Just wanted to put together a couple testimonials from real people that have taken it to the next level with our 6-week challenge. On average these clients lost 20 pounds or 5 percent body fat in just 6 weeks. If you’re trying to take action we have a whole team of accountability coaches ready to guide you through our system. The system was designed to deal with both the psychological and the physiological changes that you must go through to EARN your new body. A customized diet plan, workout plan, and a coach is included. These people that have to take their weight loss journey to the next level serve as proof that as long as you follow the plan you will make a transformation.

Check out my client Palak’s transformation where he lost a whole bunch of fat.

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My passion for fitness began when I was 14 years old. I naturally fell in love with training and haven’t stopped since. At 18 years I acquired my first personal training certification from ACE after which I opened my first of 3 transformation studios in 2011. I love to share my knowledge through personal training, my online courses, and youtube channel now with over 3,000,000 subscribers! I can happily say that we've helped over 15,000 people get in great shape over the years. I'm always here for my customers so if you need help don't hesitate to send your questions to support@gravitychallenges.com

Founder // Gravity Transformation, Max Posternak