5 Diet Mistakes – MAKING YOU FATTER!!!

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So you made up your mind you’re doing a diet. You do some research and you get a whole bunch of what you think is great diet advice.

A few weeks go by you lose some weight, you plateau, and you gain it back. Sound familiar? Well that’s not the way that it has to be.

In today’s video I’ll be discussing the 5 worst diet mistakes for weight loss and fat loss.

These are in no particular order in fact I think the 5th mistake is actually the biggest mistake of all.

By avoiding these common mistakes you increase the chances that your diet plan and your weight loss plan turns out extremely successful.

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The First mistake is one that we’ve all heard of before. going from 0 to 100 by cutting calories too drastically.

This is one of the most common mistakes preventing people from burning fat and keeping it off.

People will all too often go from eating whatever they want to a very restrictive diet plan. Now the problem with this isn’t the nonsense that you typically hear about your metabolism shutting down.

Reducing calories by as much as 40 to 45 percent from maintenance will make you lose weight very fast.

And yes your metabolism will slow down but your metabolism will also slow down no matter what diet plan you do even if you were to do the most perfect and balanced diet plan in the world.

In order to prevent starvation your body naturally will respond to any diet plan by slowing your metabolism down.

Even if you reduce your calories by 500 a day your metabolism will still slow down. And then when you end the diet plan..

and resume eating normally as we’ve seen in the Minnesota starvation study your metabolism goes right back to normal levels.

The problem with very restrictive dieting models is that they’re unsustainable for the long run and eventually your bodies starvation mechanisms will take over and cause a round of binge eating.

The binge eating is what makes you gain the weight back and sometimes even more weight than you originally lost.

Its not a slow metabolism it’s binge eating and what’s interesting is that some studies identify that your body will continue sending you impulses to binge eat long after a diets over, again due to natural starvation mechanisms.

The solution is typically to avoid restrictive diets at all costs. However the problem is not the restrictive diet.

You can lose a lot of weight fast with a more restrictive dieting model and then transition to a more flexible dieting model with no problems at all.

Therefore the solution is to have a long-term plan. Even if that long-term plan has a couple weeks of being restrictive it’s fine as long as you eventually transition to something that’s more applicable for the rest of your life.

Any aggressive fat loss plan should have a limit of around four to six weeks before you transition.

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The second worst mistake is when you transition to that more long-term diet plan you cut out certain food groups.

For example you cut out all carbs or all fats and you believe that you’re going to be able to stick to that for the rest of your life.When you tell yourself not to think of a purple elephant what’s the first thing that you think of?

Even though a restrictive diet approach can work very well over a set period of time like 4 to 6 weeks it’s not going to be effective to restrict certain food groups for the rest of your life

because it’s only going to make you crave those food groups even more eventually leading to a binge.And when you do binge due to the fact that you know that you’re not allowed to eat that certain food

it makes you eat a lot more of it in one sitting because you know you’re going to go right back to being deprived of that particular restricted food.

Also By cutting out certain food groups especially a macronutrient like fat your hormone levels can be affected negatively which can make it very hard to lose weight and to feel normal.

The next biggest mistake is falling for so-called diet foods or Health Foods.

I was just talking to a client the other day and she was talking about how she snacks on protein bars throughout the day.

These protein bars were sometimes adding 600 extra completely unnecessary calories per day.Then you also have people drinking protein shakes throughout the day. Whey protein is very insulinogenic.

This is great right after your workout because you want an insulin spike after a workout to shuttle the protein from your blood stream into the cells.

However, having a whey protein shake randomly throughout the day will result in the same spike to your insulin levels but the protein will most likely be converted to glucose and stored away.

Now, guys I’m talking about protein powders and protein bars which are like the best. What about the other diet foods.

Multi-grain bread……. vitamin water……sugar free oreos…..Fat free, Light, Gluten Free…. Instead of diet foods how about just buy real food.Stick to the outside isles of your grocery store that’s we’ll you’ll find all the whole single ingredient food.

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Next I want to talk about a very common mistake that makes so many people fail their diet,

and its not a mistake made with the diet it’s a mistake made with measuring your progress.

You should not be stepping on the scale every single day. First of all the scale is only one measurement of progress,

you may be losing a heck of a lot of body fat but the scale isn’t moving all that much. I’ve seen this scenario many times.

Also your weight will fluctuate from day to day. So many people wake up step on the scale and get frustrated that they gained a pound or two after working their butts off at the gym.

This leads to thoughts about the diet plan not working and then 10 minutes later your downing a bag of Cheetos.

Do not fall for that trap. If you are actively trying to lose pounds off the scale then only take measurements once a week tops.

My clients that lose twenty plus pounds in six weeks are only allowed to weigh in with a coach once a week. No more than that.

The final and the biggest mistake is not tieing your goals down to something concrete and real.

Seriously guys if you get one thing from this video, please understand that the solution to you losing weight is not finding the next best diet plan.

The problem is that everyone is looking for the perfect plan and there’s a ton of information overload when it comes to nutrition.

“Whats the best is it keto, carb cycling, paleo, atkins, vegetarian, south beach, weight watchers which one’s the best? Once I find the best one I’ll lose weight right?” Wrong.

Most people fail diet plans because motivation subsides over time. And it’s not because your lazy or there’s something wrong with you, it’s very natural.

Everyone that starts a diet is always super motivated and super excited, but after a few weeks when the weight stops coming off as fast

and the motivation subsides it becomes pretty difficult to push away the pizza or the ice cream or in general it becomes difficult to stay on the diet with no concrete destination in mind.

The true problem is not finding the perfect plan, the true problem most people face is sticking to the plan consistently even after the motivation subsides,

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

which it will. So one of the best ways to hold you accountable even when the motivation subsides is by putting skin in the game at the very beginning.

For example if you plan on doing a diet for six weeks straight the best way to ensure that you don’t quit halfway through is by putting something on the line.

You can buy a pair of jeans two or three sizes smaller than what you can currently fit into. And make sure its a nice expensive pair of jeans because then you won’t be able to justify wasting that money just to cheat and have a slice of pizza.

If you’re not into clothes you can also just give cash to a friend and ask that they dont return it until you lose x amount of weight.

Another route if you’re in good enough shape is to register for a physique competition or a tough mudder in advanced.

This gives you a concrete goal with a concrete deadline. Seriously guys this is super important. By having something to lose, by having skin in the game it keeps you honest.

Not only honest when you’re motivated, but even honest when you’re demotivated because you have something to lose.

The way your mind is incentived when to hit goals, that aspect is constantly overlooked when it’s extremely important for a successful cut.

On my website gravitytransformation.com we have a free challenge right now, where all you have to do to get it for free is stick to the plan for 6 weeks straight.

So the big catch is that you have to EARN it. It’s a real challenge where you get a reward if you win and you have something to lose if you lose.

That’s how a “challenge” should be. And this challenge it works guys, we’ve put well over 4,000 people through it.

These are the 5 worst diet mistakes for weight loss that may be making you fatter! This video will teach you how to avoid common diet mistakes to lose weight and belly fat fast

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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