How To Get Abs Fast

Would you like to know how to get abs fast? Well I am about to reveal the fastest way you can “actually” lose stomach fat fast. You can rest assured that this is not a scam because even though this video is about getting abs FAST, I promise you it will still take a good amount of time and hard work. Read on if you would like to learn my most guarded tricks on how to get abs fast.

Most how to get abs fast products, infomercials, and services are straight up scams. Scams that promise you that you will have abs overnight. There are also scams that are a little more honest but still very far from the truth promising abs in 30 days. Chances are… no matter how perfectly you adhere to a diet program or workout regiment, you will not get abs in 30 days. Don’t get me wrong, I have had clients do it before, but they were already at a very low body fat percentage before they even started training with me. So let’s begin…

The first trick to lose stomach fat fast is related to your workout and exercise regiment. Trick #1 is to do your workout in the morning before you have breakfast. When you workout on an empty stomach your body will burn 300% more calories from fat. This means that you can get the same fat loss out of a 30 min workout on an empty stomach that would normally take an hour and a half.
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The reason why this works is because when you have an empty stomach your body looks for calories in other places outside of your digestive system. The only other option for your body on an empty stomach is to get the calories it needs for energy for your workout from body fat. If you come in to do cardio after you ate, it’s going to take you a full hour to burn off the food that you ate. After that if you’re still going to have to continue your workout for 30 minutes to get the 30 minutes of fat burn that you wanted in the first place. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of cardio, so I would much rather do the workout on an empty stomach and save an hour of my precious time.

Crunches are not the answer!

Something many people believe in is that crunches help you get abs fast. I have demonstrated this fact in multiple videos in the past, and this time I feel the need to explain this concept again. By doing crunches you are just going to build muscle under the fat. If you want to lose stomach fat fast please skip out on the crunches.

The second humongous trick for how to get abs fast is to carb cycle. My favorite version of carb cycling involves having a high carb, low carb, and then a no carb day. So Monday would be high, Tuesday low, and Wednesday no. Then you repeat over and over again. For women, I recommend having anywhere between 150-250g’s of carbs on you high carb day, 75-125 on your low day, and 0 not even fruit and veggies on your no carb day. For men, I recommend 250-350 on your high carb day, 125-175 on your low carb day, and again none on your no carb day.

The amount of grams vary depending on the amount you exercise and how active of a lifestyle you live. If you exercise a lot go with the higher carb amounts. Also on your high carb day be certain the eat all of your set amount of carbs for the day. This will speed your metabolism back up, so hit your carb totals even if you’re full and you don’t want to.

These are truly the best ways for how to get abs the fast. It will still take time and hard work to lose stomach fat fast.

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