How & Why People Get Fat while some don’t

How and why do people get fat? There could be a very easy way to answer this question and there’s also a very complicated way. And the truth is that both of them are correct. I’ll start with the easy way first… you ate too much and didn’t exercise enough. Calories in calories out right? Now even though this is an overly simple way to explain a complex problem it does have a lot of truth to it. You won’t find very many obese people in third world countries where there’s a shortage of food. Also, people, that are very Physically Active their whole lives tend to not store all that much fat. You can take one look at most foreign countries that don’t have the obesity problem and see…one that people rely a lot less on their cars for getting around. Which means they walk a lot more. And two they don’t have the abundance of processed foods that we do.

So the whole eat more workout less idea can easily explain the reason why someone would get fat. However, something that I can tell you after 12 years of being in the fitness industry and seeing thousands of people that gained a bunch of fat and came to me for help is that this problem can be simplified further and can also be infinitely more complex. I’m talking about so complex that we can have terms like insulin and ghrelin and leptin resistance and thyroid conditions and metabolic issues and we can explore how processed food and refined grains can damage our hormones and stress can lead to cortisol and talk about how a calorie isn’t a calorie and thermogenic effect of foods. And I just want to take all that complexity and try to wrap it up for you into something that you can easily understand and actually apply. At the end of the day, I have to say that my bottom line answer to this question of why people get fat is based on my own personal experience in regard to helping people lose weight. So I’m sure it’s at least slightly biased. but with that said, from what I’ve seen, it all starts with a decision. Before you can Let Yourself Go you have to first make some agreements in your own mind. At some point, you decide that you either have a choice or you don’t have a choice and that lack of choice eventually turns into you becoming a victim that Fate has somehow chosen to give you this condition. It doesn’t start off obvious ….the choice I mean. But it’s the little things the little choices that add up. I’ve met with thousands of people trying to lose weight and all of these people were vastly different. I’ve had men that used to be very active and athletic throughout all of the high school and college and played sports and everything and then just got busy with work and let themselves go. I’ve had many moms that had been consumed by raising their children, which don’t get me wrong that’s a very good thing but it’s no excuse for letting yourself go. And I’ve had people that have just been out of shape their whole life. Or people that have “gotten too old” and their metabolism slowed down. And even though all these people are very different they all made a very similar choice. And that choice is that you don’t have a choice. The agreement you must make in your mind to Let Yourself Go is ironical that it’s out of your own control. Most people that I’ve seen that are out of shape tell themselves that they got fat because of a reason that is outside of their control. The guy that was athletic and then got consumed by his job will say that there’s no time. And even though the mom raising her kids is different she would also say she had no time. Time for what? you might be thinking……. no time to cook healthy and no time to exercise consistently. The time when looked at this way is totally out of our control. The person that’s been out of shape their whole life will say and believe that they’ve been affected by this condition their whole life all because of genetics. Even the person that says that they’re just lazy is not at all acknowledging the problem. People that “admit” to being lazy they are saying that this is the way I just am and I’ve always been this way so again it’s out of their control. They were born with it. This lazy condition. People that say that they hate exercise… same thing… If only I was blessed with loving exercise id be like the rest of the people that are in shape. Out of their control.



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