9 Risky Weight Loss Scams YOU MUST AVOID (2018)

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It honestly upsets me how much bullshit there is in the fitness industry. I’m sure you’ve seen it,

We’ve all been up late at night may be laying in bed falling asleep and all a sudden an infomercial pops on showing the newest most trendy Fitness Gadget that’s gonna change your life.

However, most of these gadgets are made by people with Deep Pockets with no actual understanding of what it takes to help you burn some fat, lose some weight, or gain some muscle.

It might be easy for me to spot BS Fitness Products because I’ve been a trainer for over 10 years but the average consumer, unfortunately, will many times fall for these gimmicks.

So today I want to go over the nine most insane Fitness Products that you should never buy and you should never fall for.

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Number one………… Jesus………..the gallop.

Now I really don’t believe that anyone that watches this channel would fall for this one but I figured I’d start with one of the more exciting BS Fitness products.

The idea is based on the premise that horseback riding is a great workout which I don’t deny even though horseback riding is not really what I would recommend for fat loss

or for toning your abs…. there are much better more effective ways out there but this product claims it’ll tone your abs in a fun way.

And by the way, it’s only four hundred dollars. Luckily I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this one

let’s move on to something that people actually do believe in. devices that claim they burn fat and build muscle through electric stimulation.

The most common are electric AB belts but recently the bs has gotten out of control and now they’re saying that you can run a whole marathon on your couch by Shocking your legs. No, I’m not kidding….. I wish I was.

Now the big problem with these magical electric workout belts and straps is that the consumers they target are typically overweight people that want to avoid traditional exercise.

These belts claim that they’re able to burn calories to help you lose body fat and this claim is flat out untrue.

You won’t be burning much body fat sitting in a chair with the ab belt on or with it off.

It won’t decrease body fat it won’t increase muscle size and the only results that you might get is a slight increase in muscle strength

if you’re one of those people that avoids exercise at all costs.

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Because obviously, traditional exercise would be way more effective. Most people buy these devices because they’re trying to lose fat especially around their stomach

and love handles and unfortunately the current has a much harder time traveling through fat than through muscle so this device is ironically made for leaner people.

All the infomercials that you’ll see about these products will have fit lean people but what they don’t show is all the working out

and dieting that goes into that person before they strap on these silly devices.

Not one study of these devices has revealed a change in abdominal skinfold thickness which conclusively proves you won’t lose body fat using these products.

And some of these companies have been sued so they’re no longer allowed to suggest that these products will help you lose weight or body fat or belly fat of any kind without diet and exercise.

Number three detoxes and cleanses this one has been growing in popularity even after I thought this fad was over.

There are two reasons why people do detoxes and cleanse number one is usually

because they want to lose some weight or some body fat but number two which everyone says is the real reason they do it is to detox their body.

So let me start by saying that the only ingredient in all these detox recipes that have demonstrated in some studies to maybe help you lose some extra body fat

when combined with a diet and exercise program is apple cider vinegar all that other stuff the lemon juice the Cucumbers the mangoes the honey they all do NOTHING.

As far as the detox claims, we happen to have a liver lungs kidneys and our skin to naturally detox our body.

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There’s no way to make something that works perfectly well in a healthy body work even better.

Other than living a healthy lifestyle there is no need to detox the body. And if you’re not living a healthy lifestyle right now the best way to detox your body is to start living a healthy lifestyle.

There is no scientific evidence that detoxing the body even works. even the toxins that the detox industry claims you need to get out of your body are vague at best.

Your body naturally detoxes 4 ways…. by peeing and pooping perspiring and the deep breathing that you get from aerobic exercise.

Moving on we have the magnetic fat reducing ring that’s right you heard me right. On the website,

it says that the Chinese believe wearing this ring will help reduce fat in different parts of the body when worn on certain fingers.

Magnetic Health Products don’t stop at the fat reducing ring there’s a wrist bracelet, earings and all kinds of other nonsense that’s supposed to improve your balance and help fix health issues.

So if you get diabetes just get a bracelet and you’ll be good. The idea is that these magical magnetic devices will hit acupressure

points on your hand or your ears that ultimately will increase your metabolism and help you burn body fat.

Obviously, this is a flat out lie and I hope no one was seriously considering buying this ugly jewelry.

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the next one I want to talk about is one of my favorite because a lot of people actually believe in this one and there’s a whole pyramid scheme of Health gurus,

who are really unemployed moms, selling this one. the infamous body wrap. The idea is that you wrap your stomach with what looks like a plastic wrap

with some fat burning gel and you’re on your way to a flat stomach with abs.

People believe in this garbage so much that I promise you there will be at least one comment below with someone defending this product.

The cool thing is there are different varieties too. there’s one that you can wear to the gym that’s made from fabric with velcro and so many people use it to try to burn belly fat.

The fact is that you can’t Target fat burn so the only thing that this product is going to do is it’s going to make you sweat from your stomach.

And if your goal was to sweat you might as well have gone to a sauna you would get way more results.

Next, we have the ab cancer

which claims that it can form your abs into fat rectangles if you wear it for long enough.

It’s pretty much a metal grate that fits around your midsection and creates instant abs without any work.

since it does nothing to stimulate your muscle and does nothing to burn any sort of fat I think it’s clear to everyone that this is a complete waste of money and is an insult to all of our intelligence.

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The Shake Weight is next

so besides looking as ridiculous as somebody on the gallop the claim is that the shake weight will help you tone your arms and finally get rid of those bat wings.

Well, let me tell you there’s a little something known as the range of motion. And when we’re trying to build muscle range of motion is very important.

The Shake Weight virtually has no range of motion. if you do get stronger you’re only going to experience the benefits of that strength when your arm is at a 90-degree angle.

the shake weight claims that it will help you get a great workout and it’ll help you tone up and burn some serious body fat.

unfortunately you won’t be working nearly hard enough moving your arm from here to here and then back to here to burn any substantial amount of body fat

and the short range of motion makes this exercise completely useless for your arm muscles,

but before I move on to the next BS product I’d like to mention that the shake weight claims that increases upper body muscle activity

by more than 300 percent compared to traditional weights.

so now I guess we can move on………… fat prevention pills.

That’s right there are pills that are intended to prevent your body from absorbing the fat you eat.

even though it would be really nice to be able to eat fried chicken buttered rolls and ice cream and then just wash it down with a fat prevention pill and not gain weight,

unfortunately, you can’t. Two specific products one known as the fat Trapper and the other one known as an exercise in a bottle can run you as much as $300 a month.

For anyone considering these ridiculous supplements please get a trainer instead.

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The last products that I want to talk about are the creams and gels that are supposed to help you with cellulite.

Unfortunately, no legitimate research exists to show that any pill or cream can reduce cellulite in fact

physiologically speaking cellulite may not even exist the term is mostly a marketing word 4 fat that clumps up in various points of the body.

the way that you reduce cellulite is the same way that you reduce any other fat in your body and that’s with diet and exercise.

that’s you guys I really hope this video helps you out and I hope you never buy any of these products.

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