BEST V-Cut Lower Ab Exercises

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Today I’m gonna go over exactly how you get V cut lower abs. For any muscle in your body to become more visible two things have to happen.

The first thing is that the muscle needs to be built, and the second thing is that the body fat sitting on top of that muscle needs to be stripped away.

If you have a thin or small muscle that has not been broken down and rebuilt over and over again,

it’s going to be very difficult to see regardless of how low you get your body fat percentage.

The same thing goes in reverse if you have great abdominal muscles but they’re surrounded by a thick layer of body fat then you can count on not seeing your v cut.

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If you just work on these two things, lowering your body fat percentage, and building your lower abs and external obliques you’re gonna be golden.

It really is that simple. Focus on making little improvements in both of these areas over time.

Remember that improvement is being better than where you were before. Not necessarily being better than someone else.

Different people have different insertion points for their muscles, among many other individual differences.

Some people will naturally have better v cuts than others, and that’s why you should compare your progress only to yourself.

It’ll help keep you on track and help you continue making improvements. Also, remember that this is not going to take a couple of weeks or months especially if you’re trying to develop a really defined v cut.

It takes a lot of time to build muscle, especially enough muscle to see visible differences.

It can also take a good amount of time to lower your body fat percentage depending on where your starting percentage is.

Point is given yourself time and is consistent to make this transformation.

The external obliques and the lower abs are the muscles that we need to focus on to build that v outline.

I strongly believe that ab muscles are just like any other muscles in our body. Which means for growth you need hypertrophy training.

To dumb it down further this means you need to use heavy weight for roughly 6-12reps,

and when the weight starts becoming easier with each workout you need to try to progressively use heavier weights.

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This is the ideal strategy for growth. One of my favorite exercises for the lower abs is lying weighted leg lifts on a bench.

In this exercise, you would take a weight, put it between your feet, and grab the bench behind your head.

Raise no further than 70 degrees to keep the pressure on your abs and then lower back down past the bench.

If your lower back hurts to put your hands under your butt instead of grabbing the bench behind your head. Weighted pulse ups are next.

Here you take the dumbbell and put it between your feet and then try to reach straight up towards the ceiling with your hips.

Do your best to lower yourself slowly and make sure you keep your feet tight you don’t wanna drop that dumbbell.

Another one of my favorites is hanging leg raises for which we have three progressions.

The beginner level would be to do hanging knee tucks, where you try to bring your knees into your chest.

The moderate level would be to do hanging straight leg raises, and the advanced level would be to come up and touch the bar with your feet.

You can do all of these exercises with weight and if you don’t have straps you can just hang off of a pull-up bar.  

For obliques, one of my favorite exercises is side crunches on a roman chair. This exercise is again weighted.

The hand closest to the floor is holding a dumbbell and the other hand is behind your head.

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Make sure you come all the way down, really stretching those obliques, and then come back up to the even starting position.

Another great way to do this weighted is by doing it standing with a weight. Here you should concentrate on stretching the muscle as much as possible and then coming up to a neutral starting position no further.

The last one is lying or hanging windshield wipers. The progression for this one would be to do it with straight legs as opposed to bent knees.

And when doing it lying down to progress even further you can hold a barbell in your hands while going side to side with straight legs.

So those are my favorite v cut exercises, remember to see the v you will have to get your body fat percentage low enough.

There is no way to target your fat burn to any one particular area so the only way you will be able to see that v is by losing fat from your whole body.

I have a lot of videos on how to lose body fat that you may want to check out for further help and tips.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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