Build  Massive Boulder Shoulders Fast. These are the best exercises for bigger shoulders

  1. Inclined Frontal Raises
  2. Lateral Raises
  3. Long Angle Row
  4. Leaning Lateral Raises
  5. Reverse Flies
  6. Arnold Press

How to Build MASSIVE Boulder Shoulders Fast | BEST Exercise Guide | BIGGER Shoulder Workout for Mass

So, you wanna build massive boulder shoulders well that’s freaking awesome, and I’m gonna teach you exactly step by step how to do it today. Before I jump right in to my top favorite exercise to build massive shoulders there are some basics that I need you to understand about growing these bad boys.

Number one to target your shoulders you have to make sure that you have good form. Your shoulder has three heads. An anterior head, medial head, and a posterior head, Front middle and back. It’s very easy to mess up your form and hit the wrong head or even a totally different muscle like the bicep.

Number two don’t obsess over form and make sure you go heavy. I know I just said make sure your form is good and now I’m saying don’t obsess over it. It’s freaking confusing, but look at Arnold, he freaking rocks back and forth when he’s working his shoulders. Look at Ronnie Coleman he rocks back and forth like he’s possessed, and if that’s not enough proof that you can’t obsess over your form look at Rocky Balboa in Rocky 2, he’s an inspiration to all of us. Point is make sure that your using good form, but also make sure that you’re going heavy as F.

You’re only going to build massive boulder shoulders by increasing the weight over time. Progressive overload is what gets muscles bigger and stronger. If you want stronger shoulders then you’re going to have to work your way up to the big boy weights, and when you do the big boy weights your form will probably not be absolutely perfect and that’s okay. Let’s shoot for 8-10 reps on all these shoulder exercises.

The first one that we’re gonna start with is one you may have never seen before. It’s by far the best exercise for a massive front head. I call this one the inclined frontal raise.  

On the inclined front raise. You want to make sure that your back is all the way back up against the bench. You also want to make sure that you allow your arms to come all the way back behind the bench. Squeeze your knees together nice and tight to get them out of the way. Raise straight to the front and stop at shoulder level. It’s critical that you keep your elbows above your hands and concentrate on raising with your elbows during the whole exercise.

How to Build MASSIVE Boulder Shoulders Fast 

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The next one is a classic, lateral raise. The medial head of the shoulder is very hard to hit in any compound movement, so lateral raises are one of the best ways to grow your shoulders out to the sides. You can perform it seated or standing, but I like seated. In this exercise you want to focus on raising up with your elbows just like last one. Sit at the edge of the bench and bring the dumbbells together under your legs, then raise them up to your sides up to shoulder level.

Moving on to the wide angled dumbbell row. This one is one of the best compound exercises for your back and for the back of your shoulder. Rather than rowing like we normally would, where we pull the dumbbell into our belly button, we’re going to aim for our butt or pretend that your trying to reach for your pockets. It’s important that your pulling with your elbows in this exercise not your hands just like the others.

As Jay Z would say on to the next one. This for that underused lateral head. Grab any sturdy object and lean away from it. By leaning away it’ll give you a wider angle to get extra muscle breakdown. Raise directly to your side and stop at 90 degrees from the floor. Make sure you keep your elbow higher than your hand and don’t forget to hit both sides.

Last but not least is the good old Arnold press. This one is probably the first one you should start with because it requires a lot of strength and is a compound exercise. It’ll mostly hit your front head, but man on man this one is by far one of the best. Start with your arms rotated inward and then rotate them outwards as your press over your head.

One last thing that I have to say, make sure that if you’re trying to grow your shoulder muscles you’re eating enough to stimulate growth. You’re not gonna grow these muscle eating like a bird. That’s it guys if you enjoyed this video subscribe to my channel and leave it thumbs up and comment below see you guys next time.

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