How to get Rid of a Double Chin

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Guys this is a video that I absolutely had to make because there is some serious bullshit info on this topic all over the internet.

When I searched youtube for how to get rid of a double chin I was shocked to find that all the top videos were giving advice that will never ever work.

Each video offers its own piece of completely incorrect information. One of the videos has you doing all kinds of stupid exercises.

You can even buy  a crunch  machine called the neck genie, know the magic blue guy that can make three wishes come true.

Yeah u can buy one of those for your double chin. Another video has a bunch of stretches for muscles that are probably already weak and loose.

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Another one has you wrapping your head with what looks like the neck version of the body wrap which BTW the body wrap is also a complete scam.

And of course, the misinformation can’t be complete without including advice that has you applying all kinds of juices fruits honey eggs and magic potions to the problem area.

None of these solutions work. None. Especially in the long run. To fix any problem we want to first identify the root cause of the problem.

For the people looking to lose their double chin, if we were to dig a little I’m willing to bet that the problem is probably not only limited to their chin.

The same people that searched how to lose my double chin, have also probably searched how to lose my arm fat,

how to get skinnier legs, and how to lose belly fat when the answer to all of these is the same thing.

You have to reduce fat from your whole body, you can’t target fat burn. When you lose fat you lose it everywhere and there’s no way to burn fat from any one specific section.

Your double chin is excess fat on your face, and if you have excess fat on your face I’m willing to bet you have excess fat on your body as well.

By lowering your overall body fat percentage the double chin should go away. The good news is that proximal area of the body,

proximal means further away from your center so your hands, feet, and face will usually lose fat first.

The reason for this has to do with conserving energy, it’s a lot easier and energy efficient to hold a weight on your back or in the center of your body then it is to hold it in your hands.

I’m not getting too far into this, but the point is that your face and chin will be one of the first spots to lose fat.

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But you’ll never lose any fat from your face or chin by doing neck crunches and face exercises.

Why in the world would neck crunches help you lose fat from your chin if we already know for a fact that regular crunches don’t make you lose fat from your stomach?

At best you’ll be building muscle under your double chin, and possibly cause it to protrude even more.

The problem is that a lot of you just don’t want to hear the only real solution to this problem.

And that’s lifestyle modification through diet and exercise. You have excess fat on your body, and that is the root cause of the problem.

Your excess fat has probably been caused by making poor diet decisions and having a low activity level.

Doing this is not going to increase your activity levels very much. You’re going to be way better off doing squats for your double chin than doing some stupid neck exercises.

Pay attention to every one of these people that are showing you these neck and face exercises, they don’t have a double chin because they have a low body fat percentage.

Not because they do a double chin workout program. 

You need diet and exercise modifications. That doesn’t mean that you should go on some diet and try to lose fat as fast as possible and then hop right off the diet and quit exercising.

Because your double chin will come right back. The only permanent solution to not having a double chin for life is to remain active and have a sensible diet for life.

I have to diet and exercise, that’s soo hard there must be an easier magical way. U know what go ahead.

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Go do your neck exercises,  go stick all kinds of junk on double chin,  wear the body wrap around your neck Idc go do it,

but I just want you to know  that when you’re standing there weeks later and realize that all that stuff didn’t work

just remember you could have used that precious time for exercise and diet modifications.

If you’re actually interested in truly losing your double chin forever check out some of my other videos they’re completely free,

in fact, check out any fitness channels videos and try to make a better diet and exercise plan for your lifestyle.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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