Lose Belly Fat in 3 Days with a Fasting Diet

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to start losing belly fat in as little as 3 days without being on a super restrictive diet?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you how to do today. By the end of this video,

you’ll know exactly how to set up your own flexible dieting plan in a way that fits perfectly with your food preferences and your lifestyle.

Its no secret that my favorite type of flexible dieting approach is fasting and I’m going to teach you how to customize your own fasting plan from beginning to end.

Before we Dive Right In I want to make sure everyone understands what a flexible dieting plan is and

why it’s so much better than a restrictive dieting model for long term fat loss and weight maintenance.

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Most diet plans have a list of foods that you can eat and a list of foods that you cant eat.

A lot of them also have rules like what time of the day to eat your meals, how many meals you should have in a day,

and many diet plans require you to weigh out your food down to the Gram. Flexible dieting gets rid of all of these stressful rules allowing you to feel like you’re not dieting at all.

Now belly fat isn’t going to come off separately from other fat in your body. I said this many times before but I’ll say it again your body loses fat as one unit and

there’s no way to Target fat burn however if your goal is to lose belly fat and fat around your midsection

in general then your focus should be on creating a sustainable diet plan that helps you burn fat from your whole body.

And that’s exactly what I’m gonna show you how to do right now. With flexible dieting, there isn’t any one method that you must stick to because that wouldn’t be very flexible at all.

But there are many approaches laid out for you and one of my favorites structures for flexible dieting is fasting.

When I say fasting most people think of intermittent fasting which in case you don’t know what it is intermittent fasting involves an 8-hour feeding period

That you could pick at any point of the day and then you would fast the other 16 hours of the day.

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Intermittent fasting is super popular but it’s definitely not the only way to fast on a flexible dieting plan.

Many people will take an entirely different fasting approach like eating normally for five days of the week and then they’ll spend two days of the week eating either 0 calories or close to no calories.

Fat loss is a process that occurs over the course of time and it’s about total calories and macros over that span of time.

even if you overeat calories two or three days out of the week but then have two or three fasting days your totals will balance out

and you could still wind up with a calorie deficit at the end of that week meaning you’re going to burn fat.

So the way that you would structure your fasting plan is first deciding how would you like to eat.

Do you want to eat twice a day 3 times a day once a day or do you want to completely fast some days in order to be able to eat more on the other days?

The less time in the week that your willing to dedicate to fasting the more careful you have to be with exceeding too many calories.

And vice-versa the more time you dedicate to fasting the more you can get away with during your feeding periods.

To help you out I’ll give you some templates. As you know there’s intermittent fasting which is roughly two to three meals a day with 8 hours eating and 16 hours fasting,

there’s also the warrior diet where you have a 4 hour eating window and a twenty-hour fast allowing you one to two meals a day,

another template is omad or one meal a day which is exactly what it sounds like you pick one time every day that you’re going to eat at and then fast until that time again the next day.

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And then the last template I want to go over is the 5-2 diet where you’re gonna eat normally five days of the week

and then spend two days of the week completely fasting where you’re having very very few calories like under 500.

All of these structures will work but you have to pick the one that best suits you and keep in mind as you fast longer you’ll become more capable of doing harder fasts like The Warrior Diet and the one meal a day plan.

If your brand new to fasting it’s good to start with intermittent fasting because it gives you the longest feeding window and then you can slowly progress to tougher fasting schedules.

Before you’re able to completely do this based on intuition alone you will have to first track some calories and some macros to get a good idea of what your totals are.

Now keep in mind this is only temporary until you realize how much food you should be eating for the week to lose body fat.

You can calculate your calories and macros by using my calorie calculator that I have linked up in the description below.

it’ll give you a total amount of calories for fat loss as well as what your best macros would be based on your body.

once you have those calories in macros for the day you can divide them up based on what plan you’re going for.

For example, if you’re doing intermittent fasting and you’re going to have three meals a day.

You can have all even meals by having 33 percent of your calories for your first meal your second meal and your third meal.

If you’re a big fan of dinner you can put 20 percent of your calories for your first meal 20 percent of your calories for your second meal and then 60 percent of your calories for your last meal.

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you attract that for the first week so you really need with an app like MyFitnessPal. Now let’s say you were doing the five: two approaches.

In this situation, you would multiply the total calories and macros that you got from my calorie calculator

by seven for seven days in the week and then divide by 5 since you’ll only be eating 5 days a week and fasting the two other days.

That will give you the calories and macros for each of those 5 days that you’re eating during the week.

from there you can once again divide within the day if you want 10 percent for breakfast thirty percent for lunch and sixty percent for dinner or whatever division you want like we talked about earlier.

and you can do this for any one of the diet templates that I talked about or you can create your own template as long as you understand The Core Concepts that I just went over.

You can have one day during the week where you fast and the other 6 days where you eat more normally or you can have 3 days of very low calories and the other four days a lot higher calories.

Or you can do intermittent fasting one day and The Warrior Diet the next day and then for the rest of the week one meal a day.

As long as you follow the concepts that I outlined in this video and use the calculator to at first make sure that you’re not exceeding calories

because just cuz you’re fasting doesn’t mean you can’t still exceed calories or macros as long as you do that for like the first week

or so you can set up your own customized fasting diet plan and then make adjustments based on how your body responds.

Once you create your perfect plan you’ll start seeing results in as little as three days, but remember you have to be consistent to allow your progress to stack up.

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Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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