5 Ab Workout Mistakes

Today we’re going to talk about the five biggest ab workout mistakes that are absolutely killing your six pack and any chances of you ever seeing them. Seriously, guys, this is not a filler or click bait video I’m gonna give you some real tips that I’ve used to build up my six pack much faster than anyone else I know. Believe it or not, some ab workouts can be so counterproductive that they can actually be hurting your progress and your joints rather than helping you build some rock solid ab muscle. Believe me, I see it all the time most people are working their abs plain wrong. For that reason, you really want to make sure that you pay close attention to this video so you can avoid these mistakes so you’re not wasting your time on the floor doing crunches that aren’t working.

The number one mistake that kills more results than anything else that I’ve seen is not using weights for your ab exercises. Sure it’s super important to make sure that your form is correct before starting to add on weights. So start each new exercise with your bodyweight only but you want to get to the point where you can add weights while still maintaining proper form as soon as possible. Most of you know about something known as Progressive overload. If you’ve never heard of Progressive overload you should know that you absolutely need it to experience improvements in almost every area related to exercise. It’s defined as the gradual increase of stress placed on your body during training. There are different ways that you can overload a muscle which will ultimately lead to the growth of that muscle but by far the best and most time efficient way is by increasing the intensity. The easiest way to increase intensity is to gradually increase the weight load used. Most people know this but for some reason they apply to every other muscle in their body except their abs.

I very rarely see anyone at the gym doing weighted crunches or weighted planks or weighted leg raises. But I constantly see people doing all these exercises with no weight. Unless you’re a brand new beginner you should try to incorporate a little bit of weight into your ab movements. Like I’m talking about even put a 2.5 lb plate to add some extra resistance and to progressively overload your abs. When I see someone week after week come into the gym and do bodyweight crunches to my eyes it looks the same as someone walking into the gym week after week trying to build their biceps by curling an EZ bar with no weight on the bar. If you saw someone standing there curling away with no weights on their EZ bar you be like, “damn that dude’s wasting his time.” Why because the intensity is so low that he’s never going to progressively overload his biceps. Well your core…… your abs are some of the strongest muscles in your whole body. They literally hold you up and connect your upper and lower body together. These are very tough muscles and they’re used every single day even if you don’t work out…. just to get out of bed you have to use your abs.

So why in the world would you not use weights to challenge them? In order to see your abs it’s not just about cutting body fat it’s also about building up that muscle so your abs can pop out. And the most effective and efficient way to do that is by using weights for your ab exercises. So instead of doing regular crunches take a plate and put it behind your head. Instead of doing regular leg raises put a dumbbell between your feet and do it that way and instead of doing planks for 2 or 3 minutes put a weight on your back and do it for only 45 seconds. and like I said when your first starting out it can be as light as a 2.5 pound plate it doesn’t have to be heavy the key is to progress over time with the weight load. The bottom line is that you want to shoot for about eight to ten reps with a heavy weight load for your abs and once you start doing 10 reps easily up your weight. The second biggest mistake that I see is sticking to too short of a range of motion for your ab exercises. Everyone knows the most common ab exercise is crunches on the floor. The problem is that you’re not stretching your ab muscles very much at all with crunches on the floor and the negative stretch portion of the movement is the part of the movement that actually breaks down the muscle so it can heal stronger. So you should take every opportunity that you get to increase your range of motion for your ab exercises. For example if you have a way in your gym to do declined crunches you’re taking a floor.

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