Today I’d like to give you some ideas of what food you can eat to burn fat and build muscle on a budget. So whether you’re unemployed, a college student, or maybe even still in high-school, and money is a little tight, this video will serve as the ultimate guide for you to get the healthy body you want without breaking the bank. The way that I want to do this is by first giving you some general guidelines on what you can do to save money while still eating a healthy diet that helps you look the way you want to look. And Also I will be listing the most affordable food you can eat to get every macro and micronutrient you need into your budget-friendly plan. So let’s jump right in with the first tip which is to plan all of your meals ahead of time and only buy what you know you’re going to use. By planning ahead of time you avoid buying a bunch of food that never gets eaten. The second tip is to cook all of your food at home. It is way more expensive to eat out at a restaurant then it is to cook the meals yourself. Also, you have no idea how much extra oil and other ingredients the chef is adding to the kitchen so that makes it pretty hard 2 track your calories correctly. Another benefit of cooking the food yourself is that you’ll end up with plenty of leftovers saving you more money. The next tip that can save you a ton of money at the grocery store is to buy generic brands. Usually, generic brands are available for almost any product and the majority of them will include the same exact ingredients as the more expensive brand name counterpart. Make sure you compare the ingredient lists and as long as they look close enough you should be fine going with the cheaper brand.

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An area that you could save a lot of money in is meat. Certain meat and certain cuts are way less expensive than others. When trying to save money you want to go for the cheaper cuts. You can also replace fresh cut meat with other cheaper sources of protein. I’ll be going over the specific examples of what exact foods you want to get at your grocery store but first I want to give you a few more General tips. The next tip is to buy Foods that are the least processed and do the work yourself. For example, instant rice is more expensive than regular unprocessed rice in a bag. It may take longer to cook but it will save you more money. Another example lets say you need shredded cheese. You can buy the block of cheese and shred it yourself. Also, a great tip is to avoid junk food. Junk food is expensive and it contains very little nutritional value. You can also buy in bulk to save big bucks. Whether it’s buying your water, your grains, or even your meat and then freezing it, buying in bulk will save you a lot of money. Couponing can also save you a good amount of money at the store, it just requires you to take the time to go through and find the coupons you need. Also, another tip even though I don’t usually recommend this you can buy Frozen fruits and vegetables for really cheap and you’ll still get pretty much the same nutrition out of them. However, If you know you’re going to use them, keep in mind that fresh fruits and vegetables that aren’t organic are still pretty cheap. The last General tip that I want to give you is to stick to the outside aisles of the grocery store and stick to your grocery list. The worst thing you could do is go shopping while you’re hungry and start an Expedition through all the Inner Isles. Most of the food there is processed, unhealthy and expensive.To accomplish this goal it’s very important that you structure your workout and you’re eating accordingly. A traditional weight training plan with moderate to long breaks between sets is not going to help you burn very much fat at all during a workout. On the other hand, a cardio-based workout will not help you build muscle mass and without resistance training, cardio alone can even make you lose some muscle mass. So when creating a workout that’s supposed to help us burn fat and build muscle at the same time we have to come up with a routine that incorporates a little bit of both. Now one way to do this would be to do a weight training workout and then immediately follow it up with a cardio workout, however, this is definitely not the most effective way to go about it mostly because it takes so much longer to accomplish what can be done in much less time. After all, I’m assuming the whole reason why you want to build muscle and burn fat at the same time is that you want the results faster. Which could be a problem in itself but the goal of this video isn’t to change your mindset it’s to provide the most effective muscle building and fat burning workout in the shortest amount of time possible so I’m not going to preach about the importance of patience in this process.

Okay so now I want to give you specific Foods you can get for each macronutrient. Let’s first start with protein. Protein is very important to repair your muscles and help you recover from your next workout. Most healthy meal plans oriented towards helping you burn fat and build muscle will include a good amount of protein. Many people think vegetables are expensive but the truth is that protein can be one of the most expensive things on our grocery lists. The good news is that there are a couple budget-friendly alternatives. Beans are one of the cheapest sources of protein especially if you make your own and don’t buy it in a can. But even in a can it only costs like a dollar and you get over 30 grams of protein. Canned fish is another extremely cheap protein source. You can get wild caught salmon in a large can for

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