9 Popular Diet Tips – MAKING YOU FATTER!

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Drink a lot of water, don’t eat past 6, avoid carbohydrates, eat small meals, eat more frequently, eat a high protein diet, don’t have carbs at night,

raise your metabolism with spicy food, drink coffee, don’t drink coffee, never skip breakfast, eat grapefruit, detox with apple cider vinegar, portion control, count calories,

check if it fits your macros, use a food scale, eat fruits, don’t eat fruits, allow yourself some dark chocolate, drink some wine, avoid the liquid calories, give up soda, drink ice cold water.

There are so many diet tips in your face all the time it’s so hard to know what’s true and what’s false.

So in today’s video, I’m going to go over you the 9 diet tips that you should avoid and never do because some of these will actually make you fatter.

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1.Let’s start with the very first one you never skip breakfast. You’re told to never skip breakfast

because breakfast is what “breaks the fast” and kick-starts your metabolism.

The theory is that when you sleep your metabolism is in a slower state and in order to speed it up you have to have breakfast.

Now its definitely true that your metabolism is in a slower since State when you sleep

but as soon as you wake up you’re going to start burning more calories just by being up and about.

Skeptics still believe that you have to eat something to speed up your metabolism.

Maybe this comes from the idea that digestion increases metabolism

however, the problem with this is that every time you digest your also taking calories in so even though you’re burning calories digesting you’re still taking in more than your burning.

Some people also believe that breakfast helps stimulate your brain however it seems that skipping breakfast can help you avoid that midday crash and can help you avoid feeling lethargic all day.

If you skip breakfast you’re just going to be cutting some calories out of your diet and that’s only going to help you burn more fat.

Unless of course, you’re one of those people that will overeat later in the day because you skip breakfast.

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The bottom line is that breakfast is not mandatory. Studies back this up to.

A study was done in 2014 compared overweight adults that skipped breakfast and some that had breakfast. After 16 weeks there was no difference between the two groups.

2. The next myth is that the only way to lose weight is to cut back on carbohydrates. The truth is that carbs come from all different sources and these different sources have different effects on your body.

You can a hundred percent lose weight eating a complex carbohydrate diet.

In fact Steve Reeves one of the original bodybuilders had a diet of close to 60% carbs and he was obviously in great shape. Carbs are not the enemy.

3. Next, we have the idea that eating after 6 or eating at night, in general, will make you fat.

There is no time of the day where you’re going to get fatter eating the same amount of calories that you would have eaten at a different time of the day.

A lot of time people pig out at night which makes them fatter. I promise you-you can go a whole day without eating anything and just eat one big healthy meal at night and you’ll lose weight.

Watch out for the high calorie treats that you’re having at night rather than restricting yourself from eating at night in general.

Because again there are no special times of the day where your calories don’t count and other times of the day where your calories count extra.

This is a myth that is widespread and it’s got to stop.

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4. The next myth is that fasting will make you lose muscle mass. This is funny because some studies suggest that intermittent fasting can actually help increase your muscle mass.

It’s also well known that fasting helps increase your testosterone. There was a study done in which participants ate the same amount of calories that they were used to except all in one big meal at night.

These people actually lost body fat and had a modest increase in their muscle mass. Now I definitely believe it’s going to be hard 4 a bodybuilder to eat enough food in one meal to increase muscle mass.

they’re probably going to have to eat more meals throughout the day to get in enough calories.

However, for most people that are just trying to gain some muscle fasting is a totally fine option.

Another fasting myth is that your body will enter into a starvation mode and your metabolism will slow down.

This is completely untrue. Your metabolism will slow down when you’re in a calorie deficit regardless of whether you’re having one meal a day or 10.

Also due to something known as adaptive thermogenesis as you lose weight your metabolism will slow down as well again regardless of how you do it eating one meal a day or 20 tiny meals.

The funny thing is that there’s evidence to show that a short-term fast can actually even increase metabolism.

5. Next, we have the Myth that eating more frequently will help you be less hungry throughout the day.

Now I’m not saying that this won’t help curb some people’s appetites however eating more frequently may change the way the ghrelin and leptin is released in your body.

What’ll happen is that you’ll become accustomed to your eating schedule and around that time every day you’re going to get hungry.

The studies are very mixed on the topic. So if you’re the type of person that gets hungrier grazing throughout the day then don’t.

And if you’re the type of person that feels more satiated from eating more frequently then do so.

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6.Next we have the myth that eating small meals throughout the day will keep blood sugar stable.

The truth is that in healthy people blood sugar doesn’t swing up and down wildly it’s actually maintained within a very tight range.

If you don’t eat at all for 48 hours you’ll still be fine and your blood sugars should still be at a normal range.

Studies indicate that it takes a minimum of 84 hours before your blood sugar is considered low enough to affect your cognitive state.

There is some truth to low blood sugar and hunger being related but usually, it’s taken out of context.

7.Up next we got the idea that your body can only digest a limited amount of protein in one sitting. This is completely untrue like the other myths.

To begin with, if we needed a steady supply of amino acids every 2 to 3 hours as hunters and gatherers we wouldn’t have made it this far.

Food hasn’t always been abundant at one point it was scarce and maybe days would go by without eating.

The truth is that more protein will just take more time to digest however it can all be digested in just one sitting.

Also since the protein is digesting for longer you’re staying in an anabolic or muscle building mode as if you were eating smaller meals more frequently.

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8. Another myth is the idea that all calories are created equally.  first of all, you have protein and carbs each giving you four calories per gram.

Fat is entirely different because it gives you 9 calories per gram. Refined carbohydrates spike your insulin the most which can lead to weight gain.

FATs are very slow digesting…. the slowest out of all your Macros. And with protein according to the thermogenic effect of foods 30 to 40% of the protein source that you eat will be broken down and used in the digestion process.

This is because protein has enzymes in it that are difficult for your body to break down so it has to work extra hard.

This is also why you see many Weight Loss diets being high in protein.

9.and last but not least my favorite myth of all you can eat all that you want as long as it’s healthy.

Unfortunately, even healthy food can make you gain weight if eaten in enough quantity.

So make sure that you don’t overdo it even with the healthy options.

the good news is that it’s hard to overeat healthy food. When you’re eating healthy sources of protein,

complex carbohydrates, and high fiber vegetables your not only getting valuable nutrition but you’re also filling up your stomach.

So that’s it guys those are the nine myths and mistakes that you should avoid.

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