5 Exercise Methods That Burn Belly Fat Faster

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How would you like to get more out of your workouts? If your main goal is to burn fat, many traditional exercises and training styles may not be the best route for you.

Typically when I’m at the gym and I look around I see a bunch of people doing exercises that don’t really match up with their goals.

If you’re trying to get some bigger biceps you shouldn’t be on the elliptical doing hours of cardio and conversely,

if you’re trying to lose some weight and burn some belly fat you shouldn’t be smashing out set after set of bicep curls.

Exercises and training styles are like tools and before you just assume that watching one or two rocky movies is all the knowledge you need on exercising

let’s make sure that you’ve chosen the right tool for the job or I should for your goal.

If your goal is to lose belly fat I hate to break it to you, but there is no exercise that can directly target the fat on your belly,

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but there are plenty of exercise methods that can indirectly burn the fat from your belly,

and in this video I’ll be going over ten of these methods….These training methods will help you burn more fat during and after your workout.

Let’s start with the very first one and that’s peripheral heart action training.

This is my favorite way to do all my weight training workouts, and I highly suggest that if you’re trying to lose some belly fat you incorporate this style of training right away.

In general, your workouts for the week should be a mixture of some more aerobic and some more anaerobic workouts,

meaning some of them will be geared more towards lifting heavy weights and others should be geared towards improving your cardiovascular function.

But what you’ll notice is that during your heavy weight training days, you wind up taking longer breaks and not breathing quite as heavy.

Sometimes after some weight training workouts besides the soreness that you might feel in your muscles, you may not feel like you worked out at all.

So that’s where peripheral heart action training comes into play.

It helps incorporate an element of cardio into your weight training workout without you having to sacrifice the amount of weight your lifting.

So you won’t get weaker, but you’ll be able to burn much more calories and accomplish much more in a shorter period of time.

The best way to do this is by combining an upper body and a lower body movement into one set.

For example, you can combine a bench press with a squat.

So you would do six to eight reps on the bench press and then right away with no break you would do squats for six to eight reps.

You would perform both of these exercises with a heavyweight load and you would only take a break after completing both of them.

With peripheral heart action training what you’re doing is taking the blood that your heart would normally just have to pump to your chestand arms if you were just doing bench press

by itself and what your doing is your forcingyour body to pull and pump all that blood back down to your legs right after your set of bench without any break or recovery.

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This makes your heart work much harder allowing you to get your heart rate and breathing rate higher and this will burn more calories and fat in the process.

Now let’s say that you don’t want to work legs and upper body on the same day you want to focus on each on separate days.

Well, the good news is that peripheral heart action training doesn’t only work only if you combine an upper

and a lower body movement. It’ll also work if you combine two movements that work opposing muscle groups.

For example, if you combine chest and back movements together with no break. Or if you do quad and

hamstring movements together with no break your heart will still have to work much harder to push the blood from the anterior part of your body to the posterior part of your body.

So peripheral heart action training try it out.

The second exercise style that can help you burn a lot more belly fat is known as cardio acceleration training.

We actually have a whole hour-long class at our gyms dedicated to this type of training because it’s so effective.

Once again it involves super setting two exercises. Except this time instead of doing two weight training exercises back to back,

\we’re combining a weight training exercise with a cardio exercise with no break.

So an example of this would be to perform a set of barbell squats with heavyweight for

let’s say six to ten reps and then immediately with no break once you rack the bar you go right into high knees for thirty to forty-five seconds.

Then take a break and repeat for three to four sets. Guys this is called cardio acceleration for a reason it will wipe you out.

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All you need is like five exercise combos like this done for three to four sets each and you’ll be burning fat like its nothing.

Next up is multi-joint training.

So these are single exercises that involve a lot of large muscle groups in one movement.

A perfect example to illustrate a multijoint exercise is a clean and press.

Here you’re working almost every joint in your body as well as a lot of different muscle groups.

The best exercises to burn body fat and belly fat are ones that use a lot of muscles, a lot of joints, and a lot of energy in one movement.

The barbell clean and press will burn much more calories, and break down much more muscle tissue than a simple bicep curl,

however at the gym you see a lot more people doing bicep curls rather than multijoint exercises even though most people are at the gym to lose weight and body fat.

Now there are many multijoint exercises that you may already be doing such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, snatches, and even bench pressing involves more than one joint.

But by combining more joints into the movement you can burn more calories.

For example, you can turn a deadlift into a deadlift with a burpee and pushup at the bottom.

By doing that you’re taking an exercise that’s already burning a lot of calories and you’re involving more joints and more muscles leading you to burn even more.

That’s just one example. You can do a front barbell squat with a press at the top, or a lunge and a lateral raise. There are a ton of ways to incorporate multi-joint training.

Let’s move on, the next training style will not only help you burn more calories in a shorter period of time,

but it’ll also help breakdown more muscle tissue allowing for more gains. This training style is known as

which to sum up drop sets are pretty much you starting with a heavyweight load, performing it for a set amount of reps,

then dropping the weight, and with no break performing more reps. Drop sets might sound simple in theory, but I promise you they are not.

Your muscles will be screaming and your heart will be pounding. For this style of training, I want to see you drop the weight twice per set.

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So, for example, let’s go back to the bench press. I start with my heaviest weight load, after warming up of course,

but I have that heavyweight load and I squeeze out 7 reps. I get up right away take some weight off the bar,

then lay right back down with no break and squeeze out another six to eight reps.

Then once again no break I get up to take some more weight off and immediately do one last set usually to failure.

I can’t give you the exact amount of weight to drop because it depends on the weight load you originally start with.

For example,if I start bench pressing a hundred pounds just taking ten pounds off of each side will allow me to do more reps.

However, if I’m benching 275 pounds I may have to drop twenty-five pounds from each side just to be able to still perform a decent amount of reps.

Always try to stick to the heaviest weight that you can still do for reps. Once again that’s drop set training.

The last type of training that I want to talk about today is one that you might have heard of but at the gravity training zone, we do it a little differently.

It’s known as circuit training and you may not know this but High-intensity interval training, high-intensity resistance training,

and even some of the training styles I already went over are forms of circuit training.So there are many ways you can set up a circuit training routine.

But with this particular style of training, I want you to combine five exercises for one giant set. Set up an interval timer for forty sixty seconds on and 10 seconds off.

The 10 seconds off is not your break it’s just there so you can get to the next exercise.

You’re going to combine those five exercises back to back and move through those exercises with no break until your done with all of them.

Then take a ninety-second break and repeat for 3 rounds. So you might do a bench press,followed by a barbell squat, followed by jumping rope, then barbell rows, then burpees.

This type of training is for when you’ve already had some experience and you’re able to handle this high level of work.

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When circuit training I don’t recommend that you go super heavy with your weight load because you will be doing a lot of reps.

A moderate weight load is much more appropriate for this type of training.

Once again circuit training is one of those forms of training that you only have to do for like fifteen to twenty minutes to burn a ton of fat.

Before I wrap up I want to remind you guys that even though these training styles will help you burn more calories and burn more fat you won’t be burning any belly fat if you have a horrible diet.

That quote that you can’t outrun a bad diet is true,

so make sure you check out some of my other videos that will show you how to set up your own diet plan.

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