Cheat Meals Make You Fatter

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Cheat Meals Make You Fatter (UNLESS YOU DO THIS) Should you have a cheat day & cheat meals how many cheat meals a week? How often and when should you have cheat days

You’re probably like Wait for just a second Max….. I thought cheat days we’re supposed to be good for you while dieting.

They’re supposed to give your mind and your body a break from being in a deprived state and that can’t hurt, right?

well, the truth is that the way that most people go about doing cheat days and cheat meals sabotages their weight loss and fat loss efforts.

In fact, one poorly-planned cheat day can set you back a whole week if not two. The good news is that there are ways of setting up a cheat day and a cheat meal without halting your fat loss and without destroying your whole diet plan.

In this video, I’m gonna answer questions like when you should have your cheat day, how often you should cheat, and how many cheat meals a day you can have without putting on fat.

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To answer any of these questions first and foremost we have to all be on the same page of what I mean when I say a cheat day

because to one person a cheat day might be having a couple of rolls of sushi while to another person it could be eating junk food on the couch all day long.

These two scenarios obviously would have two completely different impacts on your body.

If you want your cheat day to have a minimal effect on your results then the first thing you’re gonna do is make the phrase cheat day interchangeable with a cheat meal.

All this means is that a cheat day includes just one cheat meal not a bunch of cheat meals throughout the day.

Why? Because the damage that you can do in one meal before your stomach is full is a lot less than the damage that you can do throughout the whole day.

Now if you’re trying to lose weight or burn fat you shouldn’t have more than one cheat day per week.

And during that cheat day, you only give yourself a 1-hour cheating window. Meaning you can only cheat for that one hour.

That’s considered one cheat meal. I know some people that eat clean all day and then almost every night they cheat and then they can’t figure out why they’re not losing weight.

What goes into your cheat meal is super important as well. First of all, if you have a diet that’s so strict that you have to always avoid all carbs including things like potatoes pasta or white rice understand that your diet is destined to fail.

Because things like potatoes rice and pasta made from natural sources are all things that shouldn’t be restricted in your diet.

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In fact, any “real food” should be allowed into your diet plan without calling it cheating.

By real food, I mean that the food has to be sourced from ingredients that come from the earth rather than ingredients that are man-made.

Eating potatoes is not cheating as long as you fit it into your plan. Once again if your plan has too many foods that are restricted that plan will fail because when you’re told not to think of a purple elephant we all think of a purple elephant.

Same thing with restricting food that shouldn’t be restricted. When you do that all your mind is going to think about is the food your not allowed to have.

Cheap Foods are foods that normally are not found in your diets such as sweets fried foods toppings and sauces and obviously all junk food.

So a cheat meal can be as small as getting a couple of sushi rolls that come with cream cheese and then dipping that sushi into spicy mayo.

Obviously, the spicy mayo on the cream cheese is not what I would consider real food but the damage from a cheat meal like this is very very small.

Having a whole pie of Pizza and ice cream with dessert, on the other hand, is going to be a lot higher in calories and could set you back a little further.

So there are three things that you can do to control the impact of your cheat meals. And these tips are super important so pay close attention.

When you cheat you’re usually having a surplus of calories especially high in fat and carbs.

So to balance that out the first thing you can do is fast either during the day that you’re cheating or the day after to make up for the Surplus calories.

This is also known as banking your calories. Your essentially saving your fats and carbs for your cheat meal.

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There are many ways to do this besides fasting, such as simply counting your macros, but fasting is obviously the most effective way to save calories.

The type of fasting you can do isn’t limited to intermittent fasting you can also fast for a whole day with an alternate day fast approach.

On the days that I cheat, I actually prefer to eat very little throughout the rest of the day so I have plenty of room for my cheat foods.

So step one is to fast or find another way to bank your calories for your cheat meal.

Step 2 is right before having your cheat meal about two to three hours beforehand I want you to fill up on a high protein High vegetable complex carb meal.

A meal high in protein and high in vegetable with complex carbs will fill you up and prevent you from overeating junk food a few hours later.

You have two forms of hunger your minds hunger and your physical bodies hunger. When you’re hungry it’s very hard to separate the two that’s why it’s important to plan ahead for cheat days.

By having a filling high protein High vegetable meal you’re going to eliminate your physical bodies feeling of hunger.

Sure you may still have some cravings for ice cream or Doritos or whatever snack you’re planning to cheat with later,

but the desire to eat that junk food is going to be a lot lower and it’s going to be satisfied a lot faster.

Guys these tips sound simple, and they are, but they’re super powerful steps you can take to ensure your cheat day helps you rather than hurts you.

Within the last couple of years, there has been a lot of hype about cheat days. If you don’t do cheat days your metabolism will slow down and you’ll plateau and stop losing weight.

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Right. The reality is that cheat days are not going to affect your metabolism for very long at all after eating your cheat meal,

and plenty of people lose weight consistently with no cheat days. The real purpose and benefit of a cheat day is for your mind.

You want a break, you want to stop taxing your willpower and give in to your cravings. By doing this a lot of people feel ready to not cheat for the next week and it helps prevent binge eating.

For other people, a cheat day may actually increase cravings, and for those people, they may be better off not cheating at all.

But if you are the type of person that feels more empowered after a cheat day the third tip is to relax and enjoy yourself for that hour.

Again the point of the cheat day is for your mind to finally relax and for you to not feel like your on a diet.

You don’t want to be counting every last calorie or stressing about what foods you can or can’t eat.

For that hour enjoy yourself. You don’t have to worry because you already set up all the proper conditions to ensure that your cheat day doesn’t ruin your plan.

Your only allowing yourself to eat for a 1-hour cheating window. You already banked a whole bunch of calories by fasting or you plan on fasting the next day.

And you already filled your stomach up with healthy real food. So now for that hour relax your mind and enjoy yourself if you want to get a true benefit out of cheating. Forget that metabolism stuff, cheating is a break for your mind.

That’s it guys I really hope this tip has helped you out. If you enjoyed this tip make sure check out my website gravity where we give you much more than just another diet and workout plan.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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