How to Fix Rounded Shoulders

Sure having rounded shoulders may not seem like a big deal right now but unfortunately, that slouch gets worse with age and can lead to what’s called a down guards hump. So unless you’re striving to look like Quasimodo I highly recommend you watch this video especially If your the type of person that finds yourself slouching a lot

Because there really is a step-by-step simple process that you can follow to get rid of rounded shoulders once and for all. Bad posture is not just the result of your joints randomly being offset rather than sitting correctly in the proper alignment. Almost all postural imbalances also are known as postural deviations are the result of tight and weak muscle groups around a joint that cause that joint to be thrown out of the proper alignment. When you spend years of your life slouching the solution isn’t just straightening out your back. How many times have you heard… “sit up straight, straighten out that back” or maybe even someone actually physically put their thumbs into your shoulder blades and straightened out your back for you. Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve the problem because your body will simply just return to that slouched position especially when you stop thinking about keeping your back straight and relax.

To ACTUALLY fix this problem the very first thing that we want to do is identify what’s causing the bad posture to begin with because if we don’t identify what’s causing it and we just start fixing the tight and weak muscle groups then all your efforts of fixing the are going to go to waste because you’re going to be causing more of the same problem as you’re trying to fix it. It’s kind of like hitting your hand with a hammer every day and then icing it. So where do postural deviations like shoulder protraction come from? Well, most postural deviations are related to your lifestyle and the typical postures you find yourself in throughout the day. Rounded shoulders are by far one of the most common imbalances and the reason why is because most of us are sitting throughout the day. Not only are we sitting but a lot of us are staring at a computer screen. And usually that computer screen is below eye level and the chair is pulled way out rather than being pulled in, so we find ourselves in a slouched position while working throughout the day.

Then when we get some free time we go to our phones and when we text on our phones or watch videos or go on Facebook you hold your phone below eye level……….. I mean most people I know hold their phones down here, not up here. Then from there, we get in the car to go home and the whole ride home we’re sitting slouched over the steering wheel. All these times where you’re slouching whether it be on your phone in your car or working in front of a computer or even worse on a laptop you’re stretching all these muscles out in your back offsetting the proper length-tension relationships between your muscles around your shoulder joint. This means that once you stretch all these muscles out these muscles get weaker due to the fact they’re in a stretched position making it even harder to maintain an upright posture. Causes like this exist for every postural imbalance not just rounded shoulders.

People come to train with me all the time with one shoulder lower than the other a lot of times due to carrying a briefcase or a bag in that one arm or on that one side for years. And over the years it literally stretches out their trap and affects their whole kinetic chain… so the hips might come out to the side to counterbalance the shoulder and then their knee might cave inward to balance the hips. So to fix the root cause of rounded shoulders you want to start first with your computer because that’s when most people are slouched over the most. First of all, if you have a laptop get it off of your lap and put it on a table. Once it’s on the table whether you have a laptop or a monitor bring it up to eye level. The bottom portion of the screen should literally be right in front of your eyes when you’re sitting up straight. You can use a box or stack of books or anything to bring your screen up to eye level. The next thing you want to do is get a comfortable seat one that can lock in a vertical upright position. then slide that seat as close as you can to your monitor while keeping your back upright against the seat. This way when you need to see something closer you don’t have to hunch over to see it. Next, we’re going to tackle the cell phone.

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