FAT CUTTER BedTime Drink to Lose Belly Fat Overnight

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I bet you’ve heard or seen videos about detox drinks that’ll help you lose weight and belly fat overnight, but I bet you’ve never seen a video like this one.

Why, well because this video will actually be based on facts…I know crazy right???

I don’t just want you to take my word that this drink will magically help you lose weight I want to show you how it gets you to lose weight and what kind of weight you’ll be losing.

And the best way to do that is by taking a closer look at each ingredient that goes into one of these “fat burning drink” recipes.

Typically you’ll see these 6 ingredients in every one of these drinks. Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon, Cucumber, Ginger, Aloe Vera Juice, Parsley and Cilantro…

and some of the recipes will only have a couple of these ingredients not necessarily all of them.

I’ve also seen recipes in which cinnamon is added in as well. The idea behind this drink and drinks like this is that when you go to sleep your metabolism slows down.

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Which is true, we know that when we’re sleeping our metabolism is a lot slower than when we’re working out or walking, or even sitting upright.

So the idea is that this drink is supposed to boost your metabolism while sleeping and increase the number of calories you burn while you sleep.

So let’s go over what each of these ingredients does to make sure that this isn’t a waste of time.

1-2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar is used because the idea is it’s supposed to help with your digestion, increase your metabolism, give you more energy, and lower your appetite.

The truth is that the effect it’s going to have on your metabolism is minimal. The only thing that has been shown in studies to truly significantly increase metabolism is lean body mass.

So muscle mass. As far as helping you lose weight there’s no conclusive evidence that apple cider vinegar will help you burn more fat..but it is a fact that apple cider vinegar is a natural diuretic.

Next One Lemon and One tablespoon of minced ginger are used in the drink because they’re believed to give your metabolism a boost, and they’re supposed to help improve your bodies ability to absorb nutrients.

Ginger is also used to help you prevent overeating. Now is any of this true? Well, Lemons can reduce bloating, they also help alkalize your body, and they’re a natural mild form of a diuretic.

As far as the metabolism thing…. well, drinking more water throughout the day and adding lemon to it can increase your metabolism slightly. I’m talking about so slightly that it’s not gonna make any sort of a difference at all.

Like maybe you’ll be able to have an extra stalk of celery for the day, that slight. Moving on…One cucumber is added in because it’s believed to be effective at eliminating excess water retention which could slim down your waistline.

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Use My Free Diet & Workout Planner Tool

What’s the truth about cucumbers? Well, they are low in calories and they are again a natural diuretic when added to water.

Aloe Vera Juice is added to the drink in an effort to take in a lot of antioxidants and to also reduce inflammation and bloating.

The truth is that most Aloe juice that you see at your grocery store is loaded with so much sugar that it might as well be considered water and sugar with a little tiny bit of aloe vera.

But even if you got aloe vera at the drugstore, yes it is supposed to help lower inflammation, however, the main thing it is, is a diuretic.

Are you guys starting to see where I’m going here?

Let’s move on…Parsley and cilantro are there because they are full of vitamins and minerals while being low in calories……and…. they are also a diuretic.

They help expel water from your body. How do you think they help expel water? The thing is…they actually are also high in magnesium

which can also help you drop water weight, but just so you know almost all green vegetables are high in magnesium.

And also almost all green watery veggies will make you go to the bathroom more…..hmmm…

Lastly, we have cinnamon and cinnamon is believed to help increase your metabolism,

Use my Free Diet & Workout Planner Tool to get the perfect program designed for your body and goal

Use My Free Diet & Workout Planner Tool

the detox crowd believes it’s supposed to help you target more of your belly fat, and can help you lower insulin levels if you have it instead of sugar.

Lowering your insulin levels by lowering sugar intake for the day makes sense, however, you should know that no studies prove conclusively that cinnamon or honey for that matter can help you lose weight.

So now that we’ve examined all the ingredients that go into these Magic weight loss detox drinks that you see all over the internet and all over YouTube…

do you see now how people are losing inches off their waistline and weight of the scale very fast in the first week of drinking this stuff? If you don’t see it yet I’ll tell you the drink is a diuretic.

You’re going to be losing water weight. now if that’s what you were going for then, by all means, make yourself the drink, the recipe will be below in the description.

And guys I’m not saying that it isn’t full of vitamins antioxidants and minerals but the only way it’s going to help you lose is water weight.

Just cuz it’s healthy doesn’t mean it’s going to help you burn fat and I’m almost certain that every one of you is a lot more interested in actually burning fat not just losing water weight.

Unfortunately, there is no way that a drink like this or any sort of detox drink is going to make you burn belly fat unless your diet and exercise.

In which case that drink becomes only an aid to your weight loss….. it’s not the cause. So go ahead people click that thumbs down button if you’re angry at me for telling you the truth.

You can just go right back to surfing the web and read a bunch of articles about magical weight loss drinks that work with 0 evidence to support the claims.

However, if you’re fond of hearing the truth when it comes to Fitness and you’re sick and tired of seeing BS detox formulas and in general BS Fitness advice.

Use my Free Diet & Workout Planner Tool to get the perfect program designed for your body and goal

Use My Free Diet & Workout Planner Tool

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