A Surprising Fix for Stubborn Skinny Fat

So you’re skinny fat and no matter what you do you just can’t get rid of that last bit of stubborn fat. You’ve tried dieting all kinds of cardio workouts abdominal workouts and yet the fat especially around your lower belly and your love handle just won’t budge. You might be frustrated or maybe even demotivated but I promise you there is a solution to this problem and the solution is pretty counterintuitive.

That’s why most people completely miss it and they continue going through the cycle of dieting and doing lots of cardio with no results. Before i just assume that everyone watching this video is on the same page I do want to mention that diet obviously has a lot to do with this. So if you haven’t even tried changing your diet and you’re still eating Pop-Tarts and frozen microwavable dinners then I highly advocate that you first clean up your diet before you move on to this method. Because for some of you simply changing up your diet and switching junk food out for some real natural single ingredient options can completely change your body around. But if you have already done that then this video is gonna help you a lot with what your next step should be.

First understand what skinny fat is. Typically a skinny fat person will have a good BMI which stands for body mass index and in short it’s a measure of your height to weight ratio. If you have a good BMI it just means that for your height you have a good weight. However the other thing that a typical skinny fat person will have is an elevated body fat percentage. So if your skinny fat it tells us two things it doesn’t only tell us that your body fat percentage is high but it also tells us that your lean body mass is low because if both your lean body mass and your body fat percentage were high then your BMI would not show up as normal, you’d be considered overweight.

So as somebody that falls into this category you can’t just continue focusing on burning fat because that’s only going to solve half the problem and it’ll do nothing to address the issue with your lean body mass. That’s why your number one goal when you fall into this skinny fat category has to be to build strength. Now I know that might sound surprising, how’s building strength going to help you lose that last bit of fat? Right? Well, I’m telling you it will because by building strength you’re going to be solving the bigger issue. As a natural building strength is one of the only ways and the best ways that you can stimulate protein synthesis and build more muscle while increasing your metabolic rate.

Now I don’t want you guys to just go full out in to bulk mode because you can wind up gaining a whole bunch of body fat and find yourself even more frustrated. I’m going to give you very specific instructions down to the very percentages of what I want you to do if you find yourself in this skinny fat predicament because I’ve been there before and I know it can be frustrating so I want to help you guys out. So you have two options one of them involves a lot more discomfort but if you can make it through the discomfort then I think you’ll be able to fix this faster and more efficiently. The only question you have to ask yourself is are you willing to get even a little fatter before you get ripped? Now I know most of the people that clicked on this video would say no I do not want to to get any fatter so I’ll start there. If you’re dead set on starting to work the fat off I don’t want you to create a more drastic calorie deficit. I want your deficit to be right around five to ten percent from your maintenance calories. Now I know you might have heard me in numerous videos talking about going for a higher caloric deficit sometimes up to 45 percent from maintenance………….. that advice is not for you. Again the reason why you’re having this problem is because of your lean body mass and you will not fix it by cutting more calories. If you don’t know how to find your maintenance calories you can try my calorie calculator that i’ll link up below.

But once you have those maintenance numbers by only reducing a small amount of calories like ten percent you’re going to continue burning a small amount of fat and you’re definitely not going to gain any more fat while simultaneously giving yourself enough energy and nutrients to continue building strength which will lead you to building muscle. I want you to keep your workouts consistent for 4 to 6 weeks at a time without changing anything. So if you’re chest workout is three sets of dumbbell presses three sets of bench presses three sets of flies and three sets of

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