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Terms like ripped and shredded make us picture what is usually a very muscular person that is super lean.

So to be able to get ripped and shredded with muscle you have to remember that you first have to build that muscle mass.

If you don’t spend a good amount of time building muscle mass then you can make yourself look lean,

but you probably won’t look like what we normally associate the words ripped and shredded too.

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If you want that look you will have to spend some time building up your muscles. On the other hand, If you’re someone that has already put on that base muscle from weight training

or just being athletic and are now looking to shed some fat to get that really cut up look you’re end result is going to look shredded.

Whether you’re looking to get ripped or to get lean, it makes no difference the protocol is the same.

Your goal has to be to burn body fat from your whole body. You’re not gonna go from 30% body fat to 10% body fat in a month and

maintain it probably not in two months either, so you’re the best bet is to try to keep your body fat under control year round.

I’m not saying that you have to be cut up year round, but you shouldn’t let your body fat climb to a really high percentage just because it’s winter and you can wear a sweatshirt.

The first key to maintaining a good body fat percentage year round is to always do your planned workouts whether you feel like it or not, and the second key is to not overeat past your daily caloric requirements.

Again this doesn’t mean that you have to be on a diet year round, all it means is that you have to be sensible with eating habits year round.

This will help you have a good starting point before taking the two powerful steps that you will have to take to get ripped. So let’s get to those steps

The first step is to calculate your daily macros, fill those macros with single ingredient fresh sources, and cycle your calories throughout the week.

And the second step is to do as many of your workouts as possible in a fasted state. That’s it done. Just kidding let me elaborate a little more. 

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

So the first important step is to really take control of your diet. And this is the most important step and nothing else that you can do will compensate for a bad diet.

To get shredded and ripped it’s a good idea to be tracking your macros and your calories until you do it enough times to where you know just by looking.

Luckily it’s really easy to do this with a calorie counting app like my fitnesspal. Apps like this will even tell you the number of calories you have to have in order to lose weight.

It’s good to use daily calorie recommendations from any good daily calorie calculator because it keeps you from cutting your calories too low.

Cutting calories too low for an extended period of time will not produce aesthetically pleasing results.

Another great thing that you get from most of these apps and calorie calculators is a breakdown of how much of each macro you should be having per day.

To get ripped you will have to fill your daily macros with good clean food. All the food that you find in its natural state in the outside aisles of the grocery store is good macro sources for fat loss.

All the food that you find in the inside aisles that are processed and put in a box are not good for fat loss.

Obviously, you can have something like rice in a box, but everyone knows what I’m saying rice is real food, Crackers are not.

I made an earlier video in which I said that you want to stick to single ingredient foods when trying to burn fat, and there were a bunch of confused people.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

I had people asking questions like if the salad is unhealthy if they mix different vegetables. So I want to clarify this.

You can take any single ingredient food, mix it with other single ingredient foods and make some pretty damn delicious healthy fat loss meals.

I’m saying that when you’re shopping at a grocery store you want to pick single ingredient fresh food that you get from the outside aisles,

and you can use those ingredients for whatever it is that you’re going to make later.

There is a certain food that you’re going to have trouble finding with only one ingredient. For example, it’s pretty hard to find pasta or bread with just one ingredient.

However black bean pasta for example just has black beans and water.  usually has brown rice, rice bran, and water.

Compare that to your traditional wheat pasta and you’ll see why these versions of pasta are so much better for you.

Same thing with bread. You can leave it out on the shelf for weeks and it won’t go bad. That shows that most bread that you buy at your supermarket are either dead or packed with preservatives or both.

On the other hand, sprouted grain bread that has to be kept refrigerated or frozen are usually filled with single ingredient living food sources rather than refined processed dead grains.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

When you first try these healthier alternatives it may taste worse, but remember that your taste buds will adapt

and over time you may even prefer the healthier alternatives over the processed food you used to eat.

Keep in mind that you can still get fatter from eating clean if you eat more than your required daily macros.

So stick to that number, and only drop it lower if you plateau and stop losing fat.

To burn fat you can eat multiple small meals throughout the day or one giant meal in the day.

It depends on your body and what works for you. Focus on hitting your macros with nutritious real food and don’t stress about meal frequency.

One thing that has always helped me lose a massive amount of fat quickly has been carb cycling.

You can try mixing in some high and low carb days throughout the week. I have a carb cycling video that goes into depth on how to do this.

The other powerful tip to get shredded is to do fasted weight training and fasted cardio in the morning.

Whether it’s weight training or cardio, if you have the ability to do it in the morning before having breakfast then do it.

By doing it before you eat anything you will have much easier access to your fat stores, and you will burn significantly more fat.

You can throw in 2-3 fasted cardio workouts per week you don’t really need more than that, and try to do as many of your weight training workouts as possible in a fasted state.

If you’re hitting the weights 5 days a week and you do even 2 of those days fasted and an additional 2 days of fasted cardio,

you will definitely notice a big difference in body fat percentage over a 4 week period.  

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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