30-Min Workout to Reduce Love Handles

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This free HIIT workout is designed to help you reduce love handles and burn overall body fat.

If you’re trying to lose love handles and you need some workouts that burn tons of calories, look no further.

This high-intensity 30-minute workout will help you burn all the stubborn fat on your body.

This includes your love handles, belly fat, and chest fat.

In this article, you’ll also learn how to maintain a calorie deficit via your diet.

No single exercise will spot-reduce the fat around your love handles. That’s because your love handles are only a small part of your body’s overall fat stores.

Your body will burn those fat stores in a sequential and proportionate manner that’s completely outside of your control.

However, something that is in your control is the ability to burn more calories through the workouts that you do.

That’s why today I want to give you a short 30-minute peripheral heart action workout that’ll burn tons of calories.

This will help you add to your weekly deficit, leading to a reduction of overall body fat as well as your love handles.

You’re going to be performing groups of 4 exercises per set, with no breaks in between.

This workout will alternate from upper to lower body, and from push to pull movements. This will increase your heart rate and maximize calories consumption.

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# Circuit 1, Exercise 1 – Walking Lunges

The first exercise that you’re going to do is walking lunges.

Step 1

Grab two dumbbells and hold them at your side, then you take a big step forward.

When you step forward, don’t cross your feet or try to keep them in line. Instead, keep your feet hip-distance apart during the lunge.

Step 2

Drop your back knee down towards the ground and bend your front knee at the same time.

Step 3

Once your back knee almost touches the ground, stand back up and bring your back foot in front. Basically, you’ll alternate back and forth as you walk and add reps.

Do this at a regular pace for 30 seconds with a moderately challenging weight load.

As soon as you’re done, you’re going to move straight to the next exercise.

# Circuit 1, Exercise 2 – Push Presses

You should have a loaded barbell set up before starting this group of exercises so you can quickly move from one to the other.

Step 1

Either unrack the bar at shoulder height or perform a clean to get it up to your shoulders and under your chin. This is your starting position; make sure your elbows are in line with your hands.

Step 2

Bend your knees and slightly sink towards the ground like you’re doing a mini squat.

Step 3

Explode through your legs, straighten your knees, and use that momentum to drive the bar up, over your head.

Step 4

Lower the bar and sink back down again by slightly bending your knees.

Then explode back up and repeat this cycle for a 30-second interval.

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# Circuit 1, Exercise 3 – Squat Jumps

We’re going to move back to the lower body. Squat jumps are also very straightforward.

Step 1

Simply squat down until your thighs are almost parallel with the ground.

Step 2

Then explode up and jump straight up as high as you can. Make sure to land with your knees slightly bent and go right into your next squat jump.

Do this exercise for 30 seconds, then move right to the next.

# Circuit 1, Exercise 4 – Inverted Rows

Step 1

Start by gripping a barbell a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Then walk your feet forward until your body is under the barbell.

Try to keep your body in a straight line from your head to your heels.

Step 2

Row by pulling both of your elbows back behind you, until your chest goes up to the bar. Then lower back down and repeat.

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Keep in mind that the lower you set the barbell, the harder the exercise will be.

After you’re done with this exercise, take a 1-minute break. Then repeat this 4-exercise cycle for 3 sets.

Take a 2-minute break when you’re done with all 3 sets. From there, you’ll move on to another circuit.

#Circuit 2, Exercise 1 – Goblet Squats

Start this circuit with goblet squats.

Step 1

Hold a dumbbell by its head and keep your elbows tucked in, tight against your body.

Step 2

Squat down, parallel with the ground while keeping your chest up. Then stand back up. Repeat for 30 seconds, then move on to the next exercise.

# Circuit 2, Exercise 2 – Suitcase Rows

Step 1

Grab two dumbbells and hold them at your sides in a neutral position.

Then bend down to about a 60-degree angle. Make sure you maintain the natural arch in your lower back.

Step 2

Row both elbows straight back, towards the ceiling. Squeeze your back for a second, then slowly lower back down and repeat for 30 seconds.

After that, grab the same dumbbell that you were using for goblet squats, and start the next exercise.

# Circuit 2, Exercise 3 – Alternating Lateral Lunges

Step 1

Hold the dumbbell in the same position as before. Then take a big step out to one side, while keeping your foot pointed forward.

Don’t accidentally point it towards the side; that’s a very common mistake. Also, make sure to keep your other knee straight.

It should feel almost like you’re doing a one-legged squat with the other leg simply there for support.

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Step 2

Come back to the middle and repeat the same thing on the other side. Go back and forth for reps.

# Circuit 2, Exercise 4 – Burpees

For the last exercise of this circuit, we’re going to get you breathing really heavy with burpees.

Step 1

Plant your hands on the ground around your feet. Then jump your feet back behind you so you end up in a push-up position.

Step 2

Lower yourself to the ground for a push-up.

Step 3

After you press back up, hop your feet back in, between your hands.

Then stand up and jump straight up with your hands upwards.

As soon as your feet hit the floor, go right into your next burpee, and repeat this for 30 seconds.

Then just like before, take a 1-minute break and repeat this 4-exercise circuit for 3 sets.

After completing all three sets, take a 2-minute break, then move on to the last circuit.

# Circuit 3, Exercise 1 – Alternating Step-Ups

Step 1

Set up a platform and hold two dumbbells at your sides.

Ideally, you want the platform to be high enough so that your thigh is about parallel to the floor once you put your foot on it.

Step 2

Kick off your back foot and stand all the way up without using your other foot.

From there step back down, switch your feet, and step up again. Repeat this for 30 seconds.

# Circuit 3, Exercise 2 – Decline Push-Ups

Step 1

Plant your hands on the ground a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Also, place your feet on the same platform you were using for step-ups.

Step 2

Lower yourself down for pushups. If these are too hard to perform for 30 seconds straight, then as soon as you start to fail, get off the platform and regress to regular pushups.

If you’re still too fatigued to do those then drop to your knees to continue doing pushups. The point is to regress to the point that allows you to finish your 30 seconds of pushups.

Then move on to high knees.

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# Circuit 3, Exercise 3 – High Knees

Step 1

Stand with your hands bent at your sides, then bend one knee and drive it up towards your waist.

Step 2

As soon as the knee comes up fully, quickly switch by bringing that leg back down and bringing your opposite knee up.

Make sure that for every rep your knee comes up to at least waist level. It’s very easy to cheat on this exercise simply by not bringing your knees high enough.

Continue alternating knees back and forth for 30 seconds.

# Circuit 3, Exercise 4 – Skydivers

Step 1

Lay flat on your stomach and spread your arms wide out to your sides.

Step 2

Raise your upper and lower body off the ground simultaneously. You’re literally trying to make your body look like a skydiver. Hold that contracted position for a three-second count.

Step 3

Then lower back down and repeat for 30 seconds.

Again, after this take a 1-minute break and repeat the circuit for 2 more sets. That’ll complete this quick 30 minutes peripheral heart action training workout.

# Workout setup recommendations

Within those 30 minutes you should burn a ton of calories. This is not only because you’re doing so many exercises back-to-back with minimal rest time. But it’s also because your body has to work hard to pump blood to different sections of your body.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

Indeed, this workout is designed to switch between lower and upper body, and between posterior and anterior muscles.

This alone will help you burn significantly more calories (and love handles, of course) in less time.

Down below you’ll see the full workout. Give it a try next time you’re at the gym.

If you’re currently not working out at all, you can do this workout 3 to 4 times a week. It will assist with fat loss and love handle reduction.

If you are already lifting weights, then I recommend doing this full-body workout after one of your days off.

This way you can hit your whole body without worrying about being sore or not giving your body enough recovery time.

Concluding notes

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