5 Biggest Fat Loss Mistakes

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One of the best ways to get faster results in any area of your life is by learning from other people’s mistakes so you don’t have to make those same mistakes your self.

Not only have I made a lot of these mistakes with fat loss myself but I’ve also worked with thousands of clients in my gyms and online that came to me after trying so hard to burn some fat without any success.

No matter what they did they still couldn’t see any results in the mirror. No matter how much they worked out and dieted they couldn’t burn their stubborn fat away

just because of some very common mistakes… ..mistakes like thinking that they had to do hours of cardio every week to be successful

or count their calories and eat five to six small meals a day every day just to see somebody fat come off.

So before you go and waste your time making these same easy to correct mistakes watch this video because it’ll speed up your progress by a lot.

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First I want to start with a mistake that you don’t hear about too often and that’s not focusing enough on lean body mass.

So many people get caught up in doing whatever it takes to burn fat whether that be doing cardio every day of the week or decreasing calories to extremely low levels.

I’ve had clients that have come to me after cutting their calories lower than 800 per day, yet they couldn’t lose any fat.

After working with them for some time and helping them increase their lean body mass, these clients are able to easily lose weight and burn fat at a much higher calorie range.

If you find yourself continuously cutting calories and upping your cardio yet the fat doesn’t seem to budge it may be a good idea to focus on your lean body mass instead.

Not only can increasing lean body mass increase your resting metabolism, but more importantly it has an effect on many different hormones in your body.

Your body composition has a lot to do with how these hormones function in your body. For that reason if you’re only focusing on burning fat but your not focused on building muscle please understand that you’re going to hit a wall.

You need to increase lean body mass to support fat loss especially if you go from being sedentary for years to suddenly exercising.

Over the years of being sedentary, you may have lost a lot of muscle mass. In fact, it’s very normal for people to lose about a pound of muscle every two years after the age of 25.

This can create a situation where you might be working harder and eating cleaner than someone else that has a higher lean body mass yet you’re not getting nearly the amount of results that they are.

Focus on your lean body mass. By increasing muscle over time it’ll make the entire process easier.

If you’re not weight training make sure you start and focus on progressively increasing the weight you use over time.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

Let’s move on to the next mistakes which is one of the biggest mistakes that people have made for a long time and continue to making today….. treating all calories equally.

If you still believe that losing weight and especially burning body fat is all about just counting your calories taken in and subtracting the calories that come out from exercise then you’re not seeing the whole picture.

A calorie is not a calorie and just to prove that I think we can all agree that a hundred calories of vegetables and 100 calories of ice cream is not the same thing and it won’t have the same effect on your body.

In regard to Fat Loss, one of the greatest factors that we have to consider is how much insulin is released based on the specific type of calories that you’re eating.

When a lot of insulin is released throughout the day not only does it prevent fat loss but it also encourages your body to store energy as body fat.

The types of calories that Spike insulin the most are under the category of carbohydrates in the form of simple sugars.

Now this doesn’t mean that carbs are bad nor does it mean that you can’t burn fat while eating even a high carb diet

but once again when you compare the carbs from cake and cauliflower you get two completely different effects on insulin levels.

Simple sugars will spike your blood sugar the highest and your body it’s going to be very quick to store simple sugars as fat.

A lot of people try to burn fat with so-called healthy drinks like orange juice for breakfast and easy to cook meals like a low calorie is frozen microwavable dinners because they feel impressed by the low-calorie count but they never even look at the sugar content.

And that huge amount of sugar will stop fat loss in its tracks every time. Now sugar isn’t the only carb that can Spike insulin levels.

The good thing about these healthy carbs is that they’re all loaded with fiber allowing you to take in a lot less before you feel full.

Which is why I do recommend that if you’re eating a high carb diet you stick predominantly to healthy slow digesting forms of carbs because those sources will naturally limit your intake.

Now I don’t want everyone to just assume that carbs are the worst type of calorie because they’re not. Protein can also spike your insulin levels especially dairy-based protein sources.

 A lot of diets Advocate sticking to protein sources like skim milk yogurt and to constantly drink whey protein in place of meals.

Well, the problem with this is that whey protein and a lot of dairy-based sources are very insulinogenic.

Again this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a whey protein shake after your workout but if your just randomly adding protein shakes throughout the day because you think it’s going to help you burn fat you’re in trouble.

If you’ve been struggling with burning fat for a while and you’re having a lot of dairy products try to cut back a little on the dairy.

The point is that when trying to burn fat you don’t only want to focus on limiting calories you also want to focus on what contributes to Rising insulin levels and what contributes to lowering them.

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Speaking of lowering them we can move right into the third mistake that I always see and that’s this idea that you have to eat more meals throughout the day to lose weight and burn fat.

This is simply untrue… one of the fastest ways to burn fat where you could literally burn a pound of fat per day is by fasting.

Yeah, that’s right not eating anything at all surprisingly turns out to be a very effective way to burn fat. 

Fasting also lowers your insulin levels more than any other type of dieting approach. When your body has no food for enough time, rather than releasing insulin it releases glucagon to draw energy from your cells including your fat cells.

Having to Eat all day long is not only a burden on your time but it will decrease the amount that your allowed eat per meal decreasing the satisfaction you’ll experience from each one of your meals which ultimately increases the chances of you quitting your diet plan.

This would allow your meal to be a lot more enjoyable and it would help you be more productive throughout the rest of the day because you can get things done rather than constantly thinking about food.

Most people believe in myths like eating late at night or eating too much at the same time will make you fat.

But that’s simply not true burning fat is about totals over time. Total calories are taken in over days weeks and months.

Total insulin released over days weeks and months. If you spend two days of the week overeating and then you spend the other five days of the week

fasting you’re going to wind up with a huge deficit and very low insulin levels meaning you’re going to burn fat.

Don’t make the mistake of eating more often because you think that’s the only way to burn fat. Now I do have to mention that you totally can burn fat by eating more often

but only structure your diet this way if it actually helps you because there are many other ways you can structure your diet to create a deficit and many of those other ways can be a lot more effective.

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The fourth mistake that many people still make is believing that you have to do hours and hours of cardio just to burn some fat.

For those of you that love cardio that’s not a problem but most people don’t really like cardio. By going to the gym

and spending hours every week doing something you hate you’re increasing the chances of giving it up altogether.

Well, the good news is that there are far more effective ways to burn some extra calories throughout the week without having to commit to long boring runs on the treadmill or endlessly climbing up the stair stepper.

One of the best ways to incorporate cardio without spending a ton of time at the gym is to incorporate it within your weight training sessions.

My favorite way to do this without committing any extra time to the gym at all is with PHA otherwise known as peripheral heart action training.

Even though there are many forms of PHA one of the most effective for fat loss is one in which you combine a weight training based movement with a cardiovascular based movement.

So you might do a set of bench press immediately followed by a set of burpees with a push-up without taking a break in between the two exercises.

Then you would take a break and repeat. And you would do this for every single one of your normal weight training exercises.

So another example would be squats followed by 45 seconds of high knees. Now let’s say that you came to the gym and you didn’t want to do any cardio

well, you could still trick yourself into incorporating cardio just by combining upper and lower body movements into supersets.

So you could do a set of 10 reps of squats followed by a set of 10 reps of military presses. This causes your heart to work harder to pump the blood from the lower to the upper extremities

and ultimately will help increase your breathing rate and your heart rate allowing you to burn more calories.

You can also do this by working the front and the back parts of your body. For example, you could do a chest press immediately followed by a barbell row.

Even though this isn’t quite as effective as combining an upper and lower body movement it’ll still incorporate a lot more cardio then traditional weight training.

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The last mistake is falling for magic fat burning potions pills and creams. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to fat loss.

Fat burning supplements will typically just increase your resting heart rate to very high unhealthy levels. You can achieve this same effect by drinking tons of coffee.

But I recommend you don’t because not only is this effect very unhealthy but it also doesn’t produce the kinds of long lasting results that you’re looking for.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Stay away from fat burners or any supplement that suggests that it’ll help you burn fat faster because ultimately it’s just going to burn a whole in your pocket and damage your health.

That’s it guys I really hope this tips has helped you out and Also right now I’m running a 6 week challenge that has my clients losing an average of 20 pounds or 5 percent body fat in just 42 days,

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Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred


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