Get RIPPED in 4 Weeks Eating Ice Cream 🍦 Lose Weight & Belly Fat Fast

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If you want to learn how to get ripped in the next four weeks while eating ice cream… I know sounds ridiculous but if you want to learn how I recommend that you watch this whole video

because in this video I’m going to give you a step-by-step guide on exactly how you can be ripped in the next 4 weeks while still eating your favorite junk food.

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Let’s start right off the bat with the fact that I want this to be a very honest video meaning no BS.

So let’s clear up any kind of Notions that you can go from being 300 pounds to ripped in 4 weeks because you obviously can’t. It’s going to take you longer than that to burn that much fat.

So what is possible in 4 weeks? Well it depends on what you do, and you can really only effectively burn fat through diet modifications and exercise but diet is king when it comes to fat loss.

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That whole diet is 70% of your results thing… it’s true. So the amount you can achieve in 4 weeks almost entirely depends on how aggressive your diet regiment is.

On the other hand, if it’s more of a moderate cutting plan you’ll lose closer to twelve lbs or roughly 3% body fat in the 4 weeks.

Keep in mind you’ll have to actually stick to the plan to get these results which is usually the area that people fail at the most.

So make sure you’re consistent. To set up our very own diet plan we’re going to have to count some calories and macros.

don’t worry this doesn’t mean that you’re gonna have to count them for the rest of your life but at the very least, in the beginning, we do need to count in order to set the plan up correctly with the right portions.

The first thing you have to do is figure out what your maintenance calories are. This is the number of calories that it takes for you to maintain your current weight.

You can figure this out by using the calorie calculator that ill link up below or if you want a really simple way to do it you can multiply your weight in pounds times 15 if you’re a man and 13 to 14 if you’re a woman.

So let’s pretend I weigh an even two hundred pounds. I would take 200 and multiply it by 15 which would give me 3000 calories for maintenance.

Keep in mind that these recommendations are based on the assumption that your activity level for the week is at least average.

So we want to be exercising at least 3 days a week when using these numbers to estimate our maintenance.

If I was trying to burn the fat faster with a really aggressive structure that would require me to subtract 45% for maintenance which would leave me with one thousand 650 calories.

Let’s pretend that I want to go with the more aggressive fat loss strategy so 1650 calories are going to be my starting point. and for a two hundred pound man trust me that’s low enough to get fat off fast.

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The next thing we want to do is decide how many meals per day we want to have. Meal frequency does not have to be rigid you can be pretty flexible and choose how many times a day you’re going to eat.

Let’s pretend that for me ideally, I would like to eat only two times a day. I can take 1650 and divide it in half which would leave me 825 for each of my two meals.

Now I have 13 hundred 50 calories left over for dinner. And you can really structure your day however you want.

You could have 6 meals, or your regular breakfast lunch dinner format. Whatever works better for you as long as you’re working from your proper calorie range.

Once you know how many meals you’re having we want to start figuring out our macro. Protein is going to come first.

I want 30 to 40 percent of my calories coming from protein when trying to get ripped. So 40 percent of 1650 is six hundred sixty calories.

And we know there are four calories in each gram of protein. So we take 660 and divide it by 4 which leaves me with a hundred sixty-five grams of protein per day.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

When doing flexible diets in which we’re trying to lose weight the protein requirement for the day is mandatory meaning I would have to hit a hundred sixty-five grams no matter what.

Now let’s go back to my previous example in which I wanted to have two meals a day and 300 of my calories were spent on breakfast for the egg whites, non-fat greek yogurt, and Ezekiel bread.

Remember protein comes first so In this example I have already allocated about 40 Grams of protein for breakfast which leaves me 125 grams of protein for dinner.

I know that’s a lot of protein all at once but that’s only because I only want to eat two times daily and I want a really lite breakfast. So do this based on your preferences,

but next, I would plug in the rest of my hundred twenty-five grams of protein. To keep things simple I decide to go with 6 ounces of Chicken Breast…

and another 4 oz of cod for dinner which is roughly 260 calories and a little under 60 grams of protein.

And just like that, all my protein requirements are satisfied……… 840 calories is the total cost of all the food that I’ve already plugged into my plan

and with those calories, I satisfy my protein requirements for the day leaving me eight hundred calories for my carbs and my fats..

Now I know this might sound mind blowing and you may not believe it, but as I said at the start everything in this video is going to be true.

So You can take the remaining 800 calories and use them all on Ice cream, and still lose weight very very fast. Just keep in mind 2 1/2 cups of is already 800 calories, if you just pig out on the ice cream you won’t lose any weight.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

But the point is you can divi up your eight hundred remaining calories however you want. So I might have 2 cups of mashed potatoes with butter and milk added.

Which totals at roughly 475 calories and then have a snickers bar at two hundred fifteen calories and a can of soda for an additional 150 calories and after all of that I would still have some calories left to spare.

Eating food like Ice cream and snickers and soda is obviously not what I recommend and it is not the optimal way to eat to burn fat, but You will still definitely lose fat if what I just described is all you’re eating for the whole day and you weigh 200lbs.

Guys again this was just an example to demonstrate that it’s possible to still eat your favorite foods while getting ripped in just 4 weeks.

Keep in mind that you can structure your day however you want as long as you go through the same process that I just went through. And also keep in mind that it’s always better to eat healthy food for your health obviously, then junk food.

That’s it I really hope this video has helped you guys out. If you enjoyed it please leave a big thumbs up, comment, below also check out and download my free fat loss checklist, because it can help you start burning fat today.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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