18 Most Addictive Foods

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Today I’m going to go over the 18 most addicting foods that are preventing you from losing weight.

And when I say addicting I mean addicting these are foods that aren’t only bad for you but they make you crave more.

Not only at that particular moment but you’ll find yourself craving these Foods days after you’ve already consumed them.

So if you’re trying to lose weight or burn fat your best bet is to stay away from these ingredients.

Now these aren’t foods that I just randomly chose the foods that I’m going to talk about are actually based on a study.

There’s a scale known as the Yale food addiction scale it’s the most commonly used tool to assess food addiction.And researchers at the University of Michigan studied 518 people and their addictive eating patterns.

The way that the study was set up was that all participants got a list of 35 Foods both processed and unprocessed.And for each one of these Foods they had to rate How likely they were to experience problems on a scale of 1 for not addictive at all to 7 for extremely addictive.

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The crazy thing is that out of the 518 participants right around 8 percent of them were diagnosed with full-blown food addiction and 92% of them had some addictive behavior towards certain foods.

So it’s pretty safe to say that most people have at least one food out there that they’re super addicted to.

Which is absolutely fine as long as you eat that food in moderation. If you can’t eat it in moderation or in sensible portions then you should stay away from these Foods at least while you’re trying to burn fat.

Anyway the list that they came up with had pizza at the very top as most addicting rated at a 4.01 out of 7.

Pizza is super processed and it has a lot of fat it has cheese which itself has shown to be addicting and it also has a whole bunch of simple carbs.

So it’s easy to see why pizza was rated number one.

Number two was chocolate the Coco present in chocolate itself can change our moods combine this with the added sugar in every chocolate bar and you have a 3.73 at a 7 on the addicting scale.

Chips we’re actually also rated a 3.73 so they tied chocolate 4 second most addicting food group.

Right under chips was cookies rated a 3.71. Cookies are not only addicting because of the high amount of sugar but also because they’re a comfort food.

They’re associated with holidays and family. even the act of laying out the cookies on a baking pan and the smell of baking cookies could trigger some serious food addictions.

But up next on the list taking 4th Place was ice cream which I personally find even more addicting than cookies.

Ice cream was rated a 3.68 with french fries following closely behind at 3.6 french fries don’t have sugar but they’re crispy because theyre fried in fat which can be very addicting.

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This was followed by cheeseburgers at 3.51 again I think the cheese has at least something to do with cheeseburgers being

so addicting and that was followed up with soda at 3.29 on the addicting scale.

Now soda even though it wasn’t the most addicting food group selected it is one of the easiest to get in the habit of having all the time.

And most people that drink a lot of soda don’t realize how many extra calories they’re having throughout the day by having Soda instead of water. Now I know you’ve been told not to have soda before.

Everyone knows that if you cut out soda your going to lose a whole bunch of weight just by switching from soda to water.

However what if I told you that you don’t even want the soda. The reason why you crave soda is because youre addicted to the sugar you get from that can of soda.

1 can of Coca-Cola has a little under 10 teaspoons of sugar. Certain Studies have revealed that Sugar can be more addicting to mice then cocaine

and the amount of sugar that you get from one can of Coke can’t be matched by almost anything that you find in nature.

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So your brain will literally get hooked on the sugar in the soda and all you have to do is break that habit and you won’t even crave it anymore.

I challenge you to try not to drink soda for 30 days and I promise you you won’t even want anymore and if you do drink soda you’re going to be a lot lighter at the end of those 30 days.

Anyway moving on number 9 most addicting was cake and it’s easy to see why cake is so addicting usually has multiple addicting ingredients including chocolate and lots and lots of sugar.

Then number 10 was cheese rated at a 3.22. Followed by bacon at 3.03 and fried chicken at 2.97.

again theres lots of fat in bacon and Fried Chicken Plus they’re both crispy so it makes a lot of sense that a lot of people find these two very addicting.

Next at 2.73 were plain rolls. Followed by buttered popcorn at 2.64.

I find it very interesting that people rated popcorn as very addicting it’s actually number 13 on the list yet there are so many Fitness Experts recommending popcorn as a healthy snack for weight loss.

Well it’s not going to help you lose very much weight if you eat a whole bag every time you have one kernel.

Even if it’s the fat-free kind you’re still getting plenty of high glycemic carbs.

Then number fourteen was breakfast cereals rated a 2.59. I can easily see how breakfast cereals like Lucky Charms and fruit loops

and Fruity Pebbles and cookie crisps could be super addicting because they’re full of sugar.

It’s a shame that a lot of parents feed their kids this stuff on a daily basis. However I’m willing to bet that the adult cereals are also for the most part pretty addictive

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because when you add a ton of raisins to a cereal yes it’s better than just adding processed sugar but it’s still going to turn into sugar in your body.

Speaking of processed sugar gummy bears and gummy type candy was next on the list rated a 2.57 followed by steak at 2.54

and last but not least was muffins ranked at 2.5. So there you have it those are the top 18 most addicting foods.

I hope as I’ve gone through this list you’ve noticed some similarities between the ingredients and foods on this list.

The truth is that addictive behavior with food can’t be solved just by blaming willpower. That would be like telling a cigarette smoker that they won’t quit because of a lack of willpower.

Almost all the foods on this list are processed and they’re especially high in added sugar or fat.Processed foods are usually made to be “hyperpalatable” – which means they taste super good.

The added ingredients and artificial flavors cannot be matched by natural food so you constantly crave processed foods instead.Whats worse is that these processed foods with all their added sugar will spike and crash your blood sugar.

Causing you more cravings everytime you crash. The addicting effects are especially noticable in the brain.Eating processed junk food releases massive amounts of feel-good chemicals, compared to unprocessed foods.

This causes a very powerful “reward” in the brain. One that would never exist without man made foods.

If you are serious about losing weight it is a good idea to stay away from all processed foods for at least four to six weeks to give your palate time to reset so you may experience the taste of real food and stop craving junk food.

That’s it guys I really hope this tip has helped. Also make sure you visit my website gravity transformation.com

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