How Much Muscle Can You Build Naturally

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Even after lifting weights for a while and already laying down a solid foundation of muscle it can still be pretty challenging to get an accurate idea of what to expect as a natural.

What’s actually possible? For beginners forget about it you’re navigating through a sea of infinite bullshit that makes it almost impossible to be able to tell how much muscle you can build as a natural lifter.

In the public View when a bodybuilder or someone that’s trying to build muscle take steroids they lose points for effort.

Even though any unnatural bodybuilder might have worked very hard to get to where they’re at, steroids are still looked at as cheating by the general public.

For that reason, in an effort to look more credible to the public you have a bunch of bodybuilders that are on steroids that swear that they are steroid free and achieved their physique naturally.

Unfortunately, there’s no 100% accurate way to be able to determine who achieved their and who achieve their physique with steroids.

Or is there? I mean with some bodybuilders it’s clearly obvious no matter how much they claim that they never took steroids you could tell these people were on steroids at least at some point.

But with many people, you just can’t tell and I think that this is a very important thing for you to determine cause it’s the only way that you’re going to be able to set realistic goals and expectations in regard to building muscle mass.

If we’re setting goals and expectations that can only be achieved with drugs and we’re not taking those drugs then we’re going to end up being disappointed because our measurement of success is flawed.

Well, luckily there is a way that we can figure out what’s possible while being a hundred percent natural and the only real way to do that is by going back in the past.

To be sure that we’re looking at a physique that was built naturally we have to look back to a point in time in which steroids weren’t even around.

Steroids weren’t developed until a little under a hundred years ago. It wasn’t until the late nineteen-thirties that steroids were developed,

so we have to assume that any bodybuilder that we have records of before the 1930s had a natural physique.

Eugene Sandow was one of these bodybuilders. He was born in 1867 and became known as the first natural bodybuilder and is now known as the father of modern bodybuilding.

That’s impressive for someone that you know had no possible access to steroids.

Edward Aston was another strongman of the 1920s and he had a one arm clean and press of 243lbs and had an excellent physique with clear visible blocky abs.

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Another strongman and boxer of the time were Charles Atlas. He was 5’10” weighed 180 pounds and had 17-inch biceps.

And the last Iron man of this age that I’m going to mention today is George Hackenschmidt.

This guy looked a lot like modern day bodybuilders and he did it all naturally. Measurements of his upper arm were estimated to be anywhere between 18 to 19 and a half inches.

Those are some big arms for a natural bodybuilder.

So all these guys achieved some pretty amazing results for being completely natural. This was also during a Time in which not much was known about bodybuilding.

These people didn’t know how to set up a bulking program they didn’t know how to set up their Macros, they probably didn’t even know about macros.

They didn’t have access to the abundance and variety of food that we have access to today.

They grew up in a time where very little was known about nutrition and fatwas demonized and believed to be the cause of weight gain.

They didn’t have a local GNC or Vitamin Shoppe, yet they all got outstanding results in a time that we know steroids weren’t around.

So based on this it’s pretty obvious that today with all the abundance of information available on bodybuilding and the availability of over the counter creatine, protein powders,

and access to supermarkets stocked with all the food you’ll need… it’s pretty obvious that you can get really far as a natural lifter.

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The strongmen that I used in the examples today were just a few of the many successful natural bodybuilders in an era before steroids.

I see a lot of idiots making steroid accusations at people just because they have a great physique.

Just because your physique isn’t as good as someone else’s doesn’t mean that they took steroids to get there.

It doesn’t mean that they got there just because of good genetics even though this is sometimes the case.

I think the steroid accusations are used by many people to justify why they’re not in the kind of shape that they want to to be.

Instead of taking the steps necessary and putting in the hard work necessary to achieve that kind of physique it’s a lot easier to just sit here

and say that the only way to look muscular and aesthetic is by taking steroids but that’s clearly not the case as I demonstrated in this video.

Many of these guys I talked about today had very aesthetic physiques in a time before steroids and in a time with very little knowledge about nutrition and bodybuilding.

Bottom line is don’t limit yourself…you could achieve a lot naturally but you’ll never achieve a lot if you set limits and boundaries in your own mind.

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