5 Gym Mistakes – MAKING YOU FATTER!!!

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Today’s video is all about the five biggest mistakes that you’re making at the gym that are making you fatter.

That’s right fatter. It’s totally possible to spend a couple of hours every week at the gym and make no progress at all.

That’s why it’s very important to be doing the right things and that’s the entire point of this video.

I’m going to help you understand and avoid the biggest gym mistakes that cause most people to sabotage their workouts.

By far the number one biggest mistake is focusing too much on cardio and not enough on weight training.

Most people are under the impression that cardio is the best workout for fat loss but that is pretty far from the truth.

When we compare a cardio workout to a weight training workout at face value it looks like the cardio workout is actually burning more calories.

However, when we compare the total fat burning effects of a cardio workout versus a weight training workout

over the course of let’s say 3 days that’s when we say that weight training has a significant advantage over cardio.

you might have heard of something referred to as the afterburn effect, which simply means that your body continues working to repair you’re broken down muscles and return to homeostasis.

Of course, it does take time for your body to return to normal after a cardio workout but after some challenging weight lifting it’s going to take a lot longer and a lot more calories to fully recover.

The idea that weight training is for building muscle and cardio is for burning fat is completely wrong and it’s a myth that you should just forget about.

If you want to speed up fat loss you can definitely do both weight training and Cardio. If you’re doing it in the same workout do your cardio after you do your weight training

this way you have maximum energy for all your heavy lifts and this way you can also delete all your glycogen stores so you could burn primarily fat during your cardio workout.

Or if you want to do it on separate days from your weight lifting you can do that as well.

But if you have to choose between cardio and weight training I would a hundred percent go with the weight training.

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The second huge mistake that people make is not training at a high intensity.

And when I say high intensity everyone thinks of high-intensity interval training.

But that’s not what I’m talking about at all. High-intensity interval training is just one way that you can perform your workouts at a high intensity.

Hitt type of training is where you’re doing exercises back to back with very small break times while still usually using a moderate weight loaf.

It’s no secret that high-intensity interval training will help you burn fat but there are a lot of different ways that you can create a higher intensity workout with weights.

For example, powerlifters have a very long afterburn effect after their workouts even though to a bystander it might look like they’re resting more than their actually working out.

In fact, a powerlifting workout looks almost exactly the opposite of a hit workout. So how did they provide a similar effect?

Well, there are a couple of different ways you can affect the intensity of your workout. You can stack back-to-back sets reps and cut down rest time to increase the volume of your workout.

Or you can just increase the weight load. Again this is a situation where I really like the idea of doing both.

You should be doing heavy weight training days where you’re focused a lot more on giving yourself an adequate amount of rest time to perform heavy lifts.

And you should also have weight training days where you’re focused a lot more on volume through sets reps and low rest time.

The major mistake that I see people making in regard to intensity is just simply taking it too easy at the gym.

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This actually brings me right to the third mistake you’re afraid of discomfort.

You get out of breath you take a break or the weight starts getting heavy and before you come anywhere close to failure you rack it.

There’s a little something that if you’re seriously chasing after results your gonna have to chase as well and it’s something known as Progressive overload.

Results don’t come without Progressive overload. Let’s break down what these two words mean.

Progressive is defined as proceeding step by step and my favorite synonyms for this word are increasing, growing, and developing.

Overload is defined as an excessive load or amount. So Progressive overload is constantly trying to increase the load or the amount.

when I put it this way it might sound like I’m just saying to always up to your weight. And yes you can achieve Progressive overload by constantly upping your weight

but that just one way to do it again you could also increase it with a high-intensity interval training program.

the bottom line is to challenge yourself. don’t be afraid of the discomfort, in fact, you have to seek it.

If you want to see any kind of Real Results you have to push yourself outside your comfort zone constantly.

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this once again brings us to the next mistake which is not switching up your workout.

Your body will adapt to pretty much whatever you throw at it especially with enough time and practice.

again the key is to always challenge yourself and unfortunately when you do the same workout, again and again, you stop challenging yourself.

once your body is fully adapted to the workout your results diminish more and more every time.

The flip side of that is if you’re changing up your workout every time you come to the gym and never repeat workouts.

That’s not good either because you never give yourself a chance to adapt to the exercises and progressively overload them.

Meaning you don’t give yourself the chance to master that workout and make those exercises harder which is a necessary step in order to have progress.

So I recommend that you do every workout plan for roughly 4 weeks. That’s The Sweet Spot that I’ve found in order to not adapt

so much to your workouts to where they become easy and repetitive while still getting enough time to make strength and performance gains.

So every 4 weeks you should be doing a new workout plan. and I don’t only mean in regard to weight training.

if you are throwing cardio into your workout plan you should switch that up and try to progressively overload as well.

you have a lot of different options such as jogging on a treadmill the stair stepper, walking on an incline and the list goes on and on.

improve at one form of cardio over the course of a month and then switch it in order to always challenge yourself.

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now before you set up your workout plan you’re definitely going to want to take note of this final mistake that I see people making all the time.

And that mistake is using way too many machines and not enough free weights.

The best…………. again I repeat The………….best exercises for building muscle and for burning fat are all exercises with a free range of motion

preferably compound in nature meaning you’re hitting multiple muscle groups.

The best training equipment available includes barbells dumbbells kettlebells and your body weight.

That’s it I really hope this tip has helped you guys out and also make sure that you visit our website gravity transformation.com

where you can get done for you workout and meal plans that are proven to workTalk to you guys soon.

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