Everything You Need to Give Up to Get Ripped Lean and Cut Up

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In every one of my videos, I am always talking about the things you have to do to burn some body fat and get lean.

However, something that I don’t talk about too much is the things you have to give up to get that lean look you want.

Today’s video will be all about everything you need to stop doing to stop blocking yourself from reaching your goals.

We create our own success barriers in all different aspects of life, and fitness is no different.

Let’s begin with one of the biggest things that you have to give up to start burning fat and getting shredded. Give up waiting for motivation.

Motivation, especially in the realm of fitness and fat loss, is highly misunderstood. People will wait and wait and wait to get motivated to start working out or dieting.

However, that is not at all how motivation works. You will be waiting forever if you take this kind of approach and you will never get the body of your dreams by just waiting.

You don’t need the motivation to get started you just need to make a choice and commit to it.

If you feel bad about the way you look you can sit there and say to yourself “I feel terrible today I’ll start my workout tomorrow” or you can embrace that pain and use it to begin taking action to change your life today.

Motivation will only come once you already started working out. When you’ve been working out for 4-5 days in a row you’re going to be motivated to come in and do your next workout.

What you need is momentum not motivation. And if you’re sitting there waiting for motivation to strike

And that is simply because of momentum. When you take even one day off you lose a little bit of your forward momentum.

I’m not saying you have to work out every single day, however, it is 100% true that motivation will grow as you complete each of your workouts.

So stop waiting for motivation, go do the thing and you will become motivated to do it more.

Which will lead you to see more and more results, and will lead you to be further motivated.

You will never ever ever get motivated by sitting there waiting for it to happen.

Well I’m here to tell you in case you don’t already know that sugar found in your oreos, processed food, and even your coffee, is more addictive than cocaine.

And there is plenty of food out there that your body can get addicted to. Just because your body craves a slice of pizza or an oreo doesn’t mean that it’s good for you or that it’s what your body actually wants.

If you’re addicted to cocaine it doesn’t mean the cocaine is actually good for your body.

In the same way, when you really crave junk and processed food it’s just your body demanding the same food that gave you a temporary high the last time you ate it.

You have to give up this addiction. And just like any other addiction, it’s not easy to break. To break this addiction don’t try to go cold turkey.

Give yourself 2-4  cheat meals throughout the week and eat clean for the rest of the week.

You can plan to eat all of your favorite junk food during these cheat meals, so it doesn’t feel like your giving up your addiction forever.

One thing that I want you to do that’s really important is after you eat this junk food pay attention to how your body feels, and compare it to how your body felt after eating clean.

This will make you want to give up more and more of your cheat meals until you pretty much aren’t having any cheat meals at all.

You’ll see that you can satisfy your hunger and your cravings, just by eating clean, and you can avoid all of the negative side effects by not giving in to your junk food addiction.

The last thing that you have to give up to get ripped, lean, and shredded may sound kind of counter-intuitive but I promise you it will help you in the long run.

Give up your attachment to the outcome. You can’t depend on results for the desire to continue your fitness journey.

If you workout for a week straight and don’t see any physical results, you can’t freak out. If you’re so attached to the outcome you’re going to be like one of my clients that steps on the scale every single day.

These people will sabotage their own efforts just because it is impossible to see positive results in your physical fitness after every single workout.

You will have ups and you will have downs and that’s totally okay. If I depended on results for me to continue working out then I would have long since quit.

I’ve had years where the physical shape of my body did not improve one bit because I was stuck at a plateau.

Had I given up I would’ve never found the huge benefits that come with just sticking through it.

During those years I would improve in other areas such as my athleticism or my will power to stick through adversity.

 At the very least by coming in, doing your workout, and eating healthy you are not going to move further away from your goals.

Don’t depend on the outcome for motivation, instead, you have to know that by pushing forward eventually good things will come out of it.

You have to trust yourself and trust the process. Giving up is the only thing that ensures defeat. So this last tip is to give up giving up.

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