How to get rid of love handles FOREVER

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Love handles are a very common problem for so many people trying to lose fat.

When we have excess fat in this area around your lower abs and love handles, it’s commonly known as a muffin top.

Which sounds tasty and delicious, but in reality, there is nothing sweet about the muffin found above your belt line.

The muffin top is also known as the spare tire because it looks like you’re carrying a spare tire around your lower abdominal and back area.

The reason why a lot of people are carrying around a spare tire is that this is one of the fats favorite areas to hang out.

Our body loves to store fat in medial areas of the body and doesn’t really like to store it in distal areas.

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What this means is that our body tends to accumulate fat closer to the midline and center of the body,

which translates to lower belly fat and love handles for guys and butt and upper thigh fat for women.

When fat is stored close to the center of our body rather than distal areas like the hands our body uses less energy to keep it around.

For our bodies survival mechanism, this is a win, but for our plans to walk around shirtless on the beach, this is a major defeat.

The good news is that we can turn this situation around, and we don’t have to accept love handles or a muffin top.

I’m very pleased to see that a number of you tubers have already made true honest videos about this topic.

However, these videos are still outnumbered by other videos, online articles, and magical products that deliver false information on this topic.

There are tons of online cookie cutter workout programs that include transverse movements like wood chops, Russian twists, and cable rotations to target the love handles and the muffin top.

And yes these exercises will help you burn a small amount of calories, and they will help you build some muscle under the fat.

However, they will definitely not come anywhere close to being the determining factor of whether or not you lose fat in these areas.

For some reason, people still think that you can crunch away abdominal and lower back fat. But this has proven again and again to not work. 

Any true fitness professional will tell you that there is no way to target a specific area for fat burn.

Unfortunately, because our body prefers to store fat closer to our centerline, it’s usually going to drop every bit of fat from distal areas of our body first, before starting to use the fat from your spare tire area.

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That’s okay though as long as you have a solid eating plan and fat loss specific workout plan in place,

and you stay consistent and persistent with it you’re body will eventually start feeding off that medial fat.

So the only solution seems to be to burn fat from your whole body rather than concentrating on one particular area.

Although I have other videos that talk about how you can lose body fat, I’ll quickly mention a couple of simple tips that you can use to start burning body fat today.

The most efficient way to lose body fat is to create some form of a calorie deficit. You can do this by lowering the overall calories eaten throughout the day.

Intermittent fasting and carb cycling are two of many different ways to lower the amount of calories you eat throughout the day.

Make sure all your food comes from unprocessed filling single ingredient sources. and one thing

that I want to make sure you guys don’t do is completely eliminate any specific macronutrient like protein, fat, or carbs because all of these are necessary for an optimal functioning body.

Remember the key is to limit not eliminate.

By limiting caloric intake you will coax your body to use the energy found in your love handles since it will be getting less energy from food.

Make sure you don’t cut your calories too low either. The goal is to burn fat at the highest amount of calories possible.

This way you have plenty of room to cut calories back as you plateau. On top of tweaking your eating plan, you should incorporate heavy weight training workouts and high-intensity interval training workouts.

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I recommend at least 3 days of each when trying to burn fat. These types of workouts will create an afterburn effect,

which essentially means that it will take a while for your body to fully repair and recover from the workouts.

During that time of repair, your body will be using more calories to recover. The calories won’t be readily available from your lower calorie eating plan,

so your body will have to use body fat for energy. By building muscle over time you will also increase your overall metabolism which will further help you burn more fat.

I get some people that are like I’ve been working out for a whole year and I still have lower abdominal fat and love handles.

Well besides creating a calorie deficit and doing fat burning workouts you need four things.

Consistency, persistence, your max effort, and discipline. Consistency and persistence are not accomplished or finished just because of 1 year of workout out.

True consistency and persistence can only occur when you accept that this working out fat loss thing is a life long journey.

That doesn’t mean that you have to wait until your 70 to get rid of your love handles. 1 year is enough time to see some great results

but to continue breaking through plateaus and constantly improving it will take years. It took me years.

As far as discipline you have to have the discipline to work out and eat right on the days that you don’t feel like it.

Those are the days that make or break your plan. The last one is putting in your max effort. You have to force your body to change.

The only way to do that is to leave everything you have at the gym or wherever you workout. half ass workouts will produce half ass results.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred


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