5 ways to burn fat

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Most people associate fat loss with a long grinding process that takes time. And even though fat loss does require work and effort,

In today’s video id like to go over the 5 best ways to burn fat much faster.

When it comes to losing weight and burning fat adjusting your diet is gonna be the number one thing you can do to notice the most results,

so in this video, i will be going over ways you can burn fat faster with both your diet and your workout plan.

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Let’s start with the very first method and that’s a little something known as HIRT. Hirt stands for high-intensity resistance training

which is a little different from HIIT which stands for high-intensity interval training…. I’m sure you guys have heard of HIIT but I’m not so sure you’ve heard of HIRT.

Both are very similar, but while Hiit is much more centered around cardiovascular movements, Hirt is essentially strength training for fat loss.

During a HIRT workout, you’ll perform a series of strength training exercises for a set number of reps, and a set number of minutes, without rest.

This causes your heart rate to stay elevated and your muscles will be given very little time to recover before being called on again for the next set.

The really awesome thing about this type of workout is that you can build muscle, increase endurance, and burn a whole lot of calories at the same time.

Since your break time is gonna be short like 60 to 90 seconds you don’t want to go crazy heavy with the weights that you use for this workout.

Stick to a moderate weight load and mix together 3 to five of your weight training exercises back to back with no break until the circuit is over.

At the end of that circuit take a 60 to 90-second break and then repeat. A sample upper body HIRT workout would be Inclined dumbbell presses,

followed by weighted Burpees with a pushup, followed by barbell rows, and finished off with push presses.

You would do each of these exercises for 10 reps and then repeat this series of exercises for 3 sets.

After completing the 3 sets you would want to move on to another series of exercises for a total of 2 to three circuits.

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The second thing you can do to burn fat faster is an aggressive fat loss diet plan.

Most diet plans are structured in a way that removes twenty to 25 percent of calories from your maintenance levels.

And most people are still under the impression that any diet plan that makes you lose weight faster than 1 to 2 pounds a week is bound to fail.

Well, I can tell you for a fact that this is untrue. Many people start a diet plan and they have a lot of weight to lose so they do the traditional 20% cut from maintenance

and then 8 weeks later they’re down 10 pounds when their goal weight was to be down 60 pounds.

Now that’s considering that everything went right over the course of the eight weeks but even in this situation you can see how some people would get motivated by about a pound lost per week.

So demotivator that they might get on the scale and give up on week number four when they only lost a total of 4 pounds.

So for people that do have a lot of weight to lose I highly recommend you go for a more aggressive Fat Loss plan.

You would set up a more aggressive Fat Loss plan by subtracting up to 40 to 45 percent from maintenance calories for a set period of time.

The reason why I say a set period of time is because a forty to 45 percent reduction is not going to be sustainable for the rest of your life.

You want to have a long-term diet plan set up so you can transition into that after doing this more aggressive Fat Loss plan for roughly four to six weeks.

And just a note here on this topic you want to be smart about doing an aggressive diet plan.Binge eating is more likely to happen when you’re really hungry or when you feel really deprived.

So when you start feeling hungry or deprived or tired just throw in a day of a more regular reduction in calories like 20 percent. This will help you reset so you can go back to a bigger deficit.

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The next thing you can do to burn fat faster is peripheral heart action training also known as PHA.

PHA is kind of similar to HIRT and HIIT type training because you’re going to be doing circuits that involve multiple exercises being done back-to-back with no breaks.

However, the major difference is that you’re going to alternate between upper and lower body movements.

Now, this might not sound like a big change but if you try it you’ll notice yourself breathing really heavy as soon as you get to your second exercise.

The reason why it works like this is that whenever you work a muscle or a group of muscles your heart pumps blood to that area.

So let’s say that I’m doing a bench press my heart has to pump a whole bunch of blood to my chest my shoulders and my triceps and to my upper body in general.

Now if right after my bench press I was to get up and immediately do a set of squats my body would have to take all that blood that is pumped to my upper body and pull it back down to my lower body.

This makes your heart work much harder and ultimately results in you burning much more calories and much more fat.

with peripheral heart action training, you don’t necessarily have to alternate only between upper and lower.

You can also alternate between anterior and posterior exercises, for example, you can go from a military press to a lat pulldown.

it’s the same idea here your body would have to take all the blood and pump it does your chest shoulders and triceps and then pull it all back into your lats rhomboids and your biceps.

because peripheral heart action training is so taxing on your body even two exercises back to back in one superset can do the trick but you can also combine multiple exercises.

for example, you might do a circuit where you do a push movement like military press followed by a pull movement like lat pulldown and then finish off with a set of squats.

seriously try P H A I personally love it and I use it for almost every one of my workouts even if I’m just super setting two exercises it helps you get more work done in less time.

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Tip number four for burning fat faster is to do a fast and fasting in general.

a lot of people are still stuck on the idea that you have to eat every couple hours to keep your metabolism up to burn fat.

However, your metabolism won’t increase just by eating more meals a day and it won’t decrease by eating fewer meals per day.

your metabolism response totals so if you cut 100 calories from each of your 5 meals or if you cut 500 calories from your one big meal per day the effect on your metabolism should be the same.

but something that’s really important for fat loss is controlling your insulin levels and in general keeping them low.

One of the proven best ways to keep your insulin levels low is by fasting, in fact, your insulin levels probably don’t get much lower than when you fast for an extended period of time.

there are many different types of approaches you can take to fasting.

I personally really enjoy having 24-hour fasts however I’ve worked my way up to that so if you’ve never fasted before you may want to try to start with intermittent fasting.

with intermittent fasting, you have an eight Hour feeding window and a 16 hour fast and you can set up you’re feeding window whenever you want but most people choose to skip breakfast and eat lunch and dinner.

fasting is a really simple way to lower the total daily calories consumed and to lower your insulin levels without counting or tracking calories and macros.

And that’s really good for most people because most people are too lazy to maintain a food log.

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The fifth and final tip to burn fat faster may sound kind of like common sense but it’s the most important one out of all 5 and that’s consistency.

I know you guys were hoping for something more exciting but I can’t stress how important consistency is.

You have to accept that exercising and eating healthy has to become a part of your life forever.

so many people start a diet and workout plan and they’re already trying to figure out when their end date is.

Sure you can have certain cycles of more intense Focus however you should never just stop working out whether you reached your goal or not.

Realize in your mind that it’s your responsibility to take ownership over your own body nobody else can do it for you.

it’s your responsibility to make sure that you consistently get your workout in and that you consistently eat right.

I know too many people that lose weight and gain weight lose weight and gain weight and I’m sure you guys know those people too… you might be one of those people.

one of the number one questions that I’m asked is how do you know that this plan is going to keep the weight off.

And my honest answer is I don’t that’s entirely up to you. There is no plan no method no hack out there that will get you to lose the weight and permanently stay in shape without consistently putting in the work.

So if you really want to look like you live the fit lifestyle you have to decide now that you’re going to live the fit lifestyle no matter what excuses come up.

you wouldn’t brush your teeth for a couple weeks and think that you solved the cavity problem forever.

You brush them every day and you should treat working out and eating right the same if you want to be successful.

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Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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