How to Get Abs in 1 Week at Home FAST

How do you get abs in 1 week ha you can’t. Before you get all upset and angry let me explain why I titled this video how to get abs in 1 week.

The masses want instant satisfaction for the least amount of effort, which is why we even have videos with such titles like how to lose weight overnight and how to get abs in a week.

Unfortunately, if I made a video based on the truth called let’s say how to get abs in 2 years, no one would even click on it.

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Instead, you click on the video that says that it can be done overnight and then listen to someone actually telling you with a straight face that it can be done within a week.

To come close to competing with videos like this I have to use the same titles, but the difference is that the content in this video is going to be based entirely on the truth.

Now I’m sure a bunch of people has already left this video because they don’t want to hear the truth.

They’re going to go clicking to the next video searching for the easiest way to get abs in the shortest amount of time.

And they’ll waste time and money on bogus solutions that don’t work. If you’re someone really searching for how to get abs then this video is for you because it’s based on the truth.

Starting with the true fact that getting abs takes time. If you follow the points that I’m going to make in this video over time you’re going to get abs.

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The first thing that you have to do is build up your abdominal muscles. When building up any other muscle in your body it is necessary to break the muscle down with weights, so I use the same approach with abs.

Use weights and over time try to increase the weight load for all of your ab exercises. Crunches with weights, leg raises with weights, planks with weights,

and pretty much any ab exercise is okay as long as you are incorporating weights and progressively increasing the load over time.

So Make sure you include those exercises in your program. Many people say that you can work your abs every day,

but I know from experience that your way better off working them really really hard and taking at least a day off in between your next ab workout.

Every other muscle needs time to recover so it makes perfect sense that the abs will take time to recover as well.

If you do a good weighted ab workout you should need that day of recovery. And when I say recovery I just mean you’re not going to work your abs again.

You can still work on other muscles or do cardio. Building muscle takes time, so to put a couple of pounds of muscle on your abs could take years. Yeah, that’s the truth.

Next, you’ll have to get really lean. The leaner you can get the more you’re going to be able to see the definition in your abs.

How do you get really lean? Mostly with diet. If your goal is to get abs you need to pick the food that goes into your body very carefully.

No processed food, no junk food, and chill out with the snacks. People have this amazing habit of lying to themselves not even to me to themselves about their diet.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

 When I have a giant cheat meal and then eat clean for a couple of days, I don’t stand there in front of the mirror wondering why my abs don’t look as good as I know they can look.

I understand that I had a cheat meal and every diet choice that I make effects the way I look.

Whereas most people will eat clean for two or three days and act like they’ve been eating clean their whole lives.

And then they start believing that clean dieting doesn’t work for them. It’s not the clean dieting that didn’t work, it’s that glass of wine or the pint of ice cream you had on your cheat day.

Everyone knows what clean dieting is. People start demonizing carbs or fat, but creating a proper diet to get abs is not about that.

 the stuff that when you read the ingredient list it reads back to you exactly what you’re buying.

Brown rice..hmm I wonder what’s in it lets check the ingredients, Oh Brown rice…that’s it?

If you eat this kind of food your body is going to get full because it’s not only getting calories it’s also getting nutrients.

When you wolf down a whole bag of potato chips your body wants more and more because it’s looking for nutrients.

Vitamins and other micronutrients that it can’t get from fake food. If you truly eat food that comes from the earth for a long enough time and exercises properly, you’re going to be on your way to getting abs.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

If you’re eating junk, don’t focus on how many calories you should be having a day, what macros split you should do, or what fancy diet you should.

You can do these interval training sessions on the same days as your weight training workouts or you can do them on your off days.

That’s your call. Each one of these HIIT workouts should be about 30 minutes and the style should be an explosive burst followed by a break.

When I say explosive I mean you’re going to be using almost your max effort. An example would be 10 seconds on 10 seconds off.

Let’s say you decide to do sprints. You can sprint for 60 seconds and then walk for 30 seconds or 60 seconds if you need more recovery.

If you add this on top of your weight training program its going to help you big time with burn fat while still retaining muscle. 

So we have done weight training to stimulate your metabolism and muscle growth, do ab specific weight training to stimulate your abs to grow, eat a diet packed full of food that comes from the earth, not a factory, and incorporate explosive HIIT Workouts 3-4 x a week.

Now, pay very close attention. None of this will matter if you only do it for a week. Or do it every other week.

You have to do every single week. Over time, and after you put in enough time and work you will have abs. That’s the only way.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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