Would you like to learn about the afterburn effect? Well I’m going to teach you everything you need to know in this short video. No BS, no hype, and no I’m not trying to sell you anything. Hopefully that will make this information a little more reliable in your eyes.

Where to begin? The afterburn effect is a great end product of working with weights and multiple muscle groups. However the term has been reused and abused. It really is great to take advantage of, and everyone definitely should be going heavy and doing compound movements. However, don’t let the hype fool you.
After burn is when your body continues burning calories after you’ve already finished up your workout. Afterburn workouts usually do not take as long to complete, but are far more effective than doing regular steady state cardio. I still recommend that if you are doing an after burn workout that you stay at it for at least 30 minutes.

While you are working multiple muscle groups through compound exercises at higher intensities you will burn through your glycogen (carb) stores fairly quickly. Once you burn through your carb stores your body has to switch to using oxygen for energy. Through this process alone you will burn excess body fat.

Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption.

After your workout you will continue to experience the effects of after burn thanks to a fancy shmancy catch phrase known as EPOC. In short this is when your body will continue burning fat after a workout because it takes energy and oxygen to restore your metabolism to equilibrium.

My thoughts on the afterburn effect are that it is real, but it’s nothing new. Bodybuilders have known for generations that working compound muscles burns more calories than isolation movements. They have also known that repairing your muscles after a workout requires energy in the form of burnt calories. My point is don’t think that this magic new word after burn is going to be your miracle overnight cure to weight loss. Instead I would focus on a magical word known as consistency.

Anyway watch and enjoy my afterburn effect video. Sorry about the bluriness, my green screen was not cooperating with me at all. It’s still packed with great information and you can learn a lot from this video. Enjoy!

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