention these guys were experienced lifters.

So no newbie gains here. The conclusion of this study was that the key to Muscle Gain is working to the point of fatigue.

Which I one hundred percent agree with. However, one major thing that the study does not mention is how much time did they spend on each the high rep and the low rep program?

You see you can stimulate muscle growth even as a natural with lightweight if you fatigue the muscle enough with more sets and reps.

That’s what you have to do if you’re using lightweight in order for you to recruit the deep motor units and muscle fibers and the fast twitch type II fibers.

So I can almost guarantee you that people going for the higher rep ranges will have to spend a lot more time at the gym to fatigue the muscles than people going with heavy weight training.

And If you’re going to be spending more time at the gym you might as well be spending it lifting heavier weights because that’s going to take you to fatigue faster.

And most people that are lifting light weights especially on their own not under the supervision of a whole research team are never going to do enough reps and sets…

 to hit that point of fatigue that you have to hit, even the study says that you have to hit this point of fatigue to build muscle.

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but a guaranteed way to hit that point of fatigue is to always grab the heaviest weight load that you could grab for a rep range of 6 to 8 reps.

And as soon as you can do 8 reps of that weight load you have to up your weight. That is going to guarantee fatigue and protein synthesis for a natural.

That’s it I really hope these tips have helped you guys out.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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