In today’s post I answer the question how to get toned arms. People have a variety of different ways of asking this question, but usually when people ask how to tone up your arms they mean how to reduce arm fat. This is where we encounter a little bit of a problem with information overload.

How to Get Toned Arms | Reduce Arm Fat | Lose Arm Fat Fast BURN

Before I make any video I like to research specifically on the topic that I discuss to add to the knowledge I may already have on it. When I started researching and looking for answers on how to get toned arms, all I found was a bunch of videos on the topic of building arm muscles. These videos claimed to be dealing with “toning the arms,” however were truly answering a totally different question. At best these tone up your arms videos are made for people that are already doing a ton of cardio or eating perfectly in addition to the arm exercises.

First of all many of these arm tone up videos are not only on the wrong topic and not showing you how to get toned arms, but they are also full of stupid exercises. I saw some videos with people doing arm circles to burn fat off of their arms and tone up. This is not possible. The larger the muscle is that you are working the more calories you will burn from that particular movement. Since you cannot target fat burn to one specific area; in order to see your arm definition you will have to burn fat across your entire body first.

This is where I run into problems with these videos. They seem comfortable with telling people that if they do exercises that create a burn in the arm muscles (which they sure do) then those people are feeling the burning of fat off of their arms. This is complete nonsense because all these people are feeling are lactic acids being released from the breakdown of muscle tissue. Of course breaking muscle down is a very important factor in how to get toned arms, but it is not the most important one.

The number one most important factor is nutrition. That’s right no amount of arm exercises will get rid of even the slightest amount of fat if you eat like a pig. If you want to lose arm fat fast you have to diet as close to perfection as possible. You are also way better off doing leg exercises to reduce arm fat than arm exercises because your legs blow through a lot more calories than arms. The larger the muscle that you work the more fat you burn. So why are you trying to lose fat by working your comparably smaller arms. You’re way better off running to burn arm fat than following a tone up your arms program that just works arms.

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Like I said earlier arm exercises are important and still have and important function for how to burn arm fat. However, I can give you much better ones than I’ve seen in these arm tone up videos.

1. Military Presses
2. DB Overhead Presses
3. Lateral Raises
4. Frontal Raises
5. Arnold Raises
6. Inclined Frontal Raises

1. BB Bicep Curls
2. EZB Bicep Curls
3. Alt DB Curls
4. Preacher Curls
5. Cable Curls

1. Skull Crushers
2. Kickbacks
3. Rope Extensions
4. Reverse Tricep Extensions
5. French Curls

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