Get Bodybuilding Genetics 💪 How Fast Can You Build Muscle

Do you have the ideal genetics to be a bodybuilder or to have all your muscles pop and to be cut up like a fitness model? How much do genetics influence your gains and your results in relation to building muscle and burning fat? Well…. as much as I want to say that your genetics have nothing to do with it and it’s just all about hard work…. the truth is….. of course, genetics play a big role in your ability to develop your body aesthetically. So let’s talk about some of the things that can be considered a genetic gift for building muscle and burning fat and also talk about the things that are more so a genetic curse so to speak. The first thing is your bone structure. For better Aesthetics as a man, you want naturally wider shoulders and a narrow waist along with narrow hips. By having this kind of bone structure it gives you more of that V look that’s ideal for men. for women, we want more of The Hourglass shape. So wider hips a smaller waist and a wider bust would be ideal for Aesthetics. Unfortunately, your bone structure is pretty much entirely influenced by genetics. Fortunately, there are certain things you can do in order to create more of an illusion of the proper bone structure. For example, if you’re a guy with really wide hips and a wide waist you can work on developing your upper body a lot. so you can try to do a bunch of lateral movements for your shoulders and try to widen out your lays and back and build a big chest. By doing this you can outgrow your large framed lower body and establish the proper proportions. Also if you’re looking to actually compete in bodybuilding there are ways to pose on the stage in which you present only certain angles to highlight your strong points and to take away the attention from your weaknesses. Next up is hormones. Two major hormones that influence how fast and how much muscle you build are testosterone and growth hormone. even though you can take anabolic drugs to work around lower test and growth hormone levels I highly recommend you don’t….. because of the consequences associated with taking these drugs. Obviously higher natural test and growth hormone levels are ideal for building muscle fast and I have a video about how you can increase your testosterone levels naturally that I’ll link up in the description below.

Again this is because the shape and especially symmetry is largely a factor of genetic predisposition. With that being there is still a lot you can do to improve your abs and have them pop out more. The number one thing that you can do is make sure that you lower your body fat percentage. Remember that you can’t Target fat burn from the stomach area so the only way you’re going to get more defined ab muscles is by stripping away the fat from your whole body as one unit. The number one way to do that is by dieting. When trying to burn fat the most effective way that I found to do this is by sticking to a diet plan that keeps your blood sugar low which in turn will cause your insulin to stay low and also you must maintain a calorie deficit. Most diets that help you burn fat effectively typically will have certain commonalities. Whether it’s paleo ketogenic Atkins South Beach Diet carb cycling or intermittent fasting all of these diets have one thing in common they all have a relatively high protein intake at about at least 30 to 40% of your daily total calories consumed. Then on top of that most of these diet plans are limiting or cycling your total daily carbohydrate intake which allows you to use body fat as fuel more often. And then depending on how many carbohydrates you leave in your diet plan that determines how much fat you take away or add in. So if you have a diet high in carbohydrates then you’re going to have to cut away some dietary fat from your total daily calories. And if you have a diet very high in fat like the ketogenic diet and the Atkins diet then you’re probably going to be eating very little if any carbohydrates. I have many videos that you guys can check out that explain what foods are ideal for burning fat along with many different strategies and different ways that you can portion out your total daily intake of food and calories. But this is super important you cannot get your abs to pop out and be more visible especially when not flexing without lowering your body fat percentage to a pretty low level. Exactly what that level depends on how and where your body stores it’s fat. So if you predominantly store your fat in your midsection then you’re probably going to have to get your body fat really low to see visible AB definition. Remember that with dieting…consistency is key so you can’t go on and off with a diet or follow it 75% of the time and then cheat the other 25% of the time while expecting 75% of the results. because that’s not at all how it works when you follow a diet 75% of the time you get nothing. When trying to burn fat the best approach that I’ve ever found is All or Nothing. So you have to stick to your diet plan for at least 6 weeks without cheating. Now of course once you reach maintenance it’s a lot easier and you could start incorporating a more flexible dieting approach however until then I’m convinced that the best way to shred enough body fat to see your abs is by going a hundred percent consistently. the second thing that you can do to make your abs pop more is exercises that will make them bulkier. Based on my experience one of the best ways to make your abs bulkier is through Progressive weight training. This means that not only are you going to try to use weights in all of your ab exercises which I very rarely see people doing unfortunately but you don’t only want to use weights you want to progress and up your weights that you use over time. Just like bulking up any other muscle the ABS is no different and they respond very well to increase the weight load over time. I’m a big believer in trying to go heavier with the weights and not going too crazy with the Reps. I would definitely recommend keeping your reps under 20 when trying to bulk up your abs. In fact, my favorite way to work the ABS for visibility is by doing weighted supersets and tri-sets in which you would start with your hardest ab exercise like weighted decline



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