So you wanna get big ass biceps and you wanna get them fast, that’s awesome. After all, lets be real here biceps and abs are the most important muscles in the whole human body when it comes time to go the beach. While growing my biceps I picked up a couple tricks that worked wonders for me. One of these little tricks is supersets. Supersets will help your biceps grow like crazy, but we’re not just gonna do any old superset. In the superset that we do we’re going to start with a really heavy weight, rep it out for 8-10 reps, and then drop down to a lighter weight for 20 reps. If you’ve never done this before your going to be blown away, at how effective these supersets are for your biceps. Why it works I don’t know, but I can tell you for a fact that it works. We’re not going to do this superset approach with all the exercises only certain ones because for some of these exercises were gonna want to try to use heavier weights. Which reminds me to make sure you go heavy. I’m a big believer in cheat reps with biceps, your form should not be perfect at the end of your set. There should be plenty of struggle and you should barely be able to get the last few reps in. So with no further delay lets jump right into the first exercise.

Best Bicep Workout with Dumbbells for size shape mass exercises.

1. Barbell Bicep Curl
2. Alternating Dumbbell Curls
3. Preacher Curl ss/ wide EZ bar curl
4. Concentration curls
5. Arnold Cable Curls

The first one is the good old straight barbell curl. This one is amazing because using the barbell is what ads mass to your biceps. Make sure you go heavy on this one. Keep your elbows close to your body as you bring the weight up to your shoulders. Towards the end of the set, you may feel that your starting to use your traps. Contrary to what everyone is telling you that’s okay, keep going don’t stop. These last couple cheat reps will be the reps that wind up getting your biceps to grow.

Next, we have one of the most powerful exercises to build nice biceps evenly the dumbbell curl. Here you’re going to stand straight up and Alternate sides every rep. Keep your elbows tight to your body and your shoulders back. Once again it’s okay to cheat at the end of the set just make sure you’re not cheating throughout the entire set.

On this next one, we’re going to do some preacher curls and this is going to be the exercise that involves that super duper superset I was talking about. You’re going to position your elbows on a declined pad, take an inward grip, extend your arms all the way down, and curl them back up towards your shoulders. Right after you’re done with 8 to ten reps immediately grab another easy bar if you have one available except this time you’re going to grab an outward grip and you’re going to rip it out for 20 reps. Obviously, this weight is going to have to be lighter. If you don’t have another easy bar then just rip your bar to a lighter weight as fast as you can.

Up next is the concentration curl get ready to concentrate. With this one, you’re going to grab a dumbbell take a seat and place your elbows and the back of your arm against the inside of your thigh. Extend your hand all the way down until your elbow is straight and then curl back up. Remember to do both sides remember to concentrate.

Last but not least is the Arnold cable curl. On this one, we’re going to do one arm at a time. Stand with your arm out to your side facing at a 90-degree angle from the cable. Hold your elbow up even with your shoulder the whole time that’s critical role in your hand towards your shoulder and try your best not to move your elbow. And then finally to finish your biceps off on the last set of these Arnold curls you can do a giant superset where are you go down the rack doing outward dumbbell curls. What I mean by going down the rack is that you’re going to start with a heavy weight for 10 reps and then as soon as you start to fail or as soon as you hit those 10 reps you drop the weight and then do another 10 for 3 or 4 sets with the lighter weight.

So that just about wraps up our bicep growing video the one thing that I do want to remind you of is that doing all of these exercises in one day may be too much for a lot of you watching this video. Even though you can do this as a workout program in which you would do 3 sets of each of the exercises I described, you might be better off just starting by picking out three of the exercises and only shooting for 3 sets. Five exercises for biceps back to back is a lot. Remember to eat big to get big and remember to like and comment on this video And subscribe to this channel that’s it I’ll see you guys.

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