For the first exercise, we have Spider-Man pushups. This one’s great for hitting the chest shoulders triceps and the core. You going to start with your feet in the TRX and bring one knee to your elbow as you come down for a push-up. Alternate sides with every rep and make sure you keep your core tight. In general, for all these TRX exercises where you’re in a prone position don’t let your hips drop you want your tailbone your upper back and your head in a line

Here are some advanced TRX workout routine ideas for weight loss.

1. Trx wall rows

2. Spiderman push ups

3. Trx handstand push-ups

4. Trx Alternating Pistol Squat

5. Trx Pull-ups

6. Trx Dive bombers

7. Trx Burpees w/ pikes

8. Trx Side planks

9. Trx Dips

10.Trx Oblique Rotations


Now we have a really challenging one the TRX handstand pushups are only for those of you that are advanced enough to not fall on your head. Start with your feet inside the T-Rex straps and walk your hands back with your legs straight until your feet are above your head. From here it’s just like a pushup except upside down you really want to make sure you keep your core tight on this one to avoid injury.

Next, we have a great exercise for legs the TRX alternating Plyo pistol squats are a great way to work on your balance xxplosive and lower body strength. Hold the straps in your hands with your elbows all the way extended and hold one foot off the ground in front of you. Squat down as low as you can and when you come back up jump up and switch your feet.

Up next we have Trx pull-ups. This is definitely an advanced movement requiring a lot of back bicep strength. Set up your Trx to be above the floor enough for your butt to be right above the ground with your elbows fully extended. Step one foot over the other and hold your legs in an L position as you pull yourself up. Make sure that when you lower yourself down you extend your elbows all the way.

Next, we have TRX dive bombers you going to start with your feet in the Trx again hands about shoulder-width apart and you’re going to bring your hips up towards the ceiling as if you’re doing a yoga downward dog pose. Then while your hips syrup lowers yourself for a push-up. As you come down to the bottom of your push up you want to do a cobra stretch and then reverse back up to your starting position. So reverse cobra extend your elbows and bring your hips up.

Trx burpees are up next and these are actually one of the best fat loss exercises available on the T-Rex. Put one foot inside the TRX straps and start standing. Place your hands on the ground and Loop your other foot around the foot in the TRX. From here perform a push-up and then bring your hips up towards the ceiling for a pike. After that bring your hips back down place your foot back on the ground stand all the way up on one foot and hop up. Make sure you do both sides.

Now we have another great TRX exercise for your back. We’re going to do TRX rows but since this is an advanced workout we’re going to try to put our feet up on the wall. When doing this exercise make sure that you’re pulling with your elbows and not your hands and make sure that you’re squeezing your back.

TRX side planks are next and this exercise is pretty difficult if you do it with your feet in the TRX but I find it a lot more challenging if you put your elbow in the Trx. Here you want it put your elbow on the straps and cup your forearm with your opposite hand from here you just try to hold the position and try to stay in a straight line.

Now we have TRX dips and this one will really challenge your stability and all of your upper body stabilizer muscles. Sorry Ran out of space lol.

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