5 Exercises That Could Save Your Life!


What would happen if you were in a situation where it was life or death, your life was at stake would you have the strength, the conditioning, and the overall ability to save yourself or would you fail? Well in today’s video I want to go over 5 exercises that can literally save your life and when I say save your life I don’t mean from a heart attack or a stroke 20 years from now I’m talking about if a pack of dogs is chasing you or if you’re hanging off a ladder or cliff you’re going to be very happy that you watched this video

Because the truth that many people forget that we live as physical beings in a physical world and it’s your responsibility to physically take care of yourself even if technology does most of the work for you nowadays in an emergency situation it’s very nice to be able to rely and trust in your own two hands………..and two feet cause sometimes…..you just have to run.

Lets start with the first exercise that you should be doing in case of an emergency and thats unilateral leg exercises. A unilateral leg exercise is basically just a fancy way of describing an exercise performed on one leg. Why would you want to do single leg exercises? Well because most athletic movements are single leg in nature and unilateral explosiveness is a must for any fast movement. Whether you’re running from a group of attackers or engaging them head on having unilateral leg strength will help you increase speed, agility, and explosiveness so you can get out unscathed. One of the best unilateral leg exercises is the weighted Bulgarian split squat. You can do this exercise holding dumbbells at your sides or with a barbell on your back. 1 foot goes in front and the other foot gets planted behind on a bench and you go up and down in that lunge position. Now I know some of you may have trouble with balance and coordination but this exercise will help you develop just that and I promise you’ll get better every time you try this exercise try it first without weight then progress to heavier and heavier weight and when you’re ready you can make it even more explosive by performing a jumping lunge at the top of the movement.

The next exercise that you should be doing is the pull-up now I know that a lot of people cant do pull-ups when they first start but I’ve trained so many people men and women that I’ve taught how to master the pull up. It really is easy as long as you do the right things and make small incremental progress over time. the reason why the pull up is so important to master is because you might lose your footing and fall off a ladder, you might slip off a roof, or you might trip on a trail, in fact, that’s actually happened to my dad when I was a kid and I watched him pull himself back up on to the trail using a tree. So accidents really do happen and the pull up can help give you plenty of upper body strength to deal with many different emergency situations. But let’s say that you’ve tried to do a pull up and you just can’t even get your nose Over the Bar without jumping…..like I said that’s totally fine.

Most gyms have assisted pull-up machines where you can select a counterweight to help you up along the movement. However you want to select as little resistance as possible for assistance. And whatever amount of weight you need when you first start you want to gradually work your way down until eventually, you don’t need any assistance at all. If you don’t have an assisted pull-up machine don’t worry there are very cheap resistance bands that you can buy and attach to a regular pull-up bar. I’ve used these bands on clients to help them progress to a regular body weight pull up so I know they work. I’ll include a link in the description below for a really cheap set of these bands.

Next we have an exercise that i gotta admit i don’t do enough of and that’s swimming. Not only is swimming one of the best forms of cardio but being proficient at swimming can definitely save your life. I got caught in a riptide in Cancun and barely made my way back to the shore. So emergency situations where you need to be conditioned and where you need to know how to swim they really do happen. The great thing about swimming is that it works your whole body, its low impact, and it really helps with conditioning. If you’re not a good swimmer just start by swimming from one end to the other and then take a break for a minute then swim back. Work your way up over time to more time swimming and less time taking breaks. Even swimming a couple laps for 30 minutes is a great cardio and conditioning workout that can help you

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