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You’ve been told to drink a lot of water to always have breakfast and to eat more frequently in order to increase your metabolism. And all three of these are myths not backed by any scientific evidence.

There’s also plenty of other myths like eating spicy food to increase metabolism drinking coffee and other stimulants to increase metabolism,

and of course, every new fad SuperFood will supposedly increase your metabolism…you know coconut quinoa avocados.

But….. according to science, there’s really only a handful of simple things that we can concentrate on to affect our metabolism.

By focusing on these few things we can actually permanently change our metabolism rather than reading Fairy Tail like articles about 10, 20, or 55 ways to increase your metabolism.

First of all these studies are done in a way that keeps protein turnover at a constant rate.

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Let me explain what protein turnover is. All day your body is creating and breaking down muscle.

We refer to the balance between protein synthesis and protein degradation as protein turnover.

If you have more synthesis and breakdown then you’re in what’s called an anabolic mode and your building muscle.

If you have more breakdown then synthesis then you’re in what’s called a catabolic state that burns lean muscle tissue.

The problem with keeping protein turnover the same in the studies is that most types of resistance exercises will accelerate protein turnover which ultimately increases calories burnt hours and sometimes days after the workout.

Some studies show that the more muscle you have the more calories you burn after an intense workout.

So this is a perfect example of how muscle has many hidden effects on your metabolism.

When you’re done exercising especially after a weight training session it takes time for your body to return to homeostasis.

Your body needs time and energy to refill the depleted glycogen stores in your muscles and it also needs energy for more protein turnover.

So the assumption that muscle itself Burns a ton of calories at rest is probably not true

however, muscle after the influence of training especially strength training and high-intensity training seems to burn a lot more calories in the recovery process.

So if you’re not exercising definitely try to incorporate some weight training or some high-intensity interval training to help increase the number of calories that you burn at rest.

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Like I said we don’t know the full story about muscle but we do know that it does influence your resting energy expenditure.

In a study called an age-related decrease in resting energy expenditure in sedentary women, we get to see a glimpse of what causes that slowed metabolism that we see as people get older.

A lot of people believe that as you get older your metabolism naturally slows down and there’s not much you could do.

But this might not be true. In this study, the results suggest that a loss of muscle mass as we age especially leg muscle can lead to decreases in your resting energy expenditure.

The study also does acknowledge that the decreases in resting energy expenditure are not fully explained just by changes in the body composition.

So there are other factors at play here. The exact effect down to the number of calories burnt for each pound of muscle is unknown

but if you want to improve and increase your metabolism there is a huge correlation between healthy body composition and a higher basal metabolic rate.

The more lean mass you have the higher your metabolism will be. Even if it’s not a drastic change it’s one of the few ways that you can actually affect the metabolism.

Also as you get older you want to do everything you can to avoid decreasing your metabolism by maintaining as much lean body mass as you age.

There are also two other things that you can do to increase your metabolism. One of them comes from something known as the thermic effect of food.

Now the thermic effect of foods changes based on what macronutrients you’re eating.

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For example, protein is harder for your body to break down than fats and carbs so will require more energy from that protein source to break it down.

Eating a higher protein diet may help increase thermogenesis, but what’s really interesting is a study that was done comparing lean men to obese men and it found that body composition is a significant determinant of thermogenesis after eating.

The bottom line of this study is that lean man used a lot more energy from the food they ate then obese men.

Studies like this show that even though muscle mass itself at rest may not cause a drastic increase to your metabolism

but when you combine the effect that the lean body mass has on your energy levels and on how you process

and assimilate the food we start to see that muscle mass can play a very big role in how many calories you burn per day excluding exercise.

Other studies also talked about the effects that exercise has on how we use carbohydrates post-exercise.

Speaking of exercise that’s the Third Way that we can affect our metabolic rate. Neat is known as non-exercise activity thermogenesis.

This is just a fancy way of talking about the energy that expends for everything that we do that isn’t sleeping eating or sports like exercises.

even small things like how much you fidget throughout the day are taken into account when we were talking about neat.

the crazy thing is that even though this may seem to be the smallest Factor many researchers consider this to be the primary and the most promising way to affect our metabolism.

So how can you increase neat well you can fidget more throughout the day or you can do something a lot more effective such as taking a walk.

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Even though it might not seem like it but walking for an hour every single day can help you increase the number of calories burnt over the course of a week a month and a year drastically.

I used to always criticize people that would call walking their form of exercise. and even though I still do believe that you should have higher intensity exercise in your program other than just walking.

Walking is still a really good way to help increase the number of calories that you burn on a daily basis in a very low-stress way.

So it might actually be a good idea for you to get a Fitbit or some other device that counts how many steps you take on a daily basis.

So just to recap there are three major things that you can do to affect your metabolism and everything else that you see is just not going to provide any kind of noticeable effect.

1. One is to increase lean body mass because the effects of an increase in lean body mass most likely go further than what we’ve been able to observe so far in studies.

2. The second thing you can do is try to consume a diet higher in protein to help you burn more calories throughout the day from the thermic effect of foods.

however, be aware that it’s been shown that exercise training and lean body mass seems to affect the thermic effect of food as well.

So a lean person may be able to take advantage of this a lot more than somebody that’s obese.

3. And the last thing is to add forms of activity that you don’t consider exercise such as walking taking the stairs or just counting your steps and setting total step goals for the day.

that’s it guys I really hope this tip has helped you out.  if you enjoyed it make sure you visit my website gravity where you can get done for you fat loss programs that are proven to work.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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